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07 May 2024 16:33:52
17 days before the Cup Final and not a whisper yet about ticket ballot. We all know the reason for this, they are counting up the hospitality packages they have managed to sell and attached a ticket to them, then us minions will get the rest balloted amongst us. Not a care for the normal fan who is trying to make plans but doesn't know if they have a ticket or not.

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07 May 2024 17:15:30

You need to get allocated a ticket to get to Hampden…. With or without hospitality, if you are going with Celtic. I am aware of people with the platinum package for Celtic Park. No ticket, you need to get one from being due one.

The tickets were never planned to be put on sale till after the game on Saturday is out the way.

We don’t want any negativity before the game on Saturday….

But for sure a number of people will be disappointed.

07 May 2024 18:28:08
I'm well aware of how the ticket scheme works, what shouldn't be happening is 1000's of tickets going to people who can afford to pay hundreds of pounds for a bite to eat and a match ticket and ones who have been to all previous rounds missing out. A Club open to all, more so if you can pay £400 for a snack and a £40 face value ticket.

08 May 2024 12:24:57
So will the allocation be 20,000 for us and that lot leaving 12,000 for the fat cats?

08 May 2024 14:03:33
Sometimes I dispair, at the very time we have fans complaining about club not spending enough on players and not increasing the ceiling on wages, so that we can compete better with other clubs and succeed in Europe .
We also have fans complaining that those who can afford to pay a lot more money for Cup finals etc which will boast clubs turnover, shouldn’t be asked to pay any more . These people want club to let fans off on the cheap and yet have better players and higher wages .
We have some money just now, this came about by frugal spending and taking advantage of different income streams .
We need to spend more but we also need to continue to have a healthy financial situation, it wouldn’t be difficult to take the eye off the ball and within a couple of seasons have financial worries.

08 May 2024 15:43:49
Surely the sfa receive most/ all the profits from hospitality boxes.

08 May 2024 16:01:04
Concierge you are correct the cup final is an SFA event and the hospitality belongs to them. Some fans just want to have a dig at the board for the sake of it.

08 May 2024 16:57:45
Des, I have no problem with the club selling tickets to fat cats with a meal thrown in when the game is at Celtic Park. What is not right is selling tickets for cup finals at a neutral venue with a meal and drinks at Celtic Park and a guaranteed match ticket for £400. This is no better than ticket touting.
@Steff if that was the case I wouldn't mind . Sponsors etc have always had a huge allocation for Cup finals. Its the 20k that Celtic get I have a problem with, they should all go to supporters at face value not connected to a ridiculously priced package. Let's face it the meal you get is worth 30 quid tops so theoretically Celtic are selling Cup Final tickets for 10 x face value.

08 May 2024 17:00:32
Jeezo, I'm not talking about Hampden, SFA hospitality, whatever you want to call it. That's what part of the 12,000 tickets that neither Celtic or Rangers see is for. Its Celtic lumping part of their 20k allocation into there own packages I. e meal at Celtic Park and bus along to Hampden with a 40 quid ticket in your pocket, been sold to you by your club for 400 quid. For every package Celtic sell that's one less ticket going to the guy who meets the criteria of being on HCTS and purchased every cup ticket that season.

08 May 2024 17:51:49
The Cup Final ballot has been made and Email’s were sent out about one hour ago.
Good luck.



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