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17 Dec 2023 13:45:40
For those who defended the clubs transfer activity in the summer the game ended yesterday with none of our 9 summer signings on the park 1 started 2 were unused substitutes and 4 weren't even named in the squad.

Palma subbed.
Kwon bench unused.
Bernardo bench unused.
Lagerbeilke not in squad.
Nawrofski not in squad.
Yang not in squad.
Holm not in squad.
Tilllio not in squad.
Philips not in squad.

£7m of centre backs plus an emergency signing nowhere to be seen and being kept out of the team by returning loanee Liam Scales. For all the wingers recruited Mikey Johnstone started the game and James Forrest was brought on to turn things round and Palma was replaced by Bernebei.

Quiz question: Pray tell why I should have the slightest confidence in Mark Lawell to get any recruitment that can be done in the January window right? Help me please. PS: and that's before looking at the two previous transfer windows. I wouldn't give him another fiver.

Not much more faith in Rodgers recruitment credentials either given that the one signing that was potentially his was the bomb scare known as Philips.

Responsibility for the above lies squarely with Mark Lawell and the board. That being said however Brendan Rodgers is a major cause for concern. The squad is largely as it was albeit with 8 or 9 duds added thanks to Mark Lawell's ineptitude and the coaching staff of Strachan, Kewell, Kennedy, Woods etc. remain in position.

There has only been one significant change and that's the manager who has turned treble winners into a team that's struggling to win three games in a row never mind three trophies and who are boring the ar$e off the support with his style of play.

Not to mention the players who have regressed under his 'system' if somebody could tell me what that system is? We don't have a winger that can get to the byline and deliver an end product for all the wingers bought with Kyogo being starved to death as a result. Absolutely dire.

The football though and what we witnessed last week at Kilmarnock and yesterday is but a symptom of the problem and that's those governing the club. An ex-CEO returning who presided over 18 years of European failure and appointed chairman. His laddie and head of recruitment that held an administrative role elsewhere previously. Michael Nicholson a CEO who had been at the club under a different guise for 10 years but wasn't deemed the man for the job until Dominic McKay departed otherwise why was the latter appointed instead? Oh aye and an absentee landlord who can't even attend the AGM.

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17 Dec 2023 14:28:39
I've yet to meet any celtic fan that was happy with the summer transfer window.

17 Dec 2023 15:00:27
The board and summer recruitment were and have been defended.

17 Dec 2023 15:07:17
Exactly JFP,
I pointed that out last night and it confirmed our summer transfer window was a joke and downsize.
The question is why?

17 Dec 2023 15:14:19
The problem is the son wants to be like daddy and bring in players who will make money. its not about quality it's show me the money. this has a lennon situation all over it and that didn't end up well.

17 Dec 2023 15:19:56
Not doubting you jfp there are always people who defend board and signing blindly but I've still not met a single celtic fan that was happy with the transfer window.

17 Dec 2023 15:20:26
We have won 11/ 12 SPL titles and 5 out 7 trebles, world record. Our biggest but still a minority a shareholder hasn’t attended any AGMs Is he our absentee Landlord, his absence on that day hasn’t seem to have negative effect. The style and quality of football at Domestic level surely has more to do with BR and his coaches and players in first team squad than CEO, head of of recruitment and Chairman . I could possibly understand the Killie match on. awful pitch and weather conditions. . Yesterday had to be solely down to football department. I cannot understand how with a well thought of experienced EPL manager and practically every Celtic player better than the Kilmarnock counterpart, how can anyone fault anyone else. There is an argument to cast doubts and arguments against whole club for our European failures but not a home SPL game against Hearts.

17 Dec 2023 15:24:15
That about sums it up JFP and from being in a position of treble-winning, fizzing football strength, we have not only failed to strengthen, but have regressed alarmingly to this shambles.
I don't see an easy fix and I also doubt any of the main culprits including the manager are losing sleep over our serious concerns.
Originally BR had a reputation of player development and improvement and had enough footballing nous to change formation and tactics. These days he seems to be detached and defeatist in mind and body during games and plays the blame game on lack of quality, while the team continues to play with a lack of direct wide play, slick passing and moving or the winning mentality and determination of a Celtic side. The only plus point has been MOR who's outstanding form will no doubt attract interest while many others including Hart, Cal_mac, Taylor and Kyogo have dipped alarmingly.

17 Dec 2023 15:57:52
Good post jfp spot on with all your points. its been brutal to watch most of the season. but yesterday was horrendous. the atmosphere isn't helping the players. calkum was the only player giving his all yesterday and that's a sad indictment especially a home game. they better get their act together and fast.

17 Dec 2023 16:53:40
I can't argue with any of that JFP It sums it up to me.

18 Dec 2023 09:37:23
Guys, the players have t take responsibility also, not just the Board an BR.

The players are good enough to beat any team in SPL so they need to turn up and make an effort.

We need better quality in fir Europe but at SPL level they should cope ut for whatever reason they don't look interested.

They need to understand the Jersey and the significance of wearing it and how giving up us not allowed.

19 Dec 2023 13:25:10
We need to remember for the 20 SPL games left, that the fans have a responsibility to live up to the scarf we are wearing . When we go to a Celtic match with a Celtic top or scarf, we don’t have to become a lunatic and roar abuse at whatever Celtic player u heard wore a Rangers top before he went to school . As Maedainparadise says players need to understand the significance of wearing the jersey and giving up is not allowed . Us fans have same responsibility, we can say what we think going home on bus, or in our local, but at Celtic games we are Celtic supporters from start to finish . Will telling BR to fuck off help us win the league . Will joining in shouting abuse at PL at matches help Celtic or help Rangers the most . We should reserve our abuse solely for ref and VAR operator.



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