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04 Jan 2024 21:15:55
Does anyone know if Celtic or the SFA have said anything about Balogun spitting at the supporter when he got sent off? If so what happened?

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04 Jan 2024 22:41:05
I have not heard anything.

04 Jan 2024 22:42:34
I don't think he did spit. Look at the reaction of the crowd. No scrambling to get to him no out rage. I think he blew the crowd a kiss or something. But I don't think he spat. The media would have been all over it.

04 Jan 2024 22:51:54
Another incident swept under the carpet.

05 Jan 2024 00:43:26
Looked like a kiss with a tiny bit of spray first angle showed nothing second from behind suggested a bit of slavver but he was surrounded by officials and fans. If it was a spit there would be something done.

05 Jan 2024 01:00:37
The Nigerian media reported that Balogun would be receiving a lengthy suspension for spitting.

Balogun might come from Nigeria but they don’t know how the Scottish media operate.

The video I seen, the Celtic fans were going crazy.

05 Jan 2024 06:56:05
Rely on the SMSM as scourge. of facts about incident In Scottish football is a bit gullible . Scott Media’s version depend on whether Rangers2012 are involved or not.

05 Jan 2024 09:35:31
I haven't seen the incident, but on previous form I would suggest Celtic will do or say nothing.

05 Jan 2024 11:36:58
Roger Hannah said on synde the other night that he had seen the incident from all angles and he we said it was nothing more than a blown kiss, my ar#e.

05 Jan 2024 11:52:47
Aye, Celtic mad.
I annoys and frustrates me why Celtic never speak up when an injustice or complaint from fans happens.
I still cannot get over why Celtic accept the new club retaining old club trophies and records!

05 Jan 2024 13:05:35
Buzz you are right again my friend. Enrico saw video too and looked like he spat at fans and fans look very angry to Enrico.

Enrico does not expect anything less from the dirty animals.

05 Jan 2024 13:56:20
Didn’t the Rangers fans cause the Sevco friendly ref have to take both Rangers2012 and Dundee teams off the pitch because of the number of flairs and fireworks that Sevco fans exploded . There was also talk a very young girl was raped in the melee that was caused .
Rangers2012 on Follow Follow we’re expecting severe punishment but they haven’t received any . Another example where only in Scotland the OO and Mason club have lower standards of behaviour than the rest.

05 Jan 2024 14:26:43
There was a spitting motion but the video I watched, I could not see the spit leave his mouth. Was inconclusive imo, although going by fan reaction, I reckon he done it.

06 Jan 2024 18:24:03
If a Celtic player had appeared to spit in direction of Rangers2012 supporters, he would have had the book thrown at him as early as Tuesday of this week . This begs the question why has there been complete silence from SFA re Balogun. Is it because he plays for Rangers2012 he belongs to a unique special group Rangers, or are the Celtic fans worthless and alleged spitting at them is not important and say nothing and it will be forgotten about.
This is another example of us not playing on a level playing surface . I am not saying Balogun should be tried and sentenced, but we need to know we can trust authorities to examine incident fully and impartially and take what ever action ( if any) that is appropriate.



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