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02 Nov 2023 18:53:07
With the green brigade banned for refusing to stop supporting Palestine.

I propose that all fans who back the green brigade and/ or back Palestine and/ or hate the board start to take Palestine flags to all matches and send a defiant message to the board.

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02 Nov 2023 19:29:12
That’s find Joe, if u have ended supporting Celtic .
We almost all of us fans support Palestinians . The only difference is those who agree with Joe have an ulterior motive for supporting Palestinians, and that is to show hatred for Board . That is a sure way of reducing support for our players maybe to extent of loosing league .
But that is ok as Joe will explain it is the Boards fault, forgetting same Board has seen us win 10/ 11 SPL and 5 trebles.
Joe the more United we are the better, surely Boycott Israeli goods would be better than waving Palestinians flags, is similar. to Rangers in 2012, they gave liquidation the red card and how we laughed .
Rangers fans Red cards failed as will waving Palestinian flags, but in addition Celtic will suffer increasing punishment.

02 Nov 2023 19:53:36
Yous all moan about how the board failed to back BR, but how do you expect the club to spend money if they have to keep forking out money on fines over these stupid flags? If you want to support Palestine then go to a pro Palestine rally. Football stadia is not the place for politics!

{Ed007's Note - Celtic have over £72 million in the bank ffs. We were fined the equivalent of under £9,000 in 2016 for waving Palestine flags and you're saying that's affected our transfers, are you being serious here?
Tell UEFA and the SPFL that football stadia is not a place for politics, when Mandela died, supporting the Ukraine and banning Russian clubs, kicking Yugoslavia out of the Euros in 1988, the annual Poppy fest that poisons our society and every stadium in the UK every year, taking a knee for BLM, minutes silence for Thatcher & Lizzie - and I could go on.
I take it you know what Celtic Chairman Bob Kelly done in 1968 with regards Russia's invasion of Prague?
Or is the Palestinian's plight you have a problem with? Did you support the TRIFC and Klan member who lost the plot over a Japanese flag flying outside a pub to celebrate our Japanese players because of Japan's role in WWII?}

02 Nov 2023 20:57:00
Think your post is a bit wide of the mark celtic calling you say all celtic fans support Palestine yet if you show support of the green brigade showing support for Palestine then it's because they have ulterior motives. The board should have come out with a statement that wasn't a pathetic attempt to stay neutral given our history. It out only takes one person to speak up in a crowded room for it not to be silent.

02 Nov 2023 21:25:22
I didn't start this debacle, that fault rests with the board.

They have tried to demonise a contingent of our fans and concocted lies and put those lies in the media, suppose that is my fault as well?

With regards to supporting the plight of the Palestinians, i can only speak for myself and can honestly say I have been on their side for well over 30 years.

The board would do well to remember that the club is nothing without the fans and they should not take our support for granted. Unlike Sevco we don't lap up the bs the board serves up.

{Ed007's Note - Spot on Joe, I'm 50 next year and yet there's a lot of people think it's a new thing the wider Celtic's supporter's support for the Palestinian people. I had heard/read some stuff through my Celtic/Irish connections back in the 80s - just like the support for Basques - but it wasn't until I got really into Pink Floyd and Roger Waters and looked into it in the 90s that I understood it.
I wonder what the panty-wetters would have said about the demo and booing of Thatcher at the 1988 Cup Final, would they have badmouthed the Celtic supporters that backed the miners and steel workers?
You're best just ignoring Old Man Chris (Celtic Calling), he's just a troll who doesn't answer anything back when he is called out over the garbage he posts.}

02 Nov 2023 21:59:05
Exactly Ed. ?.

{Ed007's Note - ?

03 Nov 2023 02:43:31
I had an awful feeling it was Old Man Chris ?.

03 Nov 2023 10:03:42
Is Celtic a football club or a political party?

03 Nov 2023 07:37:06
Ed, i am 60 and am aware of the numerous times our club have come out to support the plight of many victims of abuse or victimisation in many countries around the world over the years. I have supported those causes and donated money many times.

On each occasion the board have either backed the support or said very little to counter their view.

On this occasion the board or someone is or are clearly looking at an opportunity to take on or take down the GB by briefing the media.

At the same time some of the GB are looking at an opportunity to have a go at orxtake down the board.

Both need to realise that no party is going to win this by the actions they are taking and it affects the remainder of the support.

Many want to support Palestne and the team and the others who think that the streets is the place to demonstrate and not within stadiums just want to go to Paraduse and support their team.

Personally, I support all victims, as there are many on both sides and our history is that all are welcome to and within our club, which really confuses me with this situation, where both sides have dug in and entrenched themselves in a position where that does not apply.

The board have come out with their statements in support or Israel, only the latter making mention of all victims and the GB, the polar opposite.

Both sides have been wrong imo, they have made it about them two and not really about the conflict.

03 Nov 2023 12:18:11
Matt McGlone has offered his time to sit in a room with both parties, to try and come to a solution that suits Celtic FC going forward.

Sometimes we need to agree to disagree and move forward.
Banning our hardcore supporters isn’t good idea if we want to continue being successful.

03 Nov 2023 14:44:46
I see, the hard questions conveniently get ignored. IS CELTIC A FOOTBALL CLUB OR A POLITICAL PARTY?
SHOULD THE CLUB PAY FINES ON BEHALF OFSOME FANS BEHAVIOUR? OR should the individual fans be fined accordingly. ACCOUNTABILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS. Food for thought.

03 Nov 2023 14:54:07
I hope that works but the solution needs to suit both board and GB but also all the other fans who are on the outside looking in on this embarrassing title for tat.

03 Nov 2023 14:55:01
I agree with you Ed with regards Ukrainian flags, banning Russia etc It stinks of double standards that some flags are allowed and some aren't. There should be zero politics in stadia. Football is supposed to bring people together not divide them!

However the board cannot allow the club to continue getting fines. This is hardly a surprise that the club has started banning fan groups let's be honest. This was always going to be the outcome.



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