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20 Mar 2024 15:52:51
Edd, i managed to get a ticket for myself and daughter for Buckie game (soaked) but struggled since and she is desperate to go again. is there anything in the pipeline for the ST holders to sell ther tickets if they can't make, a noticed St Johnstone game plenty empty seats.

{Ed007's Note - It's a massive bugbear of mine that Celtic don't have a ticket exchange system up and running - TRIFC have one and that's one of the reason Ibrox is full nearly every week. If someone isn't going to the game they notify the ticket office and the ticket is resold with the ST holder getting 75% of the ticket value credited to them to spend on TRIFC stuff or towards next season's ST.
I've not heard of any plans by Celtic to incorporate a similar system.
It's embarrassing the amount of empty seats at CP every home game, surely if a ST holder isn't going the game they must surely know someone who will use it.}

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20 Mar 2024 18:20:10
Ur right mate thsnks for rePly.

{Ed007's Note - ??

20 Mar 2024 18:23:49
Especially with Celtic having mega thousands on the ST waiting list and the demand for tickets remaining high.

20 Mar 2024 18:53:23
Bang on Ed.

It only reinforces the club’s incompetence that they are unable to implement a ticket exchange scheme.

It can’t be beyond the wit of man either for season ticket holders to have the ability to tick a box confirming they want no financial recompense if they so wish so that the ticket could perhaps go to someone or a parent and child that otherwise wouldn’t be able to get to see Celtic for 25% of the price to cover the the cost of managing the system based on what Bjorn Again appear to require if they can reimburse 75% of the price to season ticket holders.

The team can only benefit too from having a full house.

If they had an innovative idea in their collective heads at board level it would die of loneliness.

{Ed007's Note - I don't think they get cash back JFP, I think it's credit added to their MyGers account so it's only whatever they can buy or pay for using that.}

20 Mar 2024 19:24:18
I think a decent % going to Celtic charities would encourage fans who can't make it to resell their ticket.
And a brilliant PR opportunity.

20 Mar 2024 19:24:38

Correct as far as I’m aware.

They have either to buy a new sash, bowler hat or another season ticket but the 25% must roughly still cover the cost of managing system.

{Ed007's Note - ??

20 Mar 2024 21:42:56
Most of the people I know don't donate to the Celtic foundation because they give money to the poppy appeal.

With regards to getting tickets just now, it will be easy. Tickets go on public sale for most home games and you could rock up to any match and buy tickets outside the ground.

20 Mar 2024 22:18:50
Thing is I’d be happy if not going to just say I’m not going, if im no going im not looking for money back.



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