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10 Oct 2023 23:23:36
I would like to see us sign one of the Scotland strikers, there I said it.

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11 Oct 2023 09:40:53
Take it back Royjac ?.

11 Oct 2023 10:01:30
Which one? And why?

11 Oct 2023 13:00:30
The only player playing in Scotland I would take a punt on is the Bulgarian striker that plays for Aberdeen. Think there's a right good player in there.

11 Oct 2023 13:26:20
Lundstroms a gid yin ??.

11 Oct 2023 14:28:52
I thought royjac was referring to strikers in the National team and I would choose McTominay although I appreciate he is not a striker and outwith our budget. Fine player all the same and I wish he was a Celtic player.

11 Oct 2023 15:36:45
This is a bit of a catch 22 scenario as we only play with one striker.

AP's first choice was Kyogo and, as a result, we lost Giakoumakis.

BR has come in and Kyogo is his first choice striker, therfore I think we need a far better back up than we currently have but one who's happy to play 2nd fiddle.

Personally I'd rather play with two upfront, particularly at home in domestic competitions.

Whatever the scenario, I don't see OH doing anything and I'd punt him at the first opportunity. IMO.

☘️ ☘️ ☘️.

11 Oct 2023 16:31:05
Yes lads was referring to the national team strikers, I think we certainly need to be looking at signing some Scottish players for the European quota ( although I don't know how that will be next season with revamp of top tournament ) And if you were to ask me who I would rather have backing Kyogo up, Either Oh or Dykes I would pick Dykes every time. I would pick Che Adams before Oh as well, I'm not saying I don't like him or that I am saying I think these two guy's would give us a stronger option as part of our squad. Over the last couple of years I have specifically enjoyed big Dykes destroying almost every defender he has come up against and not only is he scoring he is creating too, and add the work rate its a no brainer for me, We could do a lot worse that these two guy's that is for sure.

I know it probably isn't a popular opinion but I don't really care about that, all I want is a strong Celtic and a strong Celtic that has some Scottish players in it is even better ( ok i know they aren't actually Scottish but they have a deep connection to us now )

We can't just keep singing foreigners all the time we will end up like Chelsea and most of the teams in England, and nobody wants that.

11 Oct 2023 19:20:59
royjac, I agree it's important to have a strong Scottish, British and Irish core. It helps for the dressing room and all that sort of stuff. Scottish specifically for the European quota. But if we have any ambition in Europe then the only Scottish players that improve us right now are probably out of reach financially. Would I have Dykes over Oh as back up/ a plan b? Possibly. But we should be setting our sights higher than an ok championship player.

11 Oct 2023 19:48:04
It appears that both Ange and BR rate OH as neither have signed another striker .
It seems that neither Ange or BR rate OH as neither and especially BR give him any real game time . Unless we are not going to play Kyogo in every match, we need to take him off Ht in order to have a third striker . B R has said he doesn’t know how he can play 2 strikers . I can’t see Kyogo staying if he isn’t played when fit or is taken off at Ht . I doubt if we sell OH before we see how new striker performs.
That shows how little fans know as it takes expertise and experience that good managers has.

11 Oct 2023 20:40:31
I think if big Nouble from Livingston could get his act together and start scoring then he could be a handful for any defence.

14 Oct 2023 16:01:20
For some reason Scottish and Irish players seem to find it hard to win over many of our supporters in recent yrs . I think that it is exactly the opposite to what it was 30-40 yrs ago.



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