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04 Mar 2024 19:21:40
Stepping aside yesterday refereeing decisions the team is not fit for purpose. What was it the banner was at the end of the winter window? Remember Celtic board this is on you something like that . IF we lose this league it won't just be on yesterday's game it has to be on the men that got the club in the situation we are in just now and that is the board not the referees.

{Ed007's Note - So if we do win it, Tony, do the same men deserve praise?}

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04 Mar 2024 20:14:10
If you are talking about the board I would say no . Reason for me saying that they have taken a huge gamble on us winning it one for me was unnecessary They gambled and lost when we lost the league on the 10 in a row season Sevco went all out to stop us and won Have they learnt anything about that year? CL money is huge this year has the board learnt anything? it doesn't look like it a token gesture to get baby Lawell out to little to late.

{Ed007's Note - What I'm saying, Tony is that if you are going to blame people for failure you need to praise them for any success as well BUT even when we were winning 9 in a row etc and I spoke about how the Club was ran and the people running it, the need for a DOF, the failures at European level, the need to upgrade & modernise scouting/recruitment, the urgent need to get our youths back playing at a better level than the Lowland League, how we had wrongly & stupidly put all our eggs in the Ange basket etc etc I was accused of moaning or always looking for negatives etc.
My question is, has the support now reached a tipping point or once again if we win the league will everything in the garden be rosy with the wider support?}

04 Mar 2024 21:00:40
Ed id like to think a few eyes have been opened. A massive if. If we win the league ill still have the same doubts about our internal structure and the void between management and the fans. We make being the richest club in our league look difficult more often than not.

{Ed007's Note - Hopefully the wider support don't allow themselves to be blinkered by us winning the league - which I am confident we will do - and still realise there is major problems behind the scenes.}

04 Mar 2024 21:02:42
Good question Ed. FOR ME I would still say there has to be a clear out at the top . They never seem to learn as long as they get their fat cheque at the end of the season they don't seem to bother about what state the football side is in sometimes I wonder if they could name half a dozen first team players let alone run a f football club rant over.

{Ed007's Note - The majority of the board are on circa £40k a week apart from CEO Nicholson and CFO Chris McKay - they might have shares that make them some money but it it won't be a significant number. Their salaries aren't breaking the bank and are paltry in comparison to other clubs our size.}

04 Mar 2024 21:05:20
If the rumours are correct and Dermot Desmond wants to make changes at the club,
I wonder what realistic vision he has in mind.

It’s clear Celtic need to modernise our club.
That should happen, no matter how successful or unsuccessful Celtic finish this season.

{Ed007's Note - It's shocking the way DD has allowed the Club/board to stagnate, would he allow that level of incompetence at any his other interests?}

04 Mar 2024 21:34:24
100% Ed?.

{Ed007's Note - ??

04 Mar 2024 22:15:24
DD is the biggest culprit and needs to go and allow a consortium of major shareholders to take us to the next level he obviously isn’t able to do. Changing manger or head of recruitment or appointing a DOF will achieve nothing.

05 Mar 2024 08:57:10
Ed, you said the majority of the board were on £40k per week, hope that was a faux pas and you meant per year. If that bunch of dinosaurs that missed the extinction event are on more than they would ever give to a first team player, this revolution is long overdue.
Incidentally, who has been the highest paid ever Celtic player on a regular contract? Seem to remember Larson being on £40k in his last contract with us.

{Ed007's Note - Oops that's a serious mistake to make! Yeah £40k a year I meant and I'd say you're right about Larsson.}

05 Mar 2024 11:31:25
I think we're all on roughly the same page here. Ed's laid it out quite nicely. We're not criticising the club's recent domestic success, which has been fantastic. The problem is that's been the result of doing close to the bare minimum. There are too many people who are too comfortable in their positions and a shake-up is desparately needed.

05 Mar 2024 18:23:49
Approx 6 individuals hold around 80% of the shares at Celtic FC.

☘️ ? ☘️.



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