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26 Feb 2024 16:48:33
Sexism being labelled at BR is fecking pathetic. Prejudice or discrimination against woman is what sexism is so calling a female girl is discrimination and prejudice against JL the reporter? Utter garbage. (Then i noticed it was JL the sevco supporter continuing to focus on how bad we were in the 1st half repeatedly. BR knew her game and her line of questioning. that's a good girl There's even some womans group demanding an apology!

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26 Feb 2024 17:03:27
Best thing to do is freeze her out and not answer any of her questions again.
Brendan won’t need to listen to her snigger again.

26 Feb 2024 17:33:23
If he'd said good lad to a male reporter no one would have batted an eye. its being driven by the sevco loving media.

26 Feb 2024 17:35:51
Hopefully be us sniggering at end of season and then Brendan can tell her about us writing our own story, if she still does not get it.

26 Feb 2024 17:50:00
I know that the BBC sport Scotland department is polluted by sevco fans and ex players who have sevco champions already and detest celtic. I had never heard what Archie Mcpherson said about BBC Scotland. "When I arrived in the 1960s and was thinking it was 1690 such was the anti Catholic anti Celtic sentiments that were openly expressed". Not much has changed! . I think they only access they have now is before and after league games and to think that lot banned them. I suppose that was for reporting actual events like no Cva accepted Liquidation etc.

26 Feb 2024 18:51:31
In fairness he should be be more media savvy and I'd be disappointed if one of my emoyees fell into that trap in the modern day.

26 Feb 2024 19:32:22
Thank feck I don't work for your company flipflop.

26 Feb 2024 19:47:52
It's all bollocks deary me how anybody could be offended by that is incredible.

26 Feb 2024 20:00:17
BBC Scotland has more currants than a flies graveyard.

26 Feb 2024 20:45:44
It's funny with guy's like Jeff Stelling etc having a pop at BR then tweets from them saying good girl in the past crop up online??.

26 Feb 2024 22:33:55
Brendan often says good man after finishing an interview. I’m pretty sure he did it after the Motherwell game as well….



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