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04 Jan 2024 16:51:51
Please God not Kvistgarden which has been reported today, very poor record. am still Pavlidis of Az Alkmaar if not Miovski as a think he's quicker and as good a finisher as Shankland.

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04 Jan 2024 17:06:34
Just seen we are supposed to be interested in a pre contract for the Ipswich keeper. please god no. we need a younger, energetic keeper.

04 Jan 2024 18:16:39
Pavlidis would be unreal. He’ll head to Germany I imagine tho.

04 Jan 2024 18:23:02
I've not even heard Pavlidis name been mentioned lad is a goal scorer he'd probably cost double the price of Miovski. Early signs aren't great with players that are being mentioned I'd rather sign an established ST like Miovski or Shankland you know what your getting from them plus this lad from Brondby was mentioned when Ange was about so the worrying thing for me is Rodgers isn't picking these players we could have a problem here. They done him over before with Mcginn let's not let history repeat itself.

04 Jan 2024 18:41:52
4silly season is here. We will be linked with everything. Feck me I read 20 unattached that Celtic could sign. Zero connection to the club but random names.

04 Jan 2024 19:08:19
Pavlidis is valued at €20m on transfermarkt so I don't think there is any chance we will sign him

The other Greek striker at Panathanikos who I saw someone on here linking saying they read we were interested in him would be a good shout also, he is very similar to Pavlidis his name is Fotis Ionidis looks really good striker and bang on form.

{Ed007's Note - MOR is worth £11.2 million according to Transfermarkt, their valuation of players is nonsense and ruins an otherwise excellent source of data.}

04 Jan 2024 19:52:44
If am right Edd am sure we got Gio from Az Alkmaar and he was top scorer in Holland at the time, probably no interest in Pavlidis or Ionidis but can only hope BR reads your posts?.

{Ed007's Note - Ach I just fire him a text ??

04 Jan 2024 20:46:14
I'm calling it, Kvistgaarden will run riot if he signs for us. Bookmark this Tweet!

04 Jan 2024 21:35:21
Ed007 that was my point if really, transfermarkt tend to undervalue players from their true market value. Pavlidis has regularly been on the higher end of the scoring charts in Holland for a few years now and does quite well for Greece too, I don't think we would pay what AZ would be looking for which in my opinion would be between £14m and £16m.

{Ed007's Note - Transfermarkt get their player valuations from guys like us, there is a forum of folk - obviously chatting $hit - and the value is decided on what thet say, it's a nonsense. They undervalue players, they overvalue players all down to what they call "the wisdom of the crowd".

Christian Schwarz, who as 'international head of market values' is the first point of contact for players and clubs who disagree with a valuation on the site, can hardly comprehend the influence of his work. ‘Clubs shouldn't make transfer decisions based on the figures on our website,’ he says. ‘Our method is not scientific.’

Schwarz explains that prices are set according to the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ principle, which is similar to how Wikipedia works. Users can discuss market values on the Transfermarkt forum, but the ultimate number is based only on substantiated arguments, and is ultimately determined by Freundl and his colleagues. Their informal job title is Pate, ‘godfather’: they are the compass that guides the good ship Transfermarkt.

05 Jan 2024 01:01:10
I didn't know that is how they came to their valuations, although I did wonder how that other mob across the road were getting such valuations for their players were low in comparison. Guy's on forums chatting $hit explains in now haha
Cheers for the heads up though I never knew that ?.

05 Jan 2024 18:52:00
Transfer windows are torture. You know the vast majority will turn out to be made up by the papers. I know this, but I keep reading, then YouTube search. Even as I’m doing this my inner voice is yelling, why are you doing this you idiot. I keep going. Every single window.



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