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11 Apr 2024 13:20:36
If anyone gets a chance to look at THE CELTIC BLOG I would urge them to do so . I thought as the game went on that Beaton had his own game plan and the analysis that THE CELTIC BLOG has on the game seems to back my thoughts up or as I see them . After we went two nil up we had 3 Celtic players booked that made those players more cautious on their approach to the game Not one Sevco player got booked in the hole game even when they ran to the crowd when they scored not when diving or any foul that they committed. There chopped off goal Beaton was only 6 foot away from the foul yet he waved play on we had a player down with a head knock only feet from him het he never stopped the game. For me any one thinking that Beaton had a good game were the people at the game.

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11 Apr 2024 13:56:50
Cheatin by name, cheating by nature.

11 Apr 2024 15:02:36
Beaton was typically a disgrace.

It was highlighted that Celtic hadn’t received ONE SINGLE FOUL in the first 20 MINUTES of the match.
Sevco had received NINE Fouls in that first 20 minutes and Celtic had also already received a Booking before Sevco were first penalised.

It was blatantly obvious the referee was bias to any neutral watching that match but yet the Scottish media are highlighting that Cheatin Beaton had a great match.

Both myself and my Son clearly noticed in the first half that O’Riley had robbed last man Goldson but the defender fell on the ball with his hands and Beaton incredibly gave lucky again Goldson a foul.
Sky and it’s commentators also missed what we clearly seen.

Also at the start of the 2nd half when it was still 2-0 to Celtic, Lawrence had a straight leg and possible Red Card tackle on CCV.
VAR wasn’t interested and Sky only showed a replay coverage AFTER the assault took place.

If Celtic get a referee that shows so much biased for the home team as much as Beaton did,
Celtic will batter them after the Split.

I still expect Celtic to win by a couple of goals against them anyway, with fair Officials on display.

11 Apr 2024 15:37:03
The only saving grace is we can't get cheatin beaton at Celtic park.

Cheatin beaton did the same in his infamous new year game. He allowed them to boot us up and down the park without taking any action. This stopped us from playing our game and allowed them to bully us and eventually steal the victory.

Celtic should be pressuring the SFA on this issue. They should be showing incidents were we got booked and then showing incidents were a Sevco player done the exact same and asking why they didn't get booked. We should be asking why Silva did not get at least two yellow cards for blatant simulation. We should be going in lawyered up with a top ex ref accompanying us.

11 Apr 2024 15:39:17
A said the other day watch the reaction of the sevconians behind the pen claim. not one claimed for it a few were gesturing to Tom Daley to get fecking up. on this occasion walsh done us and obviously the var was wrong because he never showed Beaton the full incident.

11 Apr 2024 15:49:40
We all saw it and we all expected it as it has happened before many times and will again - because Celtic FC are a soft touch and NEVER speak up, protest or challenge them - even with all the video evidence of predictable manipulation and cheating yet again.
Every week we see this type of pattern from various members of the SFA delegation and this was pre-meditated and deviously deployed.
What you have all highlighted would never be tolerated in any other country or football league, because it's so obviously corrupt.
Why have Celtic never taken this mob to task?

11 Apr 2024 15:55:40
I agree Buzz and I also think that is why they came into the game in the second half our right side were all booked before half time. A fairer referee would be better but I will not hold my breath on the SFA going along with that plan I guess Beaton or Baby Dallas will have a say in the last game or both.

11 Apr 2024 16:23:22
There was a head collision at 1 point but he let play continue as sevco were on the attack and only stopped play when their attack came to nothing. All Clubs Boards should vote on scottish officals being Fit or Unfit for purpose. The same with VAR. If no confidence bring in foreign officals with no skin in the game asap as our governing bodies who oversee our game don't want change.

11 Apr 2024 20:27:21
I remember that also Steff.
Celtic could write a book about the biased Officials from Sunday.

11 Apr 2024 21:27:09
Hi Buzz hope you are all well. You mentioned fair officials would you have any idea who they might be if any at all.

12 Apr 2024 19:53:43
Oldkilly maybe he was referring to fair haired referees, not impartial.



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