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21 Apr 2024 22:35:44
Ive been wondering what sort of wages our top players are on and how they compare to 15-20 years ago. Im just interested in knowing if we have kept up with rising wages over the years. I know larsson was on £25/ 30k pw and was our top earner then. Im not sure but im guessing our wage bill is less now than oneills time. Anyone in the know that can enlighten me?

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22 Apr 2024 05:41:56
If I remember correctly Larsson was on 40k by the time he left.

With regards current players, I think Callum is our top paid player and is on 37k, next is CCV on 24k and then Kyogo on 19k.

Our overall wages is circa 22 million per year, which is around 20% of our income. This can be both amazing or depressing, depending on how you look at it.

While it shows amazing financial health, gives us more money for transfers and lots of room for growth. It is also likely the reason we don't attract an even higher calibre of player. It should also be noted that Sevco pay the biggest wages in Scotland, we are just lucky their recruitment suck.

22 Apr 2024 06:37:09
I’ve read that Callum McGregor earns by far the highest wage at Celtic.
The figures I’ve read is £37K per week for Captain Calmac.

The figure then drops to £25k per week for a couple of players and then a few other players are on about £20k per week.

This season Celtic signed a few £2M to £3M players and are giving them £10k per week.
I’m still not sure the reason why we chose to downsize as a club.

22 Apr 2024 08:57:19
The downsizing and wage 'freeze' certainly explains the absence of real quality in the squad and our steady demise in Europe.

22 Apr 2024 09:42:24
Well Said, Celtic decided to go for a cheaper option, that only they can explain why.

22 Apr 2024 13:38:05
Remember all quoted wages for Celtic players are at best rough estimates, usually come from sources that as a rule are not Celtic friendly . The problem with players wages in Scotland is that usually to attract players who come with a decent reputation we have to offer them a wage in excess of their worth . Celtic have been caught out several time, goal - keeper Barkas& striker Ajeti, we can’t anyone to match their wages and take them off our hands
Of course there are numerous players who could do a good job for Celtic who negotiations don’t get started because Board judge wages demands too high . We will have to continue to search for Head of Recruitment and recruitment staff that can satisfy Board ‘s wage restrictions and supporters football ability . So far we haven’t achieved that.

22 Apr 2024 14:34:22
Don't see any reason why we cannot pay a few players 40 -50k a week if they merited it. Its the only way to push the club forward, that and more selective and better recruitment.

There are clubs in Europe on similar or smaller budgets than ours but seem to do better in Europe than us, its a bug bear of mine how poor we have been in Europe the last few years.

22 Apr 2024 19:11:25
@Wee Des You are correct that the precise wages are unknown and the numbers quoted are just estimates. However, the overall wages we pay can be found direct on our annual accounts.

23 Apr 2024 15:01:32
I agree, do we know are the wages given under wages annual accounts all the wages paid, including ticket office, groundsmen etc . Or are they just the first team squad . Do all Scottish clubs do the same .
I think Weejoe Celtic could pay higher wages, but we haven’t got all the facts . Typical of Board keeping us in dark.



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