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31 Jan 2024 18:02:42
I hope there is a massive fan protest at our next home game to tell the board how we feel about this transfer window and their ineptitude.

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31 Jan 2024 18:18:58
I can see the Kelly era 2.0 come the summer.

31 Jan 2024 18:54:13
I sincerely hope there is no mass fan protest at the next game home or away . No matter how incompetent we think the Board is, I am sure every supporter wants to win the SPL this season . We all remember what happened when the GB were stopped from attending.
Let us protest in mass meetings when we are not putt Result of game at risk.

31 Jan 2024 19:08:22
Once the transfer window closes,
We need to get on with trying to win the league.

Our fans are frustrated but we need to channel that frustration in a positive way because it’s not our players fault.

I’m sure our fans won’t miss our pathetic Board but we can’t be contributing to a toxic atmosphere.

I can see protests eventually happening but I think we should wait because it could harm the team.

It will be hard but we need to show positive energy.

31 Jan 2024 19:12:25
Dysfunctional out of touch and not fit for purpose.

The fury will rain down on them soon……unfortunately.

This Celtic team have no cover in key positions.

Can’t work out what this mob in charge are trying to do…. But it is indefensible.

I know it is just a few…. But how can anyone stand up for the mob making decisions at our club?

31 Jan 2024 19:35:34
No one in their right mind could defend them. for a team like them across the city to have went out the game in 2012 to have won a league title and reached a europa league final in the space of 10 years while we as a club stand still is disgusting and disrespectful to everything we once stood for. Dermot Desmond should hang his head in shame. if he or the board are not willing to help/ see us progress leave now and give it to someone who will.

31 Jan 2024 19:58:12
Celtic Calling

Agreed 100%.

I detest the board with a passion but let’s daft man it for the time being and focus on supporting the team to get the league title over the line this year and secure its prize. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

The board thinks it’s their club and it is legally but it’s ours emotionally and it’s only viable financially because of us not because of Stan Lawell or Hardy Nicholson or Dermot Desmond for that matter.

Our day will come with the board to quote a man and trust me it’s coming but it will be a long and hard road.

31 Jan 2024 20:13:41
For god sake wind yer neck in about protests. We need everyone backing the team to win the league this year. Wait until the season is over before you show your frustration. We can still win a double.

31 Jan 2024 20:40:51
Stood still, are u drunk, so all the trophies, trebles, etc don’t count,
Bravo to sevco for winning 1 title and losing in a final, what an achievement,

I’m underwhelmed myself but the hysteria is beyond me,

31 Jan 2024 20:57:46
Celtic calling . Bizarrely I agree with you. Protests are the last thing the team needs. Rodgers already has us playing like a bowling club. There will be protests tho. Its the nature of the crowd. Can't disagree with them but its the wrong time and place during the game imo.

31 Jan 2024 21:07:08
A second rate final they didn't win, 1 title in 12 years, the Kelly era????.

31 Jan 2024 21:13:32
Agreed Gerry

It’s one for another day.

31 Jan 2024 21:19:09
Oops I've hit a raw nerve with Jim the Tim you sitting in the living room just now with your save the board t shirt on listening to tammy winnets stand by your man thinking about Desmond and lawwel.

31 Jan 2024 21:47:04
Bhoy 88 would you be calling it a second rate final if we were in it. my point is if we are supposedly the dominant force in Scotland why aren't we getting out of group stages in Europe yet they are going all the way to finals putting out teams like dortmund yet we can't beat shaktar at home. are you another board cheerleader.

31 Jan 2024 22:08:51
Sorry to disappoint…. But the protests have already commenced.

Lots of season ticket holders are not attending, shouting at directors has become the norm, and booing at the end of the last game.

Not to mention most comments on here. they are mostly non supportive.

Sorry it’s now underway and more likely to grow than gat subdued.

I have reluctantly stopped attending and I have been a faithful and regular attender for over 50 years. My first memory of attending a game at Parkhead is The 9-0 win v Kokola in the European Cup… 1970? I can’t take much more of the games from DD/ PL.

So it’s goodnight Vienna for me…. for health reasons.

31 Jan 2024 22:26:42
I can understand your logic in not wanting fans to protest as it can have a negative impact on the team.

However, I think fans kicking off is inevitable and will be hastened by any bad result in the near future.

The summer window was forgivable but this one isn't.

31 Jan 2024 23:54:35
Lisbon because we are playing in the CL and they are playing in the wee diddy EL, the standard is night and day! How can you not be supportive of the board after all we have achieved?



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