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15 Jan 2024 16:41:58
Not sure of the accuracy of this but I am reading that our annual player salary total is around £24 million.

If this is true, then we must have one of the lowest ratios of wages to revenue and well below the average.

That would mean our wages are around 20% of our revenue and it is advised by governing bodies that 50% is a sensible amount. This would mean we are 30% under.

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15 Jan 2024 17:01:23
FFP rules allow no more than 70%.

15 Jan 2024 17:11:42
Jesus wept! We could be like a certain club across the city and be paying guff player silly amounts! Surely if this is true then it's a good thing and shows how well the club is being run and looked after by those responsible for running the club! we are not signing world class players so get over it. It's annoying coming on here to see the same drivel from the same people day after day after day?‍?.

15 Jan 2024 17:19:39
Joe that is just for the 1st team squad only.

15 Jan 2024 17:34:51
@royjac Yeah but the youth teams won't cost a lot in terms of wages.

@bhoy88 - I agree that it shows the board are managing the finances well. Do you agree that it also shows that we have the capacity to invest much more in the first team?

Hopefully they would prefer quality over quantity.

15 Jan 2024 18:06:56

Try coming on the forum without being offensive.

Maybe not using the Good Lord’s name in vain would also be an idea.

15 Jan 2024 20:18:56
It’s fine to have differing views and opinions. It’s also fine to disagree and have some banter. All good ?

What isn’t so good is when posters come and aim insults.

It’s not “drivel” to have a view on how well or not some aspects of footballing operations are performing . This is simply a personal opinion that should be respected.

For clarity, I don’t expect a decent run in CL or to be signing world class players…. anytime soon.

I will continue to have a view and ignore any slurs coming my way…. and try and find comfort that insults tend to fly when the argument is weak.

15 Jan 2024 20:58:57
As long as we are in the spl we will not be signing top players because of cost!

Our wage budget must be high in comparison to many other leagues in the world, and also to the entire competition within the SPL.

There's always room for improvement, invest in scouting and analyses and sure with the healthy position our club finds itself in there would be plenty cash to have a scout on each continent searching for the best talent available.

What worries me is of the 315 players in the SPL 199 of them are foreign players, is the Scottish youth system really that bad?

There must be more assessed when it comes to talent being nurtured in this country, too many academies have players or family members offspring in the academies without merit, leaving actual talent playing in local amateur youth leagues without any scouting getting involved.

15 Jan 2024 21:27:14

There’s never a right way of doing the wrong thing or a nice way of not being nice.

The first prayer ma old man taught me he said John was ‘Lord if I can’t help anybody up today help me not knock anybody down’

His other advice that has always stuck with me was ‘Never make yourself look big by making somebody else look small’’

You keep telling your story Celt 65 and don’t give a flying feck about the big mouthed bullies.

15 Jan 2024 22:16:45
Oh c'mon it's get boring with people constantly knocking the club. We are operating within our financial capabilities. Clubs in England spend more on one player than what we have in the bank that just puts it into perspective!

15 Jan 2024 22:31:50
Hoarding money isn't the same as astute financing. We could easily up the wage bill by a good amount and still be financially very healthy. That money could also be spread among far less players of a higher quality (who would absolutely come to Scotland for the right price, despite the false narrative to the contrary) .

16 Jan 2024 05:09:41
We have plenty of cash to spend and if we don't spend it then we lose it on taxes. So it's stupidity not to spend it.

16 Jan 2024 08:13:14
We shouldn't be signing top players, we should be signing players and turning them into top players.

16 Jan 2024 19:43:48
As I see it we have two major problems with wages we play our players . There are, first no matter how successful our recruitment team operate there will be players signed that for whatever reason cannot make it at Celtic. Celtic currently cannot transfer these players as they are on too high a wage for any club to want players who aren’t good enough for us . The other problem is that the players that do well and develop into first class footballers, we cannot or haven’t paid them enough to prevent even lower EPL or maybe even top of the Championship tempting them with more money than we are paying .
Maybe the first thing we can do is reduce our ist team squad to as close to 24 as possible and use youth players in emergency.

16 Jan 2024 22:13:10
88 we are paying plenty of players for he haw. McCarthy, who was being lauded on here by many. You know who you are :) never have been signed. I don’t blame him for a second and it pisses me off when people attack him. He didn’t sign himself and what Celtic man wouldn’t sign? But it was a disaster and I knew it would be. We have been paying duds for years, thanks Peter. Right now we have about 14 players picking up good wages who should never be here. They are doing the same, but to claim we aren’t is clearly you ain’t looking.



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