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24 Feb 2024 07:39:40
So is anyone actually prepared to do what is required in order to force the changes that we all want at the club?

Because in my opinion the only way these people will take any notice of what the fans are saying is if we hit them where it hurts them, in their pockets.

A mass fan mobilisation of refusal to purchase season tickets until the changes that are required are made, and are made properly with the best people we can possibly get brought in to do the job and not some cheap option or some guy brought in because he might be good in 2 or 3 years.

It would tough to pull off although I think it can be done.

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24 Feb 2024 08:47:21
Fans have already paid for season tickets. Cannot see this working this season.

24 Feb 2024 09:29:42
It won't work royjac, there's too many people without tickets who would snap them up in a heartbeat. A boycott in European attendance to give them a showing up in front of their UEFA chums is probably more realistic.

24 Feb 2024 10:01:46

the short answer to your question is no.

The Celtic fans, put simply (with no pun intended) are to loyal (with a small l) .

Given the number of season ticket holders, supporters associations (what do they actually do? ) and the likes, there should be a collective way in which the supporters can in some way influence change at the club, for the better.

☘️ ? ☘️.

24 Feb 2024 09:52:25
Your right that’s the only way to force change but there’s 15,000 waiting patiently on the season ticket waiting list, ready to take anyone’s place.

24 Feb 2024 13:05:24
Royjac i’m with you mate, i think it’s about high time the people on the board realise we need more transparency and a change. The board mug is off and like to kid on we act like a big team. too many people have been there too long.

24 Feb 2024 13:11:40
My guess is a large number of them will be able to get one next season if they are stupid enough to buy one.

24 Feb 2024 13:23:53
Is there any way the various supporter groups could meet, with the sole aim of agreeing collectively on how and what to present to the Board? Tall order and in itself, time consuming, but nothing is impossible where there's a will there for the good of Celtic.

24 Feb 2024 13:59:05
Lots of fans group already in contact mate. For example when green brigade got banned, some of the other fans stopped coming in protest and to show solidarity.

24 Feb 2024 14:23:48
What is it going to take to get the changes made then?

It is funny I suppose though that I woke up today to rumours of DD apparently going to clear out the boardroom, We live in hope I suppose ????????? Hail Hail.



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