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14 Jan 2024 18:53:14
So Sad that Celtic fans. albeit a small minority are trying to support our rotten recruitment model.

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14 Jan 2024 19:15:58

Agreed 100%.

The enemy of progress within.

14 Jan 2024 19:55:44
It's not case of supporting it, it's a case of accepting it. It's our level whether you like it or not. We are only a big club in Scotland and only supporters of our club dream of playing for us. The top class players of this world have no interest in playing for us! We don't have the funds or standard of league to attract the quality of player to compete in the CL.
If we had and could we would but we don't so get real, suck it up and stop making yourselves look ignorant! Ask yourselves why did Van Dijk want to join lowly Southampton? BECAUSE fighting relegation in the EPL is a higher standard to playing in the SPFL and he can get more money for it!

14 Jan 2024 20:17:07
Bhoy 88

You don’t have a coherent response. Rather than engage. Your preference is abuse.

Good night.

14 Jan 2024 20:24:34
Defeatist nonsense bought by Celtic supporters who have accepted the Lawell narrative as being fact.

14 Jan 2024 20:34:22
Nice to hear some sense … JFP.

14 Jan 2024 20:36:38
If you mean Peter he doesn’t have anything to do with our recruitment.

14 Jan 2024 20:37:41
So we accept mediocrity and poor recruitment?

Why enter into European competitions then if that’s our attitudes? I don’t want to be watching us get pumped and see teams like Copenhagen progress, our recruitment is abysmal at times and project players won’t progress getting thrown in at the deep end to quickly and surrounded by projects.

we have the resources to increase the wage structure and we will get better players. It’s time us as fans realise the longer we accept just being ahead of the other lot is the boards level of ambition the far better we will be, To think they have been to a European final since the reincarnation is frightening!

14 Jan 2024 20:45:44
Campsie Bhoyy


14 Jan 2024 21:03:58
Mediocrity? We're top of the league and won the treble last season?

14 Jan 2024 21:11:50
We’re champions among the bums.

14 Jan 2024 21:24:35
it’s papering over the problems mate, yes we are top of the league but what have we done in Europe? it’s abysmal, waiting until qualification before we sign players is scandalous, get the players identified early and in as soon as possible, We all know where we need to strengthen and not for 1 minute do i believe we can’t get better than what we have all over the park, it’s the only way we will do better and go further in Europe and again increasing revenue and prospects of higher standard of player. Win win.

14 Jan 2024 21:33:47
Big p

We’re not discussing recruitment we’re discussing Celtics failed business model.

Yes I was referring to Peter Lawell who for 18 years as CEO failed to progress in Europe and had and still is responsible for perpetuating the narrative that this is as good as it gets which you’ve accepted fair doos but some of us including me haven’t because we’ve bigger ambitions for Celtic FC.

Do you believe this is as good as Celtic could be?

14 Jan 2024 21:43:26
Campsie bhoyy

Bang on.

14 Jan 2024 22:27:30
Although I’ve been critical of ML, any head of recruitment will be working with one hand behind his back due to restrictions at Celtic.

royjac made the point that Celtic want to pay at best around £3M for a player about 24 years old or younger.
Also with wages of £15K a week or less.

After Celtic gave new and improved deals to our better players 6 months ago, I thought that was opening the door to increase the cap on the wages we pay at Celtic.
Every player bought in the summer window is getting a below average wage at Celtic.

That’s very strange and disappointing because I was excited about Brendan coming back because it felt like we were prepared to move up a level with recruitment and wages Etc.
I didn’t expect Brendan to accept anything less but I was wrong.

14 Jan 2024 22:59:31
Well said CB….

15 Jan 2024 00:08:22
How many times does it need explained to people that we can only attract a higher calibre of player if we can offer CL football. It's only the last couple of seasons we have had automatic qualification normally we have to play through the qualifiers hense why we wait until we qualify or not to see the sort of player we can attract, fees we can pay etc. Also the higher calibre of players we target will also wait to see whether we qualify before agreeing to sign. I bet there is also loads of higher calibre players that have rejected us even with the offer of CL football for reasons I've stated in the post above!
Honestly how hard is it to understand the constraints the club is working against?

15 Jan 2024 02:34:26
The Celtic fans get frustrated when we wait until the last minute for transfers because there’s not a massive difference in quality, if we qualify for the CL or Not.

The last time Celtic made the CL groups through the qualifiers, was in 2018 under Brendan.

Celtic had already paid for 2 early signings with Ntcham and Hayes.
Celtic then waited until the last minute to bring in 2 loan signings, with Paddy Roberts returning for another loan spell and we signed a young unknown Edouard from PSG also on loan.

Where was our last minute big money signings because we qualified for the CL groups?

Because there was never going to be any and it was the same last summer, when Celtic were already guaranteed CL football.

I understand what your trying to say but there’s no evidence to suggest that it makes that much difference.

And that’s why our fans get frustrated.
It’s also why our fans want the signings made sooner rather than later because it gives the signings a better chance of hitting the ground early.

If what you are saying is correct,
Our fans would gladly wait until the last minute to see if we qualified for the CL, if it guaranteed we were getting much better signings.

15 Jan 2024 08:27:24
We should forget this clamour to spend big money on "quality", players, we should spend enough money on getting a decent goalkeeper, our problems would be insignificant, if we did that, we should spend any available money on developing our young players, and maybe giving enough to local authorities to ensure the young players at grass roots level were not held back by lack of facilities, we should accept any short term failure as a price to be paid for a longer term, more sustainable success.

15 Jan 2024 10:36:41
I think to progress we need to offer better wages. Not sure what the top line would be probably around 30k. Im sure someone could correct me on that. I don't see any reason why we can't be paying more to entice better quality players.

15 Jan 2024 10:59:46
Normally that would be a good idea aindoh but the system in Scotland is Broken.

Personally I believe Celtic are already wasting money on youth and I know that's a terrible thing to say but we would only be losing more money.

I wouldn't put any extra cash into our youth system because we won't and don't get a return on our investment, until Scottish football gets back a proper good reserve league.

15 Jan 2024 13:11:59
I neither support or nor oppose our Recruitment team, because I seem to have missed the email that told us the responsibilities and conditions under which our recruitment team works . I have no idea how many people recruitment team recommended for an area of. team . Do they recommend 2 -5 listing players in recruitment teams list of importance . First the best for position. . 5th the weakest Maybe Nicholson had difficulties getting 1, &. 2, s over line, so he ignored them and started working on the weakest Players that recruitment team recommended. It is beyond belief that any person can make an honest assessment. of our recruitment team with so many unknowns around and so many unknown unknowns around.

15 Jan 2024 17:20:11
Buzz Edouard and Roberts on loan was probably better than the calibre of player we could attract even with CL football. 2 quality players one of which we did sign permanently for £9m and Roberts was hoping to play for Man city rather than commit to us but I believe we did to get him permanently.



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