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06 Jan 2024 08:33:23
Brendan Rodgers has confirmed Celtic are not interested in signing McKenna.

McKenna has 33 Scotland Caps and he knows the Scottish game.
We could be getting an experienced International player for next to nothing.

McKenna is also a Celtic fan and is aware of the expectations needed at our club.

He could now end up at Ibrox.

It's another Elyounoussi scenario.
Celtic could've got an experienced International player for nothing but we brought in young inexperienced players instead.

God knows who we will bring in now.

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06 Jan 2024 10:35:13
Buzz I think he'd had have Bern a usefull addition and we're missing the boat. hope he doesn't end up st sevco.

06 Jan 2024 11:04:47

Why would we sign a proven Scottish Internationalist at a very good age for free when we could sign an unknown from another country for 3/ 4mill and hope for the best? This is Celtic we are talking about.

In the past, we have signed players like Steven Pressley and Gary Caldwell and while they were certainly no world beaters they were solid and gave 7/ 10+ every game they played.

Celtic's transfer policy in recent times is terrible, they get lucky with the odd gem (jota, van Dijk) but you need to look at some of the players we currently have in the club to realise how bad it has been in recent years.

Kwon, Kobayashi, and Ideguchi to name a few are some of the worst players I've seen in a Celtic jersey. Thankfully it looks like all 3 will be off the book by the end of the month.



06 Jan 2024 11:15:11
We let Jack hendry go as he wasn’t t good enough for us and yet jack is a few ahead of McKenna for Scotland… so why would McKenna improve us?

06 Jan 2024 11:25:53
If this is true and we bring in more guys like kwon, kobyashi and Lagerbielke instead of an experienced player who'll give 200% then its a disgrace. Do we have a snobbery when it comes to bringing in homegrown players?

06 Jan 2024 11:48:04
He can play in our league standing on his head. and I think we're missing a trick here. but Michael us right we'd rather go for some unknown who gets punted out on loan having not kicked a ball and we take a loss on them.

06 Jan 2024 11:52:19
The fact we are overloaded in that area after buying two more centre backs last summer would have been a factor and it would seem any speculation with signing Shankland may also be off the mark as he is being heavily touted with Sevco. Whatever happens, it's imperative that Celtic add real quality to improve the team and not stand still, or even lose any good players.

06 Jan 2024 12:02:21
I don’t know why we would be interested in brining McKenna in, CB isn’t a priority we currently have 4 fit CBs as well Welsh who is injured. There’s other positions we need to sort out first.

06 Jan 2024 14:36:32
IMO we have to get rid of a lot off players not bring in someone that will more than likely warm the bench. The players we bring in this window I am hopping are better than the players we have no point bringing in someone that is no better than what we have at present The squad is full of players that will not get a game or shouldn't get a game whether they support Celtic or not.

06 Jan 2024 14:53:44
Thank F. we ain't signing McKenna, guy is a carthorse and as slow as a week in the jail.

06 Jan 2024 15:01:33
Money celtic plc are obsessed with player trading. Only buy with the outlook of unearthing a gem. Mckenna isn't in that bracket.

We will sell anyone that makes a profit. Football is secondary.

07 Jan 2024 03:07:39
We don't have a strong pool of homegrown players to choose from that's available especially when we'll lose the likes of Johnston at the end of the season. Which Scottish players do we sign to meet the CL homegrown criteria? Forrest will be gone the end of next season too. Scotland ain't really producing a great pool of players to choose from. McKenna is an international player at least. But would he dislodge Scales in the team or Nawrocki?

07 Jan 2024 12:09:30
Where has Brendan Rodgers confirmed this? I've looked and can't find anything about it.

08 Jan 2024 06:52:16
The last thing we need is another bombscare CB. I couldn’t see this ever happening also was not surprised when Rofers blew it out of the H2O. Phew.

09 Jan 2024 17:20:32
There are people who last June were very welcoming of BR and who now are clearly questIroning his judgement. Fans can be very fickle, one of the funniest Comments I read this season, before match after team and subs were published a comment was made that “we had a good bench “ After not winning the game the same poster posted “ bench was bad”.



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