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09 May 2024 18:21:49
Reading that our new scout is well known to Rodgers, who rates him highly.

Let's hope it is not like last time when they got rid of parks and brought in rodgers' man, congerton and then the board did not back him.

Personally speaking I think it was a stupid appointment as Rodgers could be sacked if he does not deliver the league and then we are stuck with his man.

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09 May 2024 19:38:38
i can understand that there was a gap to fill and the sooner we repair the damage done by previous poor recruitment the better. However, it's true we have won nothing this season - yet and there is still a lot of work to be done with the current manager and players. Worse case scenario and we win zero, may not see the manager go?

09 May 2024 20:54:35
Do we still want BR to go? We will win the double and I think he's about to put together another skelping team for next 3 years. More good times ahead.

09 May 2024 21:03:20
I don't think they'd sack him even if they didn't win the league.

09 May 2024 21:12:40
I was not saying that he should go or if he should stay. I was merely pointing out that his position will be under pressure if he does not deliver the league. Perhaps not from the board but certainly from a section of our support.

09 May 2024 22:58:35
I don't know where people are getting that Brendan could be sacked? The only person that could sack him is Dermot and that will never happen, also Brendan stated Many times that he will be here for at Least 3 years.

10 May 2024 00:33:34
I think many would be cutting off our nose to spite our face if we got rid of BR because we managed to lose the league . It’s not that we are going to be far behind if disaster strikes and we fail to land the SPL .
Remember most of us thought the Board treated him lousy with two disastrous windows . Celtic have already acted on that by removing Head of Recruitment
M L . In addition to Board not supporting BR by bringing in quality players, very many of us have been highlighting all season that the referees and VAR have been particularly biased in favour of Rangers2012 and against Celtic .
It would be the height of madness to get rid of Brendan, as any new man isn’t likely to hit ground running and we would be handing them advantage .
Hopefully by. 2.45 pm Saturday we will all be happy celebrating more success.

10 May 2024 13:54:27
Two things are important if we are going to continue and build on our success . . First continuity, we need to keep Manager and most of his coaches if we can at all . Losing the SPL narrowly means it is far from necessary to part with manger . 2nd important thing is a good working relationship between the recruitment team and manager . Of course the Board’s relationship between recruitment team and he Boards relationship with manager is most important . If either group or department isn’t singing from same Hymn book there is trouble ahead . That may have been a problem Celtic had in the past, sometimes people or department went their own way and others didn’t understand what was happening.



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