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24 Apr 2024 07:08:29
Just watched goals we lost in semi again as lots of folk saying Hart could have come for 2nd and 3rd. If he was positioned better he could have but was way to close to front post and moving back across goal made it impossible. Had been in middle or more towards back post maybe but no chance from his staring position. Whether he was positioned right or wrong who knows but we must surely work on this stuff but lose way too many similar goals. Hart, AJ, CCV, Scales, Taylor and none of them command the box in the air. Therein lies the problem.

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24 Apr 2024 08:48:31
I’m expecting clubs in the Top 6,to now play similar balls to that back post until the end of the season.
They would be daft not too.

Scales, Taylor and Hart will need to be on their toes.

24 Apr 2024 09:51:44
We have to improve on Sat starting on Sunday as that was well below par. we need to be killing teams off as that's been a major issue all season and is hurting us big time.

24 Apr 2024 12:02:14
Our problems on Saturday in my opinion came from the quality of cross Aberdeen were allowed to get in . This problem has happened in many other games . On Saturday AJ was either too tired at the end of match, or he was afraid to get too close to their attacking winger to stop cross . Again, imo I think AJ knew he was on yellow card and was afraid of getting too close and receiving 2nd yellow or a penalty . Just look at AJ going out half heartedly before 3rd and at half pace towards man on ball and then turning his back and allowing the sheep all the time in world to pick cross . This is certainly not like AJ, but who would want to meet team mates having conceded pen or red card.
Ralston could be substituted, but he likes to put in a tackle and maybe BR is afraid to use him .
I think the best way Celtic can see out games is by ball retention and when we do lose ball make sure they don’t get ball within 30/ 40 yds of our goals .
Our defence rightly panics when opponents gain procession within 30 yds of our goal, it isn’t just the likelihood of ref awarding free / pen to opponents, but the fear our defenders have of getting close attempting tackle and then the consequences.

24 Apr 2024 14:31:08
Both full backs allowed crosses especially AJ.

24 Apr 2024 23:24:02
I think Cal Mac isn’t helping out full backs as well as he should . i think he may have been better before his injury .
S Brown was very good at making sure full back wasn’t isolated and Brown worked very hard to stop crosses . Taylor isn’t the first wee left back to leave his position unmanned but we prevented opponents from getting time and position to get top crosses in.



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