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28 Oct 2023 23:04:12
It will obviously already have been mentioned but that subs bench today was shocking. The 5 players that came on I'd happily see the back off.
Ralston not good enough. barely capable as a back up.
turnbull offers nothing other than maybe 1 goal for every 20 shots
forrest offers nothing. Best days long gone.
m johnston how this guy gets near the bench is a worry in its self.
Oh not good enough and needs to maybe go on loan
Rodgers obviously doesn't rate yang.

I've had a look through the squad and there's about 20 senior players on the books that aren't good enough, or too raw to be anywhere the 1st team. I'd happily see them move on.

yang (too raw, loan move could be good)
oh (too raw, loan move could be good)
mikey j

That's a shocking poor list and looking at it makes you question recruitment even more.

Nearly a full squad of dead weight and probably only need 6/ 7 players with quality/ experience to really push on.

If the board can't see this as a major problem then we don't stand a chance moving forward.

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29 Oct 2023 04:03:21
My old man turned to me yesterday and even he asked 'how have we ended up with Forrest one side and Mikey Johnston on the other? '

29 Oct 2023 04:57:07
Hard to disagree with your list, Iwata is probably the only player worth keeping and possibly oh, lacks composure at times but maybe that comes with experience. Seems to put himself about and gets in good positions but everything seems rushed with him. Forrest has been a great servant but his influence on the pitch has been on the decline in recent years and Mikey Johnston wasn’t good enough 3 years ago never mind now. Better back up on the wings and striker definitely needed along with back up for alistair Johnston.

29 Oct 2023 07:19:02
The answer to your Dad’s question is -
Projects, Projects and more Projects that are not good enough to get on our bench.

29 Oct 2023 07:42:53
@ DerryTim, we had a good look at this yesterday on the live chat, Your list shows the extent of the problem, we’d get a fee for a few of these but of course the wage savings would finance 3/ 4 real quality savings. The unfortunate thing as we discussed yesterday is that the next 2 transfer windows will be really adversely affected by our ability or not to move these players on. Rodgers, Lenny and Ange all have questions to answer on the final call to sign some of these.

29 Oct 2023 07:50:33
I tend to agree with the detractors; on the other hand, the team only turned up for the last 10 mins and Johnston (whom I despaired to see come on) and Forrest were probably among the more lively and creative players yesterday.

29 Oct 2023 12:23:21
After last Wednesday performance there was nobody listing out and writing off almost an entire squad . Nothing can stop anybody who could be bothered doing the same at any club . It wasn’t members of this list that caused Celtic to gain only 1 point at what has proved to be a difficult venue in past . If club and manager hold their nerve (and they will certainly will) and if our supporters wise up we will undoubtedly celebrate another SPL in May .
Can we not celebrate and be happy to be so lucky that we are alive and supporting Celtic in such a successful time .

29 Oct 2023 14:13:17
No stop it can't take anymore, dud somebody say Mickey Johnston?

29 Oct 2023 19:17:33
What has Mickey Johnstone done on u personally Kwaj, has he ran away with a member of your family . MJ had a very indifferent career with Celtic from he first played as a teenager . On top of that he has had a series of injuries and it was found out last yr he had a broken back . He is now trying to build or rebuild a football career . He is to the best of my knowledge our only attacker to have scored 2 Sen International Goals . I don’t have a notion whether he will be able to play regularly at the top with us or elsewhere, but like every other player at Celtic who tries he will have my support . Of our 16 players yesterday him and Forrest looked the only 2 who could have created or scored a goal.

30 Oct 2023 08:04:36

100% correct IMO.

To add numbers to the names in your post, Celtic have 32 players registered in the first team squad with a further 10 out on loan.

I hope the clear out starts in the New Year.

☘️ ? ☘️.

30 Oct 2023 09:11:32
Impressive, Celtic Calling. and to top it off, Mikey Johnston now moonlighting as the US House Speaker. (I guess its a good idea to have a plan B given the injuries you mention)



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