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26 Apr 2024 10:51:24
I don't know how true this is as i don't use a lot of social media
and wanted to ask if anyone has read or heard anything on this, i was Listening to a podcast and they were saying that Brendan had attended a get together with certain season ticket holders and supposedly this has came from 2 separate people that attended the get together.
Brendan was mentioning the signing policy.
What they said was that Brendan had been told by Calmac and Nicolson that the signing policy had changed and a lot of the signings were at very advanced stage and that he had trusted what he was told and gave the OK to the Yang, Lager and Rocky signings.
The also mentioned that Brendan has been given more control of all Football matters and that the "only sign player under 23 and under £3m" has been scrapped and we are looking at players in the £5-£6m bracket. I know it's not a major jump but we did get Jota and CCV for £6m and if we get 4 or 5 players of that quality, it would make a big difference to our squad
As I said I haven't read anything else on this so maybe someone else can confirm.

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26 Apr 2024 19:41:43
Jonbhoy 71 . I have no doubt that your post is accurate and plans are afoot to sign some players at a slightly higher price than recently . What I don’t expect is Celtic. Football club to really embark on a spending spree and spend about £40 on 7/ 8 players in the summer window . Maybe a bit over half of that on about
4/ 5 players .
Why I think our spending will be nearer £20m is that we have removed M L and his sidekick and not replaced them and we are now in last week of April .
If we are going to spend high with these positions vacant, then why would we fill them in future .
Nothing to do with your post Jonbhoy71 but I think just like the past few years there has been far too many posts between windows linking us with far too many players that are valued far exceeding our normal price range . These posts give us inflated expectations of what we can expect to buy during window and our disappointment is all the greater when we come up far short.

{Ed007's Note - I've also heard and read that Rodgers told the investors meeting that Palma doesn’t fit into his system or his style of play and doesn’t really have the skill-set he looks for in a wide player.
Lagerbielke has never impressed in training and that Nawrocki - who was actually only brought in as a squad player to back-up CCV & Starfelt - is never fully fit, no matter what the coaches do with him.}

26 Apr 2024 23:21:02
Wee des.
Like I said, I hadn't heard or read anything regarding my post before and just listened to a podcast today where they were discussing it.
If you want to listen for yourself its from (ACSOM - The big decisions facing Brendan Rodgers ahead of trip to Dundee) .
You can get it on youtube. They said on the podcast that 2 sperate people who attended the meeting put the details on Whatsapp and other platforms
Going from ED's comments regarding the investors meeting, It sounds like the same meeting they guys on the podcast were discussing.
I also never mentioned spending £40+m 7/ 8 players in my post, I did say IF we get 4 or 5 in the £5-6m bracket it would make a huge diffrence.
Also, maybe the reason Baby Lawwel and his sidekick hasn't been replaced yet is because as my post does say, Rogers has been given assurences that HE has been given more control of ALL football matters.

{Ed007's Note - I was thinking about this earlier, Jon, could it be that our future Head of Recruitment and his team, maybe a DOF or Sporting Director be at another club that don't want them to leave until the end of the season or contractually they can't leave until then?
They could still be working on deals for Celtic and hopefully we are already at the talking to agent stage of at least some deals that Rodgers wants done which won't need any 3rd party input.}

26 Apr 2024 23:27:14
Cheers ED for the confirmation of the meeting.

{Ed007's Note - ??

27 Apr 2024 11:42:17
Hopefully there is some substance to this rumour but we hear this every window and nothing really changes.

27 Apr 2024 10:32:29
Ed if we have not identified the players for the summer, sounded them out and tried to initiate talks then we are due to repeat the previous two windows.

I expect a goal keeper, striker, winger and left back brought in quickly as soon as the window opens.

If the board don't don't do that they are going to be under major pressure for the whole window.

{Ed007's Note - I'm hoping that there are players lined up that don't require any scouting, oven-ready players Brendan Rodgers has identified and then it's up to Michael Nicholson to negotiate.}

27 Apr 2024 01:10:32
It could be ED as we can't wait until the end of the season before we start negotiating for players
I'm just really hoping to get the appointment right and whoever we bring in is allowed to do his job without interference from anyone else at the club.
If Celtic want to be looked upon as a big club, we have to start acting like one and get away from the Jobs for the boys structure that we seem to have at the moment.
On that subject ED, Do you know if Ross Desmond is having anymore input in the club.

{Ed007's Note - I don't know how much input or influence he has without speaking things over with his dad but I have thought for a while that if the rumoured board shake up in the summer does happen then Ross Desmond will be appointed to the board.}

27 Apr 2024 15:06:34
Hopefully there will be a clear out with Yang, Oh, Kobiashi, lagerbielke, Nawrocki and Palma to name a few.

On loan players can be added to that list.

28 Apr 2024 11:48:02
That is what might cost us the league this season, Brendan persisting with his system and his style of play, instead of, the moment he came in, utilising the system and style of play that Ange had drilled into the players heads.



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