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27 Mar 2024 13:52:27
I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago but I've never seen it wrote anywhere else and it's information Celtic should be using at the disciplinary hearing tomorrow.

It's basically how the SFA treat Sevco differently to Celtic.

Bolingoli breached C. V rules and the SFA charged him after only 5 Days and the hearing was finished after 19 Days.

Compare that to when Sevco players Bassey and Patterson broke the C. V rules on February 14th 2021.
( Tavernier got injured 4 days later )

The SFA waited a full 28 Days to charge the players, which was a couple of Days AFTER the title was clinched.
Why wait 28 Days?

The hearing took place 44 Days after the incident, whilst Patterson was covering for Tavernier at right back in that time.

The disciplinary hearing also took place a couple of Days AFTER Sevco played at Celtic Park in a league match.

Sevco despicably appealed the decision after the players were obviously found guilty.

The appeal occurred 65 days after the incident took place.
The SFA set the appeal date a couple of days AFTER Celtic visited Ibrox in a Scottish Cup tie.

The players again obviously lost their appeal and got suspended on April 20th.
Tavernier was back playing for Sevco only One Day later on April 21st.

Patterson covered Tavernier for the full 9 weeks he was out injured.
Yet he broke the law and breached the SFA rules, only 4 days before Tavernier got injured.

Only In Scotland.

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27 Mar 2024 16:20:28
It’s been widely reported that if Brendan is found guilty tomorrow, he will receive at least a 2 match suspension.
I read that Gary Caldwell was charged with breaking the same rule, when he was the Partick Thistle manager.
He only received a One match ban.
Caldwell was also given a one game suspended sentence.

A similar result tomorrow would suit all parties.
The SFA would save face and Brendan would only miss the Livingston away game on Sunday.

However Gerrard received a “not proven” verdict in 2021 for comments made about a referee.
I’m not sure how that can happen when there’s video evidence.

But then again Sevco are treated differently by the SFA.

This calendar year including referee and VAR appointments, Willie Collum has been involved with 10 Premiership clubs.
The only 2 exceptions are Sevco and Ross County.

Ross County don’t normally get the most experienced officials, unless it’s against one of the bigger clubs or their match is live on TV.

What’s their excuse for Sevco?

27 Mar 2024 17:54:31
It’s been bugging me for weeks.

I couldn’t remember the case when a lawyer recently represented Celtic with the SFA and won.

I read it was when Scott Brown was charged by the SFA for celebrating in front of the Sevco supporters in 2019.

Celtic have that same lawyer tomorrow that cleared Scott Brown.

27 Mar 2024 18:57:00
I hope that CELTIC go in all guns blazing quoting Harlem globetrotters Goldson no penalties against him as examples of no penalty or the one against Hearts on the first game of VAR no penalty or Quotes from Sevco no action necessary.

27 Mar 2024 20:40:44
We all know these cheating, plotting and scheming bigots have been conspiring for as long as I can remember. We also know that Celtic have chosen to remain silent and submissive for the duration.
Subsequently, we have managed to maintain a high level of success most of the time despite the controversy and dubiety.

This season is different, thanks mainly to our own failings, but nonetheless we can still win two trophies if we play as we can, but you can rest assured that they will try every dirty trick and 'honest mistake' along the way and Celtic have to fight fire with fire.

28 Mar 2024 08:49:19
The rules state that criticism of officials can't indicate incompetence. BR literally called them incompetent. I'm not really sure what there is to contest never mind what Bolongoli has to do with it, Buzz.

28 Mar 2024 10:19:09
It was the speed of how quick it was dealt with against the speed of sevcos case who were struggling with Injuries. what's wrong with honesty if brendan thought there was incompetence why can't he say it if he makes a mistake and we lose he gets pelters from fans and pundits. These officials are a protected species but shouldn't be beyond reproach.

28 Mar 2024 10:53:06

I was comparing how the SFA treat Celtic differently to Sevco.

Bolingoli was charged after only 5 days but it took the SFA 28 Days to charge the Sevco players WHY?

Possibly because Tavernier was injured?

WHY was Gerrard given a Not Proven Verdict, when he was caught criticising the referee Live on TV?

A Dundee Utd player received a yellow card for a challenge on Morelos and Gerrard mentioned it would’ve been a Red Card, if his player made that same challenge.

Gerrard definitely said it but yet he was given a Not Proven verdict.

It’s like getting caught with his hand in the cookie Jar and the SFA believing Gerrard wasn’t stealing a cookie because he was only checking to see if they were Hot. ?‍♂️

We will see if the disciplinary panel are as gullible today.

Celtic are not looking for preferential treatment but it’s obvious that’s what the latest Ibrox club have received in the recent past.

I will look forward to your reply Henke.

28 Mar 2024 09:30:56
Henke. Rodgers basically contesting that rule as it was incompetent decision making.
Basically cheating, and he's challenging the SFA on this old pals act ruling.
Rodgers knew exactly what he was doing when he spoke out, he wants his views on the matter highlighted hence taking in the big gun legal team.



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