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20 Jan 2024 09:18:46
It's snails pace this. deary me get a fecking move on. surely we done our homework months ago.

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20 Jan 2024 09:48:07
With it being the January window, I would be happy with a couple of good loan deals until the end of the season.
Celtic are underestimating our rivals and let’s hope it doesn’t come back to bite us.

20 Jan 2024 10:49:42

It’s just unfathomable that the board watched the last Glasgow derby against 10 men their unbeaten run and performances in Europe under a new manager whose obviously getting a tune out of them after the London barra boy departed and with the Asian Cup that we’re 2/ 3rds of the way through the January transfer window sitting with one available striker and no cover at left back and £60m prize for expanded champions league up for grabs.

From a business perspective it’s just bizarre on the back of the summer transfer window.

20 Jan 2024 12:18:03
Also on the back of a POOR summer transfer window.

20 Jan 2024 12:28:46
It really makes you wonder WTF, exactly was written in the infamous agreement of 2012?

20 Jan 2024 15:09:53
If you believe all the media
nonsense, we will be getting 25 million for MOR and 20 million for CCV, and that will bolster the coffers.

More of a biscuit barrel than a tin. It will just add to the panic already building in some.

We are not unique in the transfer market, we cannot just identify a player, decide we want him and magically he comes to us.

Lots of clubs will be looking at the same player amd its down to money and if the player and his agent want to come here.

In the summer we bought plenty and quickly and some were unhappy, we are now taking our time and identifying the right players and still some are not happy as we are not doing it quick enough.

20 Jan 2024 15:50:54
Maeda, do you think they only started looking at players at the end of December? The management said in interviews that loads of work was already in place, in fact straight after the summer window he said they were already planning for the winter window. It hasn’t come as a surprise to the board, in the real world players are tapped up to see if they are interested in moving, either through agents or people in their circles .
Everyone knows we had a poor window and the manager wasn’t given what he asked for, to be gambling now hoping the squad can see us through is flippant at best, with the money on offer for this seasons champions. We don’t have to look too far back when we rested on our laurels, it cost us for the 10. In my personal view, even loan players now is not really good enough unless it’s with the option to purchase them.

20 Jan 2024 16:16:26
Maeda your last paragraph's is off the mark.

I don’t know why you can’t understand, most Celtic fans were unhappy with the inexperienced and poor quality Celtic signed in the summer.
Celtic were already guaranteed CL football but we never got any CL experienced players.

Before a CL ball was kicked, I mentioned to my Son that I would be take 4 points from the group because The Celtic Board once again left us out of our depth.

20 Jan 2024 16:19:10
Firstly, I don't trust the people in charge of our club an inch, either the playing side or for off field reasons. What I would say is January is the poor man's window as most of the real activity takes place in the summer. Yes, we need to strengthen but history tells me even when you look down south, that not many 'season changing' xfers take place in January. But it's imperative the men in charge do all they can to strengthen to keep the buns in their place.

20 Jan 2024 17:24:02
The facts are that we have no idea how far down the road we are with targets or even who they are. I'm no fan of the way we conduct our transfer business but just because players aren't in the door, or being reported by the media, doesn't mean the club are sitting on their hands.

20 Jan 2024 17:35:50
I suppose there is a possibility that the players we want, the clubs that have the players might hold a fore long hope of keeping them for longer . Other clubs will want the same players as us and may have life outside of football with more to offer than Glasgow and Scotland . It must be very frustrating trying to add quality players for certain positions on team . We could be in a strong position and another club wipe us out and we have to start all over again . One thing is certain our fans aren’t interested in hard luck stories and no matter who we buy some fans won’t be happy . let us hope we get another couple in preferably bought, but a loan will do and from Feb 1st all supporters are behind the team and support them to SPL victory.

20 Jan 2024 17:38:45
Kev, I agree and maybe yeh I was harsh but to suggest the board would do anything to harm the club is nonsense and transfer windows are difficult.

It doesn't matter how many, many months down the line we identify players, nothing happens till the window opens and other clubs get involved.

Prime example, the Icelandic goalkeeper, we were interested in him, AV are now in talks and will get him.

The strikers we are linked with, their clubs have upped their price, which puts us out of the bidding.

I do think we have players in mind, have approached them but they are waiting to see if clubs from 'bigger'leagues will come in.

Hard to accept I know but that is our reality, ourkeague plays a big part in players decisions.

20 Jan 2024 18:40:33
I think the January transfer window has always been a difficult time to get players in. I'm sure we will see another couple of additions in before the window closes.

20 Jan 2024 19:38:55
The suggestion that we are not all singing from the one hymn book is ridiculous. Fans manager, recruitment team and Board all want to strengthen team We may differ in our interpretation of strengthening team and how we go about it
I haven’t a notion whether it is easy or hard to get the quality of players we want to come to Scotland and play for us . IMO the only people who know are people who done it before.
If I want to be popular, I could criticise the Celtic Board and P L and his son and our recruitment team . Without having any knowledge how good or bad the recruitment team is I could call for them to be sacked especially the Head of the team, who according to some came from holding a tea boy position to Head of Recruitment in next to no time . However I couldn’t live with myself for trying to destroy any man’s character with no proof .
If I am told that this forum is for positive posts only, I will have to consider whether I want to be true to myself or popular under false pretences.

20 Jan 2024 20:31:13
You’re the one that sounds like a broken record Old Man Chris.

You mention the same every day ?‍♂️.

20 Jan 2024 20:44:23
CC, I agree, we all have an opinion, that is what this forum is about and everyone's opinion should be as valued as anyone elses, but unless you kick the board, support the GB and complain when we don't sign players in the first week of the window, you get challenged.

I support this club, I don't always agree with what the club does and want more but I accept how the transfer window works and understand how difficult it is to get players in, no matter how much we as fans think they should come here and why wouldn't they.

There isn't a fan who doesn't want what's best for our club and that includes those within the club, imo, others will disagree but I will post what I believe.

20 Jan 2024 22:04:27
CC what has Lawells boy done to deserve the position he is in?! Do you honestly believe the board have put the best people available in the positions necessary? Do you think they have appointed the best available people to be in the recruitment positions?

Do you think our recruitment have been a success over the years? Do you feel the board have pushed us on as much as possible on the park? Do you think the board give a monkeys about what the paying customers want or expect? Or is it business as usual and keep it jobs for the boys and hindering us as is currently happening! For every MOR they have produced a shved Shaw Urhoghide. We should be ligh years ahead of that lot IF our board done their jobs.

21 Jan 2024 16:02:43
I am worried that some of our gullible fans may think he was tea boy at Manchester City and was totally not suitable for position as Head of Recruitment.
I believe our Ed who reposted an article that had given a detailed account of Mark’s career before Celtic by an independent journalist who has a good reputation of the truth . Check back Ed ‘s contributions and make your own decision about M L.



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