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16 Apr 2024 15:09:31
Fixtures are out sevco on Sat the 11th strange thought it would be a Sunday.

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16 Apr 2024 15:23:32
Dundee V Celtic Sunday April 28th @ 3pm
Celtic V Hearts Saturday May 4th @ 3pm
Celtic V Sevco Saturday May 11th @ 12.30pm
Kilmarnock V Celtic May 15th @ 7.30pm
Celtic V St. Mirren May 18th @ 12.30pm

I’m happy with those fixtures.

I’m a little surprised we play Sevco 3rd because we could potentially win the league that day if they drop 3 more points and Celtic win our games.

I’m also shocked Sevco are away to Hearts on the last day especially when they should only be allocated approximately 570 tickets.

16 Apr 2024 15:42:25
Celtic also have 3 Saturday home games which is perfect.

I also wanted the Kilmarnock match after the Sevco game.
I would also pick Dundee away before going away to St. Mirren.

I’m delighted with the fixtures and Fixtures don’t think I could’ve hand picked them better ?

Celtic now need to finish the job.

16 Apr 2024 15:45:06
Hearts will lie down wee naismith will make sure of it.

16 Apr 2024 16:58:49
No slip ups before them, just get this over the line.

16 Apr 2024 17:12:47
Great chance to clinch the title at home against them, there bottle has totally gone and I will be stunned if they manage to take full points before we play them.
As Brendan mentioned "This is when Celtic come alive" We just need to make we take full points before the Sevco game and have a party.

16 Apr 2024 17:25:27
I wonder how many times they will roll out Beaton for our games until the end of the season or baby Dallas?

16 Apr 2024 18:37:03
Maybe it would be better to play Sevco in the Final.
If Hearts reach the Final, it will only give Naismith the excuse to play a much weaker side against Sevco in the last league match of the season.

16 Apr 2024 18:43:08
@buzz I never bothered going through the document as they released the fixtures. ?.

16 Apr 2024 18:48:08
So the tattie fields not ok for Sevco but is for us. Bring it on.

16 Apr 2024 19:36:00
Weejoe ?.

16 Apr 2024 21:06:40
I know thinking that myself . We can't complain about fixtures sevco away to hearts last game lol.

16 Apr 2024 21:05:52
Hi Buzz it won’t matter one iota what team Hearts put out they won’t be beating them. The last game at Ibrox Hearts were on a long unbeaten run and never tried a leg 5-0,the great Shanks subbed that says it all.

16 Apr 2024 21:56:44
Your right Oldkilly,
But there must come a time, when Hearts start to show some self respect because Sevco can potentially beat Hearts the maximum SIX times this season.



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