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21 Nov 2023 15:27:06
@Celtic Calling I don't know if you are aware but the bold Pedro gets his big fat bonus every year if Celtic's bank balance is healthy.
Him and DD have ZERO interest in us progressing past group stages, Pedro is happy just to get to group stages.
Lawwell is only interested in HIMSELF and his EGO he is working for himself and NOT IN CELTIC'S BEST INTEREST.

{Ed007's Note - What bonus does Daddy Lawwell get because there is no mention of it in the latest accounts, Page 61?}

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21 Nov 2023 15:55:17
Well Ed, he sure ain't doing it for nothing. It'll be there somewheer - what about in the notes that are usually at the bottom of the pages? Whatever he'll be getting will be more than worth his while.

{Ed007's Note - He get £40k p.a and last year and £1,375 in benefits in kind, a total of £41,375 over the year.
Michael Nicholson was paid a total of £711,937 and Chris McKay was paid a total of £565,324.
That's what, roughly £1.3 million a year that Celtic are paying 2 people to cover up that Daddy Lawwell runs everything. ?

21 Nov 2023 16:01:11
Is he not classed as non executive who don't get payed. but anno he's chairman so not sure.

21 Nov 2023 16:26:01
Well said ED, how many times does this need cleared up about PL. He lives in people's heads rent free. A guy who gets 49k a year bosses a guy that gets 700k a year and runs things, really!

Maybe at one point but not now.

People need to move on.

DD gets nothing from us other than what his shares earn, like every other shareholder.

{Ed007's Note - DD gets paid the flat £40k as well along with Tom Allison and Brian Wilson, Sharon Brown gets £45k + £1,350 pension costs.}

21 Nov 2023 16:28:21
I swear some people think Lawwell is the monster who hides under their bed.

{Ed007's Note - I'm far from Lawwell's biggest fan but we have to stick to the facts when/if they are available. A lot of people are forgetting the power and respect he has at UEFA, something that not only Celtic but the whole of Scottish football should be very grateful for.}

21 Nov 2023 16:33:17
Pocket money for them but not the levels some on here think. ??.

21 Nov 2023 16:39:45
That’s a very low income for any Chairman, although he was only appointed at the end of last year.
So that would only be about 7 months until June 30th.

{Ed007's Note - Iain Bankier was paid the £40k in the same accounts, Buzz.}

21 Nov 2023 16:47:28
Sometimes they hide money by issuing shares, this was how they got round the banking bonus cap.

If shares were issued, I would assume they would be preference shares, which entitle them to a dividend.

I wish pistol Pete would use his UEFA influence to get rid of that wee rat Dallas and ensure cheating Scottish ref don't get the UEFA gigs.

21 Nov 2023 16:53:02
Timalloy, I thought the further Celtic progressed in Champions league the greater money Celtic would make . The more money Celtic make the more money daddy Lawwall makes. I know many think I am a cankerous old Celtic fan far removed from the goings on in Glasgow but I would be very surprised if daddy Lawwall didn’t make more money if Celtic made last 16 and more still if Celtic made last 8 .
I am sure Old Lawwall thought only of himself when he travelled all over Scotland to rescue young players from falling into the hands of crooks and criminals trying to sign youngsters into their so called agency . This is unpaid work was not only concerning Celtic youngsters . Some maybe forgot that he was repaid by his home petrol bombed and his baby grandchild very lucky to not be burned to death.
By way D D is not paid any bonuses for profit made by Celtic, he earns money on dividends from Celtic shares, same as any one else who owns those. shares.

21 Nov 2023 16:57:03
I don’t think Peter Lawwell will get the recognition for doing a successful job until he retires.

It was the same with Fergus McCann.
Fergus McCann appearing turned out to be one of the best things that has ever happened to Celtic, especially when we needed it the most.
I admit to criticising Fergus for being tight fisted and he did receive plenty of criticism from a section of our support back in the day.
It was maybe out of frustration because of trying to stop the 9 and 10 in a row.

Fergus had a plan and he stuck to that plan and it worked out for both himself and Celtic Glasgow FC.

21 Nov 2023 17:03:50
He had huge involvement in financial fair play regs, which are coming back to haunt pub league. So not all bad.

21 Nov 2023 17:26:07
I have no more time for Lawwall than I have for any other Board member, but I find it hard to accept normally sensible and good posters, reduced to level of SMSM and the Sevco support and ridicule, a good Celt and football man.

21 Nov 2023 21:27:00
Offt Ed, take a bow??.

{Ed007's Note - ??

21 Nov 2023 23:30:06
The one thing I find funny more than anything else you hear people saying is that PL and the board are stealing or keeping it all the money themselves!

To which I reply every time isn't the money in the bank accounts of Celtic FC and if it is then how can they possibly be stealing or keeping it lol needless to say I don't get many replies to that


21 Nov 2023 21:06:12
PL has taken out put circa £15 million in salary and bonuses from Celtic over 13 year period.

Far too much!

The Celtic fans and their through commercial sales and season tickets have been the main contributory factor to our financial success.

PL is a big Celtic fan…. But he has not been as good for us as we have for him…. Been around Celtic far too long.

I will be celebrating when he is gone …. Hopefully never to return.

22 Nov 2023 09:34:27
PL hasn’t taken anything out of the Celtic Board over 13 yr. period .
Would u say H Larsson took whatever he was paid over his seven yrs .
Both these men were paid by Celtic pre agreed wages and bonuses, no more no less .
Like now when Rangers2012 are doing everything within and outside the rules of football and laws of the law to get the equal of Celtic, just like pre 2012 when they broke the rules of football and laws of the land freely in order to catch Celtic, Peter Lawwell was perhaps most benefit to Celtic. He could easily have followed Rangers down the path of cheating and dishonesty using arguments that Celtic were merely following same rules as Rangers. By keeping Celtic ahead of Sevco and doing so within the rules and laws of football and Country really has broken the spirits of Rangers.



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