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17 Feb 2024 17:29:20
It's probably the worst squad of players Celtic have had since we played at Hampden in 1994/ 95 season.
That's how bad the quality of our squad has become.
Worst in nearly 30 years.

It's to be expected, when the vast majority of our last 25 signings have been off a below average standard.

The Quality of the players that finished that match, is the reason the Celtic fans have been complaining all season.

The Celtic fans always look at the big picture and we knew our team this season was shocking.

The Celtic Board got a 2nd chance in January to basically rectify their terrible decisions to downsize in the summer and to also take the decision to ban our fans earlier in the season.
Once again they did very little.

Celtic could still win the title but the Celtic Board should not take any credit because they have allowed Celtic to regress terribly this season.

The Celtic Board don't deserve to win the league this season for their complacency and it's looking like they won't.

Celtic could now be 5 points behind before we play again.

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17 Feb 2024 17:33:59
We were not too bad till he started the sub merry go round I'd have left idah and Greg on.

17 Feb 2024 17:44:31

this is turning into a rerun of the C. V. season.

If you had total control of the first team squad, all transfers in/ out of CP, who would you keep from this current team ??

☘️ ? ☘️.

17 Feb 2024 17:49:44
The plan was to give Taylor 60 minutes rather than bring him off the bench for only 30 minutes.

We need to keep our first picks fit until the rest of the season and the last thing we need is for Taylor to pick up another injury.

17 Feb 2024 17:50:32
My thoughts exactly the same as you, it is shocking how bad we have got, I mean the tribute act aren't exactly good, it's our ineptness, bad management? That's allowing them to catch up, when in front of we had our foot on their neck and we took it off and allowed them to catch with our bad decisions, something's seriously wrong in our club and it needs fixing asap.

17 Feb 2024 17:55:40
With the system we are using, with Messi and Ronaldo up front, we still wouldn't win.

17 Feb 2024 18:16:55
BR did the exact same at Leicester when he fell out with the owners re not getting the quality he wanted. You make that amount of changes when you're playing a pre season friendly not when one goal up in a must win game.
The whole team has chucked it and that's from the manager down.
Baby Lawell has to go Monday as the standard of his recruitment's are atrocious. DD also has to answer for this as well as he recruited BR without any others in consideration and interviews.
That other mob are rank rotten and are now favourites to win the league and god forbid a treble, how can we go so far backwards so quickly, elite manager my arse.

17 Feb 2024 20:46:20
Yes Taylor needed replacement . I don’t think any other switch in 2 nd half helped . Buzz bomb . We should have benefited from January window, it was an opportunity for recruitment team to redeem themselves but one loan and one £3m winger, who is no better than all the rest doesn’t redeem recruitment team . Idah would have been a brilliant last day loan, if we had signed 4/ 5 super players who are better than the existing Celtic players, but signing him and Knut was just an insult.

21 Feb 2024 19:55:01
I thought it was confirmed M L was gone last week . We can’t get rid of him 2 weeks in a row.



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