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08 Feb 2024 17:31:23
I reckon we miss Broony more than we imagined. CalMac tries hard but I feel we need a 'tough guy' who demands and drives us when the chips are down. Martin had a team full of this type. Even one Roy Aitken, Broony or Lennon could really exhort us to max out and take games by the scruff when needed.

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08 Feb 2024 17:39:58
Hes trying to do that do his own job and cover defence break forward also cover his teammates as our mid field never all play well at the same time and I think are all disjointed from each other.

08 Feb 2024 18:00:02
We had that guy in the building but lawell tried to biscuit tin hibs and we lost out on mginn.

08 Feb 2024 18:11:35
Mcginn doesn't play the CDM role.

08 Feb 2024 18:13:03
Perfect example DRB, McGinn would have been tremendous for Celtic, we could all have sleepless nights reflecting on that miss. It unsettles me to even think about it.

08 Feb 2024 18:33:27
Bhoy88, the type of player I referred to in my opening post does not have to be CDM. Simply an ever-present first on the team sheet type who leads and drives the team, never say die, win at all costs. McGinn is that kind of player.

08 Feb 2024 19:16:06
Let’s try to live in present and future, we have a glorious past especially the last last 12 SPLs in which we have won 11.
Just as those 11 SPLs don’t guarantee another victorious SPLs this yr . I don’t think a recruitment that went wrong 6/ 7 yrs ago cannot still be an excuse or reason for lack of success in 2024 .
If we are going to overcome the annual problems to win this seasons SPL we need our Manager, our players and our supporters all doing best . We can advise BR, but he is unlikely to listen to us, we can encourage and ridicule our players . However what we can really do and what will help a lot is support and encourage our manager and our players . If we are hungry for success we will support them 100% and lift the doom and gloom around our club.

08 Feb 2024 20:56:25
Neither did broony . mginn has that constant movement energy skill pushing himself and others at all times in attack and defence.

08 Feb 2024 21:42:07
Give Kelly a chance the lad has a huge future, young players and cutting it in the spl they just need the manager to put a bit of belief in them, his movement is exactly what we need in the middle, Holm should play more as well the boy is good on the ball, cal mac needs to be rested from time to time as well.
Hetate or iwata can cover

Let wingers play the wing and tire out full backs, we have plenty more wingers to bring on when they are burnt out, stop putting pressure on the cbs to start and control the play, midfields job all day long.

08 Feb 2024 22:44:16
We need an out and out defensive mid.

08 Feb 2024 23:07:40
Give it time. we will be so pish by end of season that Kwon will be worshipped as the new keano.

09 Feb 2024 00:20:54
We need support and encouragement, it’s very easy to sing songs to roar on team when winning each game, but going all quiet and loud audible groans and boos and written criticism of individual players on forums and social media, isn’t what we want when team is losing, we want supporters encouraging when everything is going well, and we want their encouragement even more when results our poor.



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