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04 Apr 2024 19:00:12
Hey my friends Enrico wonder if BR steers to win at weekend and then deliver double how many still want him out?

The team is looking better now with some nice football played you know.

3 trebles first one and Enrico hoping double this time in first season back.

Hail hail.

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04 Apr 2024 20:59:07
The base fundamentals of the club are the problem. Not the manager.

The board down needs refreshed, we’ve all been saying it for years. I like to call them the old Codgers because that’s exactly what they are. There lack of foresight is horrible and they need to get with the times.

Always brings me back to the old conspiracy theory that there was a gentleman’s agreement that Celtic would never ever get too far ahead of rangers in an effort to sell tickets and keep the competition. That’s why supporting Celtic at the moment feels stagnant.

04 Apr 2024 21:44:16
Peter Lawwell, Thomas Allison and Brian Wilson need removed at the end of the season, regardless of how the campaign turns out.

If we fail to win the league then Brendan Rodgers and Michael Nicholson need to go as well.

Whatever happens I don't think we need to rip up the current blueprint as there is much of it that is right.

However, there are some things I would like to see happen moving forward.

1. We get in a director of football and let them control footballing matters.

2. We hire top class coaches and scouts to increase our chances of finding the best talent and making them realise their potential.

3. We trim our squad so we have 2 players for every position, an extra CB, CM and striker. When we get an injury bring youngsters into our squad and try and get them game time when possible.

4.we focus on buying quality and not quantity.

5.We have a better plan to replace players and managers who move on.

6 We invest all money on footballing activities each season.

What I do know is that unless we change how things are done, then sacking people won't resolve the problem.

04 Apr 2024 23:19:15
Sorry weejoe i disagree with you saying much of our blueprint is right. Our current blueprint has been holding us back from progressing as a club for years and this year it has caught up with us. Weve been paying the same fees for players that we were 25 years ago when oneill was in charge. there's nothing wrong with signing a couple of players here and there for 3/ 4m as sometimes it comes off but when all your signings are at that price or less then you are going to get left behind. so in my opinion our blue print needs scrumpled up and shoved up PL and DDs a*se.
We have been recently been linked with spertsyan and ioniadis who would both cost double figures but these should be the type of players we chase. they're not guaranteed to work but gives us a better chance to progress.

04 Apr 2024 23:25:00
Hi all hope you are well. I think we should add to the list a mental health team. Most big clubs have this, and if we had one in place during C.V. I think we would have won 10. Hetate is the latest player to mention the impact injuries had on him. We should have this in place.

05 Apr 2024 08:20:36
Folk saying it's not the managers fault is laughable. He was given a 7pt advantage. Yes there is many problems at the club as mentioned above.

The club gets run like Rodgers football. Slow and predictable, with no imagination to try anything new.

05 Apr 2024 09:17:20
@derrytim - do you agree that our club have been extremely well managed financially?

Do you agree that our trading model has been a large part of that success?

This is what I mean when I say that there are parts of our blueprint that have worked well. The fact we are in the the top 20 in the world for commercial revenue shows that.

I should also point out that if you don't have that right, you won't have the finances to build the footballing side. To rip this part up would be folly in my opinion.

I also think we are in agreement that we both want to see more quality brought in. If that requires us to push the boat out then I am all for it, as can be seen when I said we should spend all extra money on footballing activities.

However, were we may differ, is that I am not caught up on the fee as big money does not always mean better quality, just as less money does not mean worse quality.

Another place we may differ is that I don't think we have the required resources to buy the finished article consistently and our best way to do that is to look for the best young talent across Europe and use the best coaches to develop them.

05 Apr 2024 10:32:16
Auf. That was the players fault in my opinion, they were given instructions and simply couldn’t seek out wins for the club.

Can you elaborate on how we are now getting results is that the managers fault as well or is someone else pulling the strings when we are winning?

05 Apr 2024 11:06:24
Auf and Ken, I actually blame the board for that as they banned the fans and turned Celtic park into a morgue. Prior to that Celtic were beginning to hit form after a shaky start to the season. Then they also blew the January transfer window.

05 Apr 2024 11:21:41

Our treble winning team can't follow instructions or our Manager can't get the best out of them. With his slow predictable, keep the ball football.

How are we getting results now. We have dropped 5pts in last 6 games. 2 of them at home.

Your posts don't make much sense or best period was the start of the season. Were the players not following instructions then?

05 Apr 2024 13:50:00
Start of the season we were terrible. We put in a decent performance against sevco and then slowly started to find form. We got to a point that I was happy with and then the board banned the fans and out form plummeted.

Then the board did not help again in January.

06 Apr 2024 01:18:25
@weejoe. We are a very well run business ie lining PL DD and the rest of the suits pockets.
As a football club we are run appallingly by dinosaurs that have one interest and one interest only and that is money. And this has been the case for far too long.



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