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03 Mar 2024 18:46:26
Terrible officiating today my friends.

Enrico has never seen anything like this.

Yang card must be appealed it is not so good you know.

Should have capitalised today my friends but not to be.

Reset we go again next time guys.

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03 Mar 2024 18:59:48
I hope you’re keeping well Enrico.

Just last week away to Motherwell,
In the first few minutes, Motherwell forward Bair nearly took Scales head off, with a high boot to his head with force.

That challenge with force wasn’t deemed a yellow card offence but yet a high foot with NO force and John Beaton desperately wants a straight Red Card issued.

03 Mar 2024 19:00:01
The manager. The bottom line is Hearts have beaten us 2-0 home and away scoring 4 without reply. Rodgers has been out thought by Naismith twice and by McInnes three times.

The players. When we go down to ten men we needed 10% extra from every man and didn’t get it. I’d sit everyone of them down on Monday morning and ask them who’s got the balls for a fight in the last 9 games. What Celtic players would you want in the trenches beside you? And would you want Rogers leading the regiment?

The largest shareholder and board. That’s Shankhill and Miovski both scored against us the board room and absentee landlord is where the root of the problem lies. Until that is addressed it will be rinse and repeat. A failure though he’s been Mark Lawell was always getting thrown under a bus to cover their own ar$es incompetence and negligence. They are beyond the limits of their capabilities.

03 Mar 2024 19:04:51
I meant to add,
Celtic never got a penalty against Motherwell last week, when the player handled whilst making himself bigger, with a shot that was going on target.

But Yet John Beaton reckons that’s a penalty against Iwata.

03 Mar 2024 19:17:35
I get your point JFP, but I thought the home crowd was like an extra man for them as well, so maybe should have asked the bhoys to put in an extra 20% each. In fact even the ref was like a extra man for them the day so maybe just tell th to put in an extra 30% and we walk away with the points plain and simple!

03 Mar 2024 19:22:33
The ref gave us a penalty that wasn’t a penalty and we missed it.

03 Mar 2024 19:48:14
The first goal was crucial today and Idah hit a horrendous penalty.
He didn’t show much conviction for someone who had only ever missed one penalty in his career.

Celtic have now missed 5 league penalties this season and that’s not including Palma’s second bite of the cherry against Ross County.
Celtic have also missed both penalties away to Hearts.

Celtic lost the 2011 league title because Samaras missed a penalty with only 7 minutes remaining at Ibrox.
A win would’ve put Celtic 2 points ahead, with one game in hand and only 5 games to go.

03 Mar 2024 20:05:11
Yangs foot didn't need to be that high he also wasnt getti g round cochrane and cochrane wasn't getting near the ball and would have fouled yang if he had just stood in front of him naive play from yang . whether it's dangerous violent or anything else if the hearts player done thT to yang we'd be looking for red.

03 Mar 2024 20:06:21
Buzz my friend Enrico is very well. Enrico hope you are too buzz.

Very frustrated today my friend.

03 Mar 2024 22:02:41
Hi Buzz hope you are well. Palma also got a second bite against Motherwell.

03 Mar 2024 22:33:10
I hope you’re also keeping well oldkilly.

Turnbull showed Abada how it’s done but we still dropped points. ?‍♂️

Tavernier has missed 2 league penalties this season and in both matches, he also got 2nd bites.

03 Mar 2024 23:40:32
Call us paranoid but I said in work Friday they will be using VAR to find any old excuse to give a penalty and a red card against us. Especially after they lost on Saturday. And no surprises that's exactly what happened. We need to be better to not allow officials to influence games. Hopefully Calmac is back next game and we continue where we left off against Dundee but the biggest loss will be Yang banned for 3 games (I believe for violent conduct/ dangerous tackles) which is an absolute joke. I hope Celtic will be appealing that red.



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