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18 Dec 2023 20:43:24
These players want to see the green brigade there who can they celebrate with the board just banned them they want the atmosphere back the board actually sneaked away that's spineless wimps.

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18 Dec 2023 23:11:13
I cannot believe that the Board had any choice only to ban the GB . Banning GB had to be last possible obst Because it inconveniences everyone at club.

18 Dec 2023 23:56:48
The GB have been running for nearly 18 years but the Celtic Board have decided to ban them, less than one year since Lawwell became Chairman.

I don’t believe the GB would’ve got banned if Lawwell never came back.
Our fans made it clear we didn’t want Lawwell as our Chairman because he causes nothing but drama.

The GB have not been angels in those 18 years but they still didn’t sneak an Arsenal of weapons into the ground like the Onion Bear cowards.
( which has still been swept under the carpet )

The Celtic Board decided to ban the GB because Celtic were 7 points clear at the top of the league and they felt the GB and The Bhoys didn’t make a difference to our team.

Have the Board forgotten already, that the Celtic players never responded without the GB during lockdown and now we’re seeing similar results in their absence.

The players obviously don’t respond to the rest of our supporters because it’s like a graveyard and any noise they do hear is criticism and not the constant encouragement from the GB and The Bhoys.

Lawwell out and take your Son with you because he’s wasted enough Millions on woeful signings.
I read an article the other day and I think it mentioned that Daddy Lawwell has taken a total of £17 Million and counting, from Celtic for his services.
I’m not sure if that information is true.

19 Dec 2023 05:42:59
Well said Buzz.

19 Dec 2023 06:52:50
Totally agree Buz… but why did DD bring him back?

There is No governance or accountability at Celtic PLC.

I think the fans need to take action. It won’t happen quick enough to save this season… that’s my view. I sad a few weeks ago we need 4 new starters/ players to win the league.

I have reluctantly not attended any games since the Motherwell game. I have been regular attender since 1970 and season ticket holder since 1989.

Time for change. We are witnessing a team with no money and who sacked their manager ( because they were so bad) overtake us on the football front… work that one out…we don’t even look like a team over the past 2 months.

BTW I don’t believe we have a divine right to win…. I attended for 9 years every home game when we never won!

What I can’t tolerate is the incompetence, nepotism and downright arrogance from the PL/ DD axis. With these two, It’s like a 19th century mill owner…. “ one day son all this will be yours. ”

Unfortunately, things won’t change until the fans force it…. which I predict will happen in the common months.

19 Dec 2023 07:45:54
It has been. well documented that P. lawwell is very highly rated in Europe and has done a brilliant job, keeping small countries Associations interests at the top in Champions League . To continue his role he needs to have an executive position with a member club .
That is why he has the Chairmanship at Celtic, a position with little influence.

19 Dec 2023 09:11:26
CC …. If that’s Your views on PL, you are very welcome to them.

In this season of goodwill, I am not going to say any more on this matter with a fellow Celtic fan, other than

Merry Christmas.

19 Dec 2023 10:09:25
like i said in a post a few days ago seen as some on here think the GB are wonderful and special, let's give them the keys and they can run the club, things like balancing the books, maintenance, staff, wages, and much more and that's before they have to get players who actually want to come to this league but some seem to think letting them back will solve everything, the GB shouldn't have any say or influence in what goes on at Celtic, they're just a few hundred fans no more no less.

19 Dec 2023 10:33:41
We as fans are as much to blame for atmosphere. Surely the rest of us can make a good atmosphere?

19 Dec 2023 10:57:05
Whatever our thoughts on the GB (they don't speak for me) , it's a bad day when we need to rely on a small group of people to create an atmosphere. The flip side is us fans aren't stupid. We know when things aren't right at the core of our club. Excuse my ignorance but what does DD bring to the table? He's at the helm but the malaise surely starts from him. On a lighter note, id love to hear 60k sing 'Champions of Europe, you'll never sing that' agst them on 30/ 12. Imagine that booming out the TVs of the hordes watching.

19 Dec 2023 11:25:37
CC. little influence? Geeza break! Why then is he chairing the AGM? A blind man could see he is running the show again. I posted recently I was a huge PL fan, but come on, time's up. Fresh blood/ ideas needed! Get that hotel built!

19 Dec 2023 11:30:58
Celtic have now dropped 10 league points in under 2 months since the GB were banned.

That includes a goalless draw away to Hibs, when the GB were blamed for a disturbance at Easter Road, although the Ultras Group hadn’t received any tickets ?‍♂️

Maybe all would not be solved but there’s no way we would’ve dropped 10 points and let slip a 7 points advantage, if the GB hadn’t received a ban.

19 Dec 2023 12:43:53
Buzz Bomb You have all the facts and figures at your finger tips . .

Just one little question. Why are GB banned.

19 Dec 2023 12:49:04
the players are to blame because they're not 1 not really good enough skill wise 2 got the mindset to keep up the demands required, the team and individual players should be playing football that gets us fans excited bums of seat moments but they're not they're flat and it doesn't encourage the fans.

blame the board for not bank rolling better quality that's if the better players want to come to our league, blame the recruitment team for not identifying the quality we need who says they didn't but they didn't want to come, blame the manager and coaches for not getting the best out of the players, all valid reasons for our fans to rightly show how unhappy we are about the performances this season but to use the loss of a couple of hundred fans for our poor display i don't buy into.

for a part of last season our performances were very poor, but we got away with it and the gb were still in the ground so was ange, take a look across to rangers under beale they were rank rotten new guy comes in and has them and their fans full of confidence and they start getting much better, same players who were labeled duds by their own fans but playing to win and believing they can, so our problems are within the top brass and team not the loss of some fans.

19 Dec 2023 15:23:56
Celtic Calling,
The Celtic Board gave 6 reasons in a letter.

The 6th reason is definitely not true because the GB were not allocated tickets for Easter Road.

That made the Celtic Trust question the other 5 reasons.
The Celtic Board maintain they have evidence but they refuse the show that evidence.



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