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26 Jan 2024 17:32:13
Can I just before I get to my point, the board are a joke not getting new players in doesn't matter how much we pay as long as they are good enough. There's so many fans on here moaning about the lack of transfers (which I agree with) but majority all come on and defend players that ain't good enough if they have a couple of good games that's music to the boards ears and under the ange era the last part of that we where poor I've said this before and had stupid stats put up but stats don't always paint the full picture it was going down hill for a while and people where blinded by winning the treble, the squad is far to big with a bunch of players that aren't good enough. Also I've heard at least 1 player will come in before the window closes but they are aiming for 2 and also trying to get the deal completed for the Liverpool gk but I'm not aurenof that 1 if he will join or not.

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26 Jan 2024 18:03:20
Blinded by a treble? It's the maximum we can achieve?.

26 Jan 2024 18:16:59
There’s a difference between going down hill and taking our foot of the gas last season.

CCV missed the last 6 weeks of the season which didn’t help.
Losing Jota, Starfelt and Mooy also hasn’t helped.

Maybe in your defence,
Celtic never properly replaced Giakoumakis when he left at the end of January and we still haven’t.

I can’t think of any other reason which would suggest that Celtic started to go downhill last season.

I believe Celtic have went downhill this season because Ange is a better manager than Brendan and our team had better players last season.

26 Jan 2024 19:06:50
Buzz Bomb, I hope u allow me to slightly disagree with your last sentence, I believe went down hill this season because the change of manager& tactics took some time for players to get use to . Two yrs of Ange and honestly I knew nothing about him before he came to us and six mths of BR, on this period with us maybe we need more time,
Looking forward I hope I am not ridiculed and abused for pointing out that we are in quite a good place just now . Three players who through injury and loss of form didn’t do themselves justice. Abada, missed almost all pre - Jan. Hatate missed quite a bit . CCV missed a fair few games and wasn’t in his normal form for most of the others . All three are back playing and we hope Japan exit Asian Cup soon . We have one new signing Kuhn and most of us are very excited as he is very pacy and seems to be a versatile attacker . Our fifth ( improvement) is our Portuguese loan player, who has really blossomed over the last four or five matches, This doesn’t mean that we don’t need another player or two in, and I highlight the need as we enter the final days of window . We need these 1/ 2 quality players probably lB and striker . We need to remember we may have 5 good news stories, but the loss through injury of the most maligned Taylor could bite us hard if we don’t get in a quality lB.

26 Jan 2024 19:57:50
We should've been aiming to replace Taylor!, that is no offence to Taylor he's held that position and battled off competition, however the competition he has had has been woeful at best.

Minimum a striker and LB before the window shuts, Oh would benefit of a loan stint getting constant 90 minutes I think he could turn out good in the future but we need someone now!

26 Jan 2024 20:01:42
Celtic Calling

I think your post is very fair and reasonable under the current circumstances.


26 Jan 2024 21:02:15
Celtic Calling

I don’t have any bad books or bad feeling towards anybody.

I’m only having the craic and never mean any harm.

I’m too old to fall out with anybody as one day I’ll need to give an account of myself as to how I’ve treated others before the Good Lord.

If your you’re on here as a supporter of Celtic which I know you are 100% plus a bit you’re singing from the same hymn sheet as the rest of us including me.

I look forward to having the craic after the game tomorrow where hopefully we take 3 points.

Don’t take anything I’ve said to heart.

You look after you see ye the morra CC!

Goodnight and God Bless you and yours.

26 Jan 2024 21:10:33
Taking into account if Sevco win tomorrow before Celtic kickoff,
They will have taken 4 points more, off the other 10 clubs in the league this season, after 22 league games.

After 22 League matches last season Celtic were 10 points clear.

Also taking into account the Sevco fans are unhappy with their recruitment this season.
They don’t believe fan favourites Arfield, Kent and Morelos have been replaced properly.

So Sevco have potentially got worse but according to some, Celtic have remained the same.

Sorry but Celtic had only dropped 5 points at this stage last season,
A defeat at St. Mirren and a draw at Ibrox.
Celtic had 61 points out of 66 possible.

If what your suggesting is correct,
Celtic will be brilliant in the 2nd half of the season.
I hope your right. ?.

26 Jan 2024 21:11:30

Absolute bollocks regarding Taylor comments.

He’s played out his skin for 3 seasons he needs competition as you say and like every other position on the park could be improved.

Agreed geez a striker.

26 Jan 2024 21:44:42

Nae offence your post was fantastic and spot on’.

27 Jan 2024 00:14:48
Buzz bomb u are trying to compare apples and Oranges . BR is approximately half ways through his first season with this team . It would be fairer to compare BR team to Ange team in his first season .
Anyone who wants to use statistics to prove a point usually can find away .

27 Jan 2024 01:36:28
I don’t think I am.
It’s obvious Celtic were better last season.

Ange took over a team that lost the league by a whooping 25 points and he still won the title.

Brendan has taken over a treble winning side and it took him until December 30th to win 3 games in a row.

27 Jan 2024 06:20:18
Ange had to build nearly a full new team and squad in his first team.

We had no GK, no RB, no CBs, 2 midfielders, no wingers and no strikers for the first team.

Rodgers inherited a great team and a good squad.

27 Jan 2024 08:05:35
Nobody is denying that Ange didn’t do a good job . It was because we were in such Dire Straits players were easier to convince to come to Celtic . A club that needed virtually a whole ist team . A successful club having won 9/ 10 SPL titles and was it 5 trebles out of 8 . Players knew that they had a great opportunity of play In every game in a winning team .
Now Celtic are etc backing winning, ist team squad almost complete, Celtic unlike 2 yrs ago are seeking a couple specific type players for a specIfic position. For example we are looking for a quality striker to challenge Oh for back-up to Kyogo .
Ange also had clean slate setting up his tactics and getting players to buy in with everything clear and obvious . BR justifiably has to alter team tactIt’s to suit his own . It is fairer to judge both managers on their first yrs result’s and performance.

27 Jan 2024 10:05:02
What I will say is Ange got to build his own team and picked a few of his own "quality" with players he knew from Japan. Brendan has inherited Ange's squad and has had to make do with project signings. I prefer Ange's style but hopefully with the quality in Rodgers can then dominate like he did the last time he was up here.

27 Jan 2024 12:12:56
I don't agree ange is better than brendan and also disagree about taking our foot off the gas the last 6 months, we did take it our feet of the gas when we won the title but not before hand we didn't play the same way we did the year and a half before that under ange maybe it was to do with ange leaving if they knew any sooner than was made out. I've watched spurs a lot this season because ange took over but I haven't been as impressed as many make out. Seen mentioned on some other news website that the club are working on a loan deal for a lb from Portugal any truth in it?



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