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22 Nov 2023 13:47:18
Ross Desmond has today confirmed at the AGM, that his family's major Shareholding, will not be Sold in his or his father's lifetime.

Ross is still a relatively young man and potentially he will be involved within Celtic FC for the next 30 years.

I suppose it gives Celtic commitment and continuity.

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22 Nov 2023 15:09:53

Corporate platitudes avoidance and lies also known as the AGM. We’re treated like mushrooms kept in the dark and fed you know what and nothing is changing anytime soon. Board members with 40 year’s combined service it’s an echo chamber. We will learn absolutely nothing meaningful today.

1. Why was former CEO brought back as Chairman? It’s good to have that level of experience was the reply. Dearie me.

2. Why is the board not injected with fresh talent or non-executive directors resigned after two years as is normal in business?

3. What is being done to fill the ground in absence of north curve supporters with big games coming up against Ragers and Feynoord? It’s the board’s responsibility to ensure nothing damages the team which the effect on atmosphere will do.

4. What are the clubs business aims and objectives with regard to European aspirations? General direction of travel and benchmarks to monitor performance in achieving objectives towards those aims?

5. Who is responsible for what aspect?

6. How will improvements be realised if we fail to achieve those targets? What is the 3 year business plan while Brendan Rodgers is here?

7. Peter Lawell stated today we just need to be more consistent in Europe? How will that be achieved Peter given it hasn’t been for 20 years?

8. Are there plans to recruit the experience and quality personnel which the manager has stated is required to improve consistency or will recruiting development potential while hoping and praying continue to be the way forward?

9. Will the board back the new manager in the January transfer window given you failed to do so in the previous window despite the Champions League approaching or indeed during his previous tenure? I’m already bracing myself for the answer to that being no and more disappointment and failure.

10. The experience recruited in recent seasons during the former Spurs managers tenure Hart, Juranovic, Guakomakis, Maeda, Kyogo etc. not to mention Jota and Vickers were all signed with no Lawell’s in the building. Is that a coincidence?

11. Is the plan rinse and repeat and just stay ahead of the Ragers?

12. Breath won’t be held awaiting a response to any of the above.

22 Nov 2023 16:09:12
1 Nepotism
2 Nepotism
3 They will want the GB for the Derby game. I hope they tell them to feck off but in reality I would love them there every game.
4 Win the league. Try to make the Champions league. Try to compete but
Groundhog day every season. Spend to much on projects then spend not enough on quality to get gubbed. Make the Board millions. Rinse and repeat
5 None of them would feel responsible due to their ego's
6 A better tomorrow comes from blind faith I suppose over the years. Hopefully Brendan has a plan!
7 Peter's correct were consistently pish in Europe! Throw in penalty to rangers.
8 Blind Faith
9 Blind faith
10 The Liewells Conundrum could keep you up all night!
11 Spot on! Groundhog day
12 Throw in a penalty to rangers joke. Seriously if we don't see about 6 or 7 moved out in January and at least 2 or 3 quality first team ready additions it will be dejavu on a fecking loop.

22 Nov 2023 16:34:00


Asleep at the wheel again.

January will tell us much but I fear the worst.

Europe is a dead duck now anyway and even if we strengthen in January once again it’s too little too late for this years campaign which is gross negligence given the prize for automatic qualification to extended champions leagues

We should be strong enough but we’re also up against a resurgent Ragers and don’t think we’re that good we can be complacent.

The new manger is obviously getting a tune out of them and anything had to be an upgrade on the London barra boy.

22 Nov 2023 17:16:43
Some people are given answers time and time again, yet they refuse to hear, the truth doesn’t suit their anti - Celtic Board Agenda, I am not referring to SMSM or Rangers2012 supporters but people who argue rather strongly they are Celtic supporters.
Please allow me to explain once again what Ed 007 and many others have explained . Peter Lawwell whilst CEO represented Celtic and clubs from small Associations in UEFA very well and had built up a good reputation. The top 5 leagues were persuaded to give good representation to smaller Associations in new UEFA competitions coming into force next season . The small associations needed P Lawwell to continue using his influence, but he couldn’t hold on to his UEFA position unless he had a Board Position with Celtic . This was achieved by appointing him to the Chairman’s position that had been known to become available from New Year .
Question of nepotism, I don’t think arises.

22 Nov 2023 17:30:50
@JFP and Steph careful there are too many Pedro apologists on here who will bite back at anyone who has a go at Lawwell and his dealings at Celtic Like

Failing to sign John McGinn when Pedro let his ego fek up that move, what a player he would have been next to Callum
I will be generous and say for 5 years (but I think more) Pedro and the board have under invested in both our CL aspirations and recruiting players cheaper than players we sold.
The only person happy was Lawwell as he looked at his bulging bank balance.

The good thing Lawwell is now coming under genuine scrutiny from other Celtic bloggers (not Phil) but James Forrest and The Celtic Star and other more knowlegable bloggers who know the damage this man has done to Celtic.

22 Nov 2023 17:40:25
Celtic Calling

I’m grateful for your efforts to educate me which is appreciated but like the AGM I’ve learned nothing from your comments which are condescending.

Address some of the business points I’ve raised and point 10 if you want to enlighten me including why our absentee landlord owner a term I’m sure you’ll be familiar with yet again didn’t attend.

22 Nov 2023 17:48:19
I think we have been cemented as the richest and most successful club with the best squad domestically since the century began and the death of Rangers was obviously a factor in our financial strategy within the club as far player budget and salary caps etc.
Unfortunately these shackles coupled with a dangerous complacency has seen zero European progress since Seville in 2003 and in fact we have went alarmingly backwards in the quality and caliber of player that would be needed to make genuine progress.
The Board are more than happy to take the CL money and see this cash as the pinnacle of our European success, to the detriment of our footballing reputation and the ambition of managers, players and supporters. It's a very sad state of affairs and I feel for those younger fans who never enjoyed past European teams with great Celts and the unforgettable successes they achieved.

22 Nov 2023 18:01:19

Peter Lawell failed to develop a strategy to make progress in Europe during his tenure as CEO yet he’s back as Chairman?

The gap between us an elite clubs is wider than it was when we last qualified for last 16 he said today which was 10 years ago and is a gap he failed to bridge as CEO.

The disconnect between the board and supporters both aspirationally and politically is as wide as it’s ever been.

Everything about Peter Lawell’s comments today reeks of arrogance and superiority. He even asked a gentleman today if he’d been awake. Playing to the crowd with Rangers jokes. Disgrace and unprofessional.

22 Nov 2023 18:43:20
Good post JFP.

I hope I am proved wrong but I feel the unsound decision to bring back PL is going be increasingly bad news for the most important people involved at Celtic…… the supporters who incidentally are responsible more than anyone or any business for the good financial position we are in.

I think PL will be gone in a year or two but we will have more than a bit to recover from.

22 Nov 2023 20:33:50
JFP1888. I am sorry u feel my posts are condescending, so I won’t respond to the same posts as to how or why PL is now chairman.

22 Nov 2023 20:55:03
Celtic Calling

Faux remorse insincere apologies and appeals for sympathy votes don’t cut it in Glasgow you post what you like but your constant unsubstantiated arguments and disagreement with other posters on all manners in a condescending and at times arrogant manner is becoming almost as wearing as your illogical and poorly argued defense of the board.

22 Nov 2023 21:44:37
I'm unable to add very much to the points made and questions raised by JFP, which I am in total agreement with, as they speak for themselves.

Like many on this site I can recall, all too well, the days of robbery and lies conducted by the Whytes, Kelly's and Grants (barstewards all) when they took the Celtic supporters for mugs and almost lost us the club we love.

The game being played by the current board is the same, as it was then, the only difference are the characters involved.

As a club we could and should be so much more, on so many levels but alas, it simply doesn't fit with the agenda of those pulling the strings and paying the dividends.

The supporters and everyone outside of the board wants Celtic Football Club to be the very best it can possibly be, but for those aspirations to be realised the club needs to be overhauled.

☘️ ? ☘️.

22 Nov 2023 22:10:45
Tu es Petrus 100% ?.

23 Nov 2023 01:20:16
Mad when u think the signing of willie falconer was nearly the final nail in the coffin.

23 Nov 2023 17:27:08
Pedro, I want Celtic to be the best they can be . But there are many directions club can improve and no agreement on what should be prioritised at expense of others.

23 Nov 2023 18:03:15
Just have to say one of my fellow posters believes he has a right to dictate my comments on here . So from now on, I won’t be able to give my honest comments on matters discussed here, just agree with the majority .
I have to say I will miss posting the truth in future. , as I rather liked posting from Newry &. not from Glasgow.



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