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15 Jan 2024 20:48:59
Just wanted to get people's thoughts on this area of the team that is really going to annoy me
So let's talk hypothetically and say Kuhn a left footer is our RW and Palma a right footer is our LW I personally would rather the left footer on the left and right footer on the right, much easier to beat your man and get in early cross or even beat him and hit the byeline?

Just wanted people's thoughts on this as I said this really annoys me.

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15 Jan 2024 21:31:51
Maeda hits the byline then row p? Mikey gets lost on the way. Palma likes to cut in and rattle the net. Anyone know if Kuhn does set pieces. Doesn't seem Palma is that equipped.

15 Jan 2024 21:36:50
It’s also my pet hate royjac.

It’s the modern day football but I don’t like it.
It’s little wonder the final ball is brutal, when we watch all football these days.

I also hate when a player gets to the byline but refuses to cross the ball with his unnatural foot and then he passes the ball backwards. ?‍♂️

I’m not a fan of the modern day football.
It’s turning into a non contact sport and I preferred watching football without VAR.

15 Jan 2024 21:54:01
royjac, this seems common play for many wingers. I agree with your preference to play a right footed winger on RW and left footed on LW. If the wide man is equally effective with both feet that's OK.
Sometimes injuries force this scenario but I'm more comfortable with horses for courses. Get the early cross in or hit the bye line. Sometimes the simplicity of wing play comes down to the skill of the player. I'd love to have an elite manager's views on the pros and cons.

15 Jan 2024 22:08:00
It doesn't bother me tbh, what does eat me from the inside out is a player that only has one foot i. e Lukaku absolute cart horse of a player who can only go one way. Must be easy for defenders who play against players like this!

15 Jan 2024 22:31:02
Watch Man City pep been doing it for years.

15 Jan 2024 23:28:26
Mally Citeh have elite players so can't be a fair comparison to our wingers.

16 Jan 2024 03:49:35
Was meaning the idea it's still the same tactic.

16 Jan 2024 05:06:25
Kuhn is both footed from what I have seen.

16 Jan 2024 08:02:23
I'm with you Buzz.
Too much ersing around to make decisions now.
The ref'sare not in control and too much secrecy about the whole
Do we need a few extra punters in a studio 100 miles away?

1.Incident needs rechecked.
2. Ref goes straight to pitchside monitor to review
3. what the ref sees should also be shown to the fans.
4. Ref may discuss with additional reviewers (if really deemed necessary)
5. Any conversation with 3rd party should be audible to fans.
6. Ref talks and explains his decision. (again, audible to fans)

Half the time taken and the process is open and above board!

16 Jan 2024 11:03:34
The crop of wingers we have now, simply can’t dribble or cross a ball. That’s why we get so many time wasting corners. Never beat the first man and if they do it’s over everybody. Never seen such an inept group of wingers at the one club. Kuhn looks better, but looks can be deceiving. What is clear, we need someone who can dribble. Doesn’t bottle it when faced with defenders and seek the easy backward pass. Welcome aboard son.

16 Jan 2024 11:12:23
Tiny Tim,
The only time I can remember a Scottish referee going against VAR and sticking to his original decision, was Willie Collum at Ibrox against Kilmarnock.

Collum actually got both decisions horribly wrong that day.
He wrongly sent off Clark for the 1st dismissal of his lengthy career and he also wrongly allowed Cryan Jack to stay on the pitch for a shocking tackle.
But Willie is still the RC bad guy.

16 Jan 2024 19:27:07
Tiny Tim, your first point is certainly correct.
Of course fans at match and TV audience should be shown Video that decision is made plus the audio that goes with it .
VAR isn’t worth having, if it doesn’t clarify decisions and remove doubt .
If play is continuing whilst a VAR check is going on, fans should be made aware .

16 Jan 2024 21:53:33
Tactics and pre- planning, playing under instructions from manager, players aren’t allow to risk losing ball, and are encouraged to not take on opponent . Players are encouraged to hit the risk free pass, as manager stands at the edge of his area, dictating every kick of the ball .
Before my viewing time but from what I read many teams had real footballers in the 1950’s early ‘60’s who were allowed to express themselves, dribble half the pitch and cut open defence with an incisive pass . Jock Stein was first UK Manager to provide pre - match tactics but he didn’t stop the incisive passing of Murdoch &Auld and the mazy running of Jimmy Johnstone . That was probably the real golden spell in UK football, proper balance of pre- planned tactics and the individuals allowed to express themselves.



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