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07 Mar 2024 21:08:48
Abada has given an AMAZING send off message to the Celtic Community.

He wrote a brilliant message to our wonderful fans, thanking us for our superb support since he arrived as a 19 year old.

Abada included tremendous pictures and videos of his enjoyable time at Celtic Glasgow Football Club.

Hopefully Abada has a successful career and I'm sure Celtic fans wish him all the best for the future.

Liel will be remembered extremely well for his very important goals at Celtic.

The media will obviously print a different story but Abada has left us with the truth. ?.

{Ed007's Note -

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07 Mar 2024 21:18:59
The media will not like that goes against the narrative.

{Ed007's Note - He downed tools, Mally, Abada basically refused to play for us and was out socialising with friends while his team mates were playing games. Why did he not come out and tell the truth at the time, why didn't he speak out about the support he was getting from the Club and the fans while the Scottish press and his Zionist scumbag friends were slagging us and accusing us of anti-Semitism? 99% of posts on social media hassling him came from Israeli based accounts, so his own people showed him more hate than anyone connected to Celtic.

Why wasn't his head in the right place to play for us but he is OK to play in the US, maybe he was worried about his place in the Euro play-offs?
The lad's been played like a fiddle by Zionists & right wing lunatics & will probably end up living a life of misery as a hen-pecked husband terrified to stick up for himself. A 22 year old pussy of a lad - lightweight on and off the pitch - so good riddance to bad rubbish imo. Abada and his camp created this situation and they have seriously damaged his long term career.}

07 Mar 2024 21:35:26
All the best to Abada one of the brightest young talents to come to the club in recent years and better than anything we recruited in the last two transfer windows.

I wish him well in his future career.

{Ed007's Note - He might end up at Ibrox next ?


07 Mar 2024 21:47:33
Be interesting to see how he gets on over here as there is a lot more support for the people of Gaza for sure!

07 Mar 2024 21:47:36
Yep agree ed he definitely downed tools and engineered this move. he was a good finisher but bang average winger. at least we got decent cash for him.

{Ed007's Note - He was very soft but he did have the potential to crack on and become a (very) good player that we could have eventually got more money for.
He will never play for a bigger Club than Celtic.}

07 Mar 2024 21:51:14
Well said Ed ??.

{Ed007's Note - Celtic got dragged into a circus that should never have been allowed to happen, the Club should have been out there speaking out and telling everyone what the situation actually was, what had Abada and his people told the Club.
Once again the Club/board have no backbone and our CEO Michael Nicholson is as spineless as his doppelganger Stuart out The Big Bang Theory.}

07 Mar 2024 22:14:01
It will soon be 50th Birthday Caird Pish for both of us.

{Ed007's Note - ???? I wasn't meaning you, Buzz - I did think it might have came across like that after I sent it - but I meant from Abada, honest ?

07 Mar 2024 22:20:06
Where in the United States do you live?

07 Mar 2024 22:40:38
Well said, Ed.

{Ed007's Note - ??

07 Mar 2024 22:41:43
I live in Georgia, north of ATL.

08 Mar 2024 14:02:56
I just checked the Map.
I was in North Carolina the day Celtic won the treble in June, which isn’t too far from you.

The cruise also stopped off at Tampa and Miami.
It was for my Wife’s 50th.

You live in a lovely part of the World. ?.



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