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24 Apr 2024 13:34:17
Read Onceabhoy4 and agree with his comments but surely if BR is constrained by the suspended ban for speaking out surely the supporters and the club are not I'm sure that if the celtic support were to be constantly on Cheatin Beatons back the for any dodgy decision then I would expect the club to back them up the same way the supporters back the club . I will bet Sevco (sky) will have a comment to make along with bfkb .

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24 Apr 2024 15:24:19
I sincerely expect the Celtic support to give him 'the message' and you can be sure the SFA knew exactly what they were doing in allocating Beaton two consecutive SPL away games in 21 days and not a home game because of the reduced Celtic attendance.
They really do put so much effort into their conniving bigotry.

24 Apr 2024 15:39:43
It has been mentioned before if only we had someone with the same attitude as Fergus McCann, that would stick up for Celtic Football Club.

24 Apr 2024 16:45:15
We're above greeting about refs!

24 Apr 2024 21:02:59
Fergus Mc Cann our hero, had to fight the SFA and SMSM every step of the way . Media in Scotland hated him and compared him to the most evil men in the world that time. Very many of our supporters hated him too and unbelievably on Ist Aug 1998 as Fergus raised the flag as Champions for ist time in 10 yrs, he was loudly booed. This was a new level of hatred to a winning owner . Families were divided and as years passed the fans that booed him the loudest probably praise him the most . Eventually he became a Celtic hero.

{Ed007's Note - Fans seem to forget that McCann foisted Peter McLean with his crazy Bhoys Against Bigotry campaign and Jock Brown on us, he went back on promises he made to players, agents, Tommy Burns and Wim Jansen while micro-managing the Club in a way that would have the support forming a lynch mob if it was Peter Lawwell doing it.
In 1995 McCann took £36k as a salary + benefits, that more than doubled in 1996 to £76k + benefits.
What is so different about the way the Club is ran to day than it was under McCann?

A HUGE disconnect between the people running the Club and the support - check.
Lack of investment & declining standards in the squad - check.
Managers not being backed - check.
Footballing men (Davie Hay) been overruled by bean counters - check.
Directors making serious coin - check.

It wasn't all rainbows and unicorns under McCann's time at Celtic, there were many problems that have carried on under DD,}

24 Apr 2024 23:18:29
Winning the slow registration of G Cadette with Farry having to resign is what people think of when thinking of Fergus McCann .
He was so hard - hearted he converted Celtic from a badly run club, to a club with fine Financial standing and a wreck of a stadium to a modern up to date stadium of which club and fans could be proud of .
I agree with what Ed 007, F Mc C tactics and financial dealings were probably very necessary then .
There is no doubt he is likely to congratulate DD every year on what he sees as a job done well . However most us on here, while we might agree with what Mc Cann did, we recognise there is now a need to loosen up purse strings, form a partnership with a fan group that can represent many of fans .
As I said before we can’t change Board but we can approach Board in a friendly manner to try to work with Board.

25 Apr 2024 01:13:36
Some pretty fair points about McCann, Ed. The context of why he was there to begin with and what led up to that means his time is remembered with rose-tinted specs to an extent. Lawwell on the other hand came in as CEO during a period where success was the norm. There are a lot of parallels between the two and how they conduct their business. They're both egotistical, stubborn, meddlesome and tighter than two coats of paint. Although they both took plenty of money out of Celtic, Fergus will always be revered as the man who saved the club.

{Ed007's Note - To be fair to Lawwell he came in in 2003 while MON was spending money willy-nilly and Rangers were spending money that wasn't theirs to spend. He then brought in Gordon Strachan who helped massively to get the finances back under control while still winning titles AND getting to the knock-out stages of the CL while spending a fraction of what MON had been doing.
In my opinion Peter Lawwell hadn't done much wrong until John Park left in 2016.}

25 Apr 2024 19:42:41
Agree with you there Ed. His initial remit was to curb the spending while maintaining a strong position on the pitch and he did it very well. John Park seemed to have a very good strike rate and since then recruitment has been hot and cold to say the least. Maybe Lawwell started thinking he knew best after working so closely with Park all those years.

{Ed007's Note - I think that's exactly what happened, Kev.}



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