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04 Feb 2024 18:14:07
A couple of questions to cheer us on a miserable night.

1. We've discussed our failure to strengthen in the summer and January ad-nauseam but given that our third top scorer David Turnbull was sold despite that fact and Mikey Johnston is away on loan on top of CCV, Greg Taylor and Hatata being injured did we actually emerge from the January transfer window weaker?

2. Are we confident this team can go to Easter Road and Love St. in the next two games and win?

Here's how bad I think things are on and off the park it's only my opinion having watched some poor poor performances this year.

There were people doubting whether we were in a title race.

For me we're 100% in a title race alright albeit it is a title race manufactured by the board.

That's based on form that has seen us beaten away to Kilmarnock twice in the league and cup - drawing at home with St Johnstone - drawing away to Hibs - drawing at home to Motherwell and lost at home to Hearts before dropping points at Pittodrie yesterday.

Not just results but performances the football has been absolutely dire as I've said and the manager has been unable to change things.

So again for me not only are we indeed in a title race we're second favourites.

Just in case there's anybody left I haven't depressed today.

Would we have believed it would have been possible to make this statement last season as bizarre as it sounds.

That if we don't win the next two games Bjorn Again could be on a treble.

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04 Feb 2024 18:50:41
JFP we all agree with what you have been saying all the past weeks but please change the record, it’s getting boring. let's roar the team on and see where it takes us. No more doom and gloom.

04 Feb 2024 18:53:38
JFP, you forgot to mention we were 7 points ahead of our rivals with a home Derby to come and they had sacked their manager! Implosion of epic proportions.

04 Feb 2024 18:57:15
I must admit, I thought the league was over when Aberdeen won at Ibrox and Celtic went 7 points clear.

Celtic then had an off field dispute between our board and a section of our fans and then we lost 10 points from our next 10 league games.

In that time, Sevco have brought a manager in that’s getting a tune out of his players.
Something that Brendan has failed to do this season, apart from a handful of matches.

I’m still finding the January window strange because it’s obviously become a tight league and it didn’t make any sense not to strengthen,
Especially with the huge reward that’s on offer to the league Champions.

This January transfer window, is being compared to January 2009 when Celtic also never strengthened.
But back then, Celtic were 7 points clear and our Board got complacent.
Also Celtic didn’t have £72 Million in the Bank back then.

Celtic probably had poor excuses back in 2009 for throwing away another league title but what excuse will our Board use this time, if we do actually go on to lose the title?

04 Feb 2024 19:18:36

I think if they hadn’t sacked the London barra boy the league title was a given.

I was surprised and disappointed they did but it was 100% the correct shout from their perspective.

04 Feb 2024 19:22:08
The table from the last 15 games played,
The Rangers 40 points
Hearts 34 points
Celtic 33 points.

04 Feb 2024 19:24:24
Not going to mention BR or the dreaded Board or piss recruitment. Between long term injuries to half a dozen players, drastic lapses in form in cases like Cal-Mac. AJ, and Kyogo. While Abada is still struggling to make the impact we used to see and the new signings are still trying to settle, there is a case to say we ARE weaker.
Turnbull was a bit-part player at best although the way the goals have dried up all over the park, can be seen as bad timing.
Bernardo would seem to be MOR's replacement and that worries me too because he has been as inconsistent as others lately including Palma who started with a Bang, and is way off the boil.
If every player - when fit - plays to their full potential we can turn things around, but we can't just wait and hope for that to happen. The captain needs to lead on the pitch and players need to take the initiative and fight for the two remaining trophies.

04 Feb 2024 19:36:11
A 7 points gap was a good lead JFP but then we hit the self destruction button.

04 Feb 2024 19:46:41

This season has been the biggest act of self harm since BREXIT.

04 Feb 2024 19:52:56
The Poet

That’s interesting.

If that’s repeated in the last 15 games the leagues lost.

The only positive to hold on to is we’ve beaten Bjorn Again twice home and away the problem is daft points dropped elsewhere particularly at Celtic Park.

04 Feb 2024 19:59:31
Yes, I think we're weaker now than we were on 1st January. I also think we'll get 6 points from Easter Road and Paisley.

04 Feb 2024 20:22:10
Sorry for more doom and gloom.

But I mentioned how this season was being compared to 2009.
Celtic lost 1-0 away to St. Mirren in the Scottish Cup only one week after beating them 7-0 in the league.

04 Feb 2024 20:27:14
My thoughts are, Rodgers and the players need a good boot in the haw maws, maybe a bit harsh,
rant over.

04 Feb 2024 21:21:01

Watch yourself doom and gloom is banned.

Just ignore the facts don’t worry be happy and keep clapping.

04 Feb 2024 22:40:44
This is how the season has gone.

Started off poorly, which continued until the sevco game.

Against all the odds we somehow got a victory. After that our form slowly started to improve.

Then for some unknown reason our board decided to self destruct and ban on our fans. After that our form plumetted and we seemed to spiralling out of control before the board shat it and let them back in.

After letting fans back in we started to get results again, which continued up until the winter shut down.

Upon returning our intensity seemed to drop. My hope is that is because of our missing japanese players, who are about to return but it could equally be our crap style under Rodgers.

04 Feb 2024 22:44:10
We are in a difficult position, and we know the Board hasn’t helped us as they surely got it wrong in the transfer window We can talk to we are blue in the face but we won’t know who is to blame . Celtic is always a closed shop.
We are where we are with the players we have and if they have any pride they will collectively lift themselves out of their slumbering and beat these teams we are playIng over the next 6/ 8 weeks . For as sure as shooting, as it has happened before the elite referees and VAR officials will come to Sevco’s aid and stop them dropping points.

05 Feb 2024 10:52:13
We ain't winning no league this year.

05 Feb 2024 17:27:44
If we don’t we don’t, makes very little difference as we allegedly have plenty of money in bank . The cheating club always get plenty of money for transfers either by borrowing from their super rich Directors. They are very fortunate that they have Board members who can afford to waste millions on loans to Rangers2012 in lieu of shares that are worthless. The early yrs of Rangers2012 were funded by rich Directors, based on what Orange Order does in Demi -Province, they would surely be helped their orange Brethern Rangers2012. The extra money that Sevco will surely be used to pay Directors and OO because neither Directors or OO cannot be without money for ever . Rangers2012 may have some extra money but not enough to make a game changer for seasons.



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