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07 Feb 2024 09:35:49
The boy khun and the new no 9 have to be playing tonight wee kygo looks of it a wee rest do him good this what's needed every player has to play for his Jersey Brendan needs to be firm there's too many passengers need to be on it fast direct football that's where we should be get a early goal and never give up no left back play 2 up front put them back have faith left back is vulnerable but so are they with 2 up front needs to change take this chance.

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07 Feb 2024 10:42:12
A wee pass to him would be better.

07 Feb 2024 10:52:44
Who's the 2 up top if kyogo rested mate.

07 Feb 2024 11:23:05
Play the 2 new lads as nobody can pass to kygo the ball is to slow or over hit or crosses are wild straight through the only one who trys is oreilly as abada hasn't found his form yet but he has to play 2 up front as speed things up it's been poor with no service to kygo who trys with no help brendan needs to change give kygo the ball quickly and it's in the net he plays on the last defenders shoulder that's why play 2 we shouldn't be struggling against these teams we have enough quality to waltz that league no left back play 3 and broony used cover so can cal mac too vulnerable on the left side play quicker more direct and we will beat all the teams.

07 Feb 2024 11:35:01
No excuses left for Brendan now.
He watches the players in training and he now has to pick a team that will win.

He has multiple wingers ready for selection and now Brendan needs to start earning his huge wage.

07 Feb 2024 14:09:54
Saying no excuses. for Brendan seems strange to me . Didn’t we rant on non stop for a week to ten days about the Board and the recruitment team .
It seems to me we were either wrong collectively in so many of us criticising our
Board, or else Brendan has an excuse . Both can’t be right .

07 Feb 2024 14:54:33
How can both not be at fault?

The Celtic Board have made horrendous decisions all season.
Brendan can’t get the best out of the Celtic players he has available.

Only Bernardo and Palma were new signings that started on Saturday and Celtic still dropped points.

Everyone was to blame for Celtic not winning 10 in a row.
The Board for not acting when our fans demanded change.
The manager for losing the plot by criticising the players and losing the dressing room.
The players for downing tools.

More than one can be at fault and that’s exactly why Celtic have struggled this season.

07 Feb 2024 17:11:04
Naw if Board and recruitment team were so bad that they merited such ridiculing and criticising for such a prolonged time, even though little could be expected as recruitment team is headed by an ex tea boy . There would be little point in criticising recruitment team at length if their poor recruitment didn’t give Brendan some excuse . We have a right to expect a very highly thought of manager to be successful no matter how poor recruitment is, but we have to appreciate that Brendan has an excuse if things don’t go as well as we want
The ridiculing of Board and Recruitment team headed by M L cannot be blamed for failing to win 10th SPL after winning 9 ina, as ML wasn’t employed by Celtic then, I suggest a red herring .

07 Feb 2024 17:55:27
I never blamed recruitment in the behind closed doors season.

I blamed the board for failing to act sooner.
The manager for losing the dressing room and the players for downing tools.

No one was blameless.

My original point,
is more than one be be blamed.

07 Feb 2024 18:06:54
If it was all the recruitments fault.
The Board would have gave a big transfer budget and Brendan would be getting the best out of the players he has available to him.

If it was only the Boards fault for banning our fans and hugely underestimating our rivals.
Mark Lawwell would be getting praise for his recruitment and Brendan would be getting praise for playing good exciting football.

If it was only Brendan’s fault,
The Celtic Board would be getting praise from the Celtic fans for encouraging good transfer windows and also having a good relationships with our fans.
Our recruitment team would also be blameless because Brendan doesn’t know what he’s doing with all these brilliant players, we gave him in the transfer window.

So far no one is blameless.
They could soon start blaming each other.

07 Feb 2024 19:06:51
My point is by ridiculing Board and Recruitment team as much as we collectively did for as long as we did, has given BR an excuse, that is not saying that we don’t blame him . As far as the previous season is cocened, imo we weren’t discussing it .



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