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26 Nov 2023 09:17:31
Yesterday was as dead as I have seen it inside Celtic Park it was lifeless and that followed onto the pitch . I don't care what side of the fence you sit on with the green brigade situation but we need them in the stadium to help drive the team forward when we are not at it.

Onto the match when you play against pretty much every team in the league they set up with two banks of five, we know this and the best way to break those banks is moving the ball quick, players rotating positions and making the pitch as wide as possible and getting to the bylines and in my opinion that's everything we didn't do yesterday. We played right into there hands and got what we deserved. The pace we play it is far to slow and makes us far to predictable and easy to play against if we don't start quick and don't get that early goal, you just feel like it's going to be a long day .

As for the recruitment in the summer I think it's coming back to bite us if you take Palma out the equation not one player has made the starting 11 stronger you could even argue that with Palma in the team the starting 11 is weaker than last years starting 11, so why has this been allowed to happen? We win a treble last year have the most resources playing against a rangers team who have lost 3 times this season and sacked a manager yet we have somehow played ourselves into a title race. It's total mismanagement from the top to the bottom. It's bank sheets above team sheets from the board.

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26 Nov 2023 11:07:21
@Mick87 the GB are only 200 guys with over inflated egos who think THEY are Celtic
Celtic have prospered when there was no GB and will do so again.
It is up to firstly the team to get us fans excited and going then we Celtic fans must respond by creating an atmosphere.
Oh and by the way Feck the GB.

26 Nov 2023 11:25:37
The same team (give or take) walloped Aberdeen before the break and they should have been more than enough to win yesterday. I think it was risky of the manager bemoaning the squad quality three months before we could do anything about it instead of focusing on the motivational and organizational qualities he has been known for. Whenever we upped the tempo or hit the bye-line like we did against Atletico and Aberdeen in recent games, we created and scored goals. Yesterday saw a relapse into the slow predictable Celtic with too many wayward and hopeful crosses with not enough composure or pace. Again I have to mention the effects of International breaks, but its an inconvenience we should rise to and not be using as an excuse. However, I am concerned about why BR is not getting the best out of Kyogo and playing to his strengths as this will not only deflate the players confidence but unsettle the team spirit.

26 Nov 2023 11:28:42
Timalloy, the Celtic you are talking about vanished a long time ago.

With the ever increasing price of football, many of the working class fans got replaced by middle class and upper class fans and wealthy day trippers. These fans don't generate an atmosphere.

Also factor in that with seated stadia and season tickets, most friends and family don't sit together anymore, so it is hard to start songs.

The reality is we need groups like the green brigade to get things started.

26 Nov 2023 12:38:39
@Timalloy I can’t be bothered with the politics that they get involved in either but they do create an atmosphere inside the ground and get other fans going.

If you were at the last two home games, especially yesterday you can’t deny how flat the crowd are.

26 Nov 2023 13:24:28
Celtic will continue to drop points at Celtic Park without the GB.
There’s more life in the graveyard behind the jungle.

26 Nov 2023 14:45:51
Totally agree buzz, would be interesting if you kept posting the stats each week for points dropped when they are not there.

26 Nov 2023 18:03:44
Totally agree with timalloy. I don’t think anyone’s disputing that the gb add to the atmosphere but to say we need them I find laughable. The team on park needs to perform to excite the crowd as has always been, long before gb existed. I have had season ticket for almost 30 years with no meetings to discuss transfer business with the board which so upset our so called super fans in their lengthy self indulgent statement which I also find laughable. As many have said surely it would be simpler for them to start their own political party where they can express themselves and their views to their hearts content without using my and 59000 odd other fans club as vehicle for maximum exposure. Or is that the reason they won’t, as no one will be interested but add celtics name to mix and suddenly they have an audience . Celtic will be there long after the green brigade have disbanded and grown up. Totally bored by the situation. Reeks of look at me look at me attention seeking children whilst ultimately dividing the support. If they are not allowed back or don’t wish to follow the rules like everyone else it will evolve naturally. And a new group who will adhere to rules will take their place. I go to watch celtic play football which yesterday we didn’t do very well. Lack of urgency for all of first half and most of second. We didn’t look like scoring. Crossing was way too easily dealt with and we kept on trying do same thing . Was disappointing performance but Motherwell made as difficult as possible to be fair to them. We will have to play with more speed and intensity to overcome their type of tactics. Hopefully a bad day at office and we can kick on. PS I wonder if yangs (who I thought worked his socks off) crossing would have improved had gb been there. Or is he young player who needs to develop his quality and final ball. Maybe Matt o Riley was quiet as there was no banners in that section. Maybe palma wasn’t tired after long haul flight and it was lack of pyros before match that was responsible for his overall poor performance Laughable.

26 Nov 2023 18:19:21
Yesterday was a terrible performance, we can’t change it but maybe we should look at the build up to yesterday’s game . We had a team missing from Lennoxtown training for 2 weeks . We have 3 very important attacking players missing through injuries and we had without actually counting the most of a team scattered around the world, playing important qualifiers and under age qualifiers for their Countries . They arrived back from mid week until Friday and not making excuses it couldn’t have been easy to get everyone mentally and physically prepared . If we had managed an early goal we may have performed differently. No other SPL team were missing more than a couple .
I heard L’pool manager complaining in bitterly .
At the end of the day, we can try to make excuses, or we can let them have it as Celtic should have too much for M’well, but we drop points every season.

26 Nov 2023 15:29:02
The Bhoys are also missing with their protest.

26 Nov 2023 18:51:35
I wouldn't underestimate how much backing the green brigade have among the fans.

If you cast your mind back 2 seasons, they had a campaign not to sing or applaud and a large part of the stadium followed suit.

I can assure you of one thing, they have far more backing than our board do. The longer this goes on the more our board will fell the wrath of the fans.



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