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25 Feb 2024 10:05:29
honestly man the amount a stuff iv been seeing is unreal. 5 points behind with a game in hand and its meltdown. listen its not ideal.

so basically if there is a title challenge its unacceptable as the league should just be won at a canter every season. every time the sevies challenge the manager should be sacked

i agree more should have been done in January but it is what it is

seen that mob win titles and trebles before just like they have with us and that's the way it will always be we win it they win it

people declaring the league over now is a joke because there is a challenge there.

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25 Feb 2024 10:39:12
This year should have been a canter if our board were not complete weapons.

We had a 7 point lead, we were the team in form, we had 30 million to spend, we had the better squad, their club was in crisis, they had just sacked their manager and their fans wee turning on them.

Instead of keeping doing what we were doing, we decided to hamstring our manager and unsettle our own players by banning the fans. The place turned into a morgue, performances suffered and we started dropping points regularly.

This allowed them to grow in confidence and catch up to us.

We then beat them after Xmas to give us some breathing space and bring some positivity back. However instead of building on that and getting players in, our board failed once again to sort out the problem areas of our team. By the time it got to the end of the transfer window, most of our fans were disgusted and raging at the club, which allowed all the negativity to come back and we are now seeing it snowball.

25 Feb 2024 11:05:20
who says we had 30 million to spend joe. listen i agree more should have been done in january but it wasn't we go with what we have if there's a title challenge then send it on iv seen many before. fans that are shouting the league is over is embarrassing.

to be honest a lot of the negativity is caused by the fans who just like it easy and expect to be 10 to 15 point clear every season and don't like a challenge.

soon as the sevies challenge its sack the board sack the manager. there was even shouts to sack rodgers when we were at the top a few points clear and tbh rodgers done better in the champions league this season than ange and that's points and performance wise to.

25 Feb 2024 11:13:52
Our annual accounts said we had Around 30 million to spend if we wanted to.

We had spent around 20 million in the first 6 months of the season and had over 67 million in the bank. By my estimation, based on previous years accounts, new would have need about 35 million to see the season out. nthis means we had over 30 million left to spend.

I follow the Celtic accounts closely and have been studying them for over 15 years and can confidently say, our club has never been this rich.

I Commend The board for doing such an excellent job with the finances. However, it is pointless having the money if you don't invest in the team.

25 Feb 2024 11:27:45
Might have done better by in Champions League but I feel he has continually put our team down publicly realistic or not. The loss of form is alarming and there does seem to have been a snowball effect. Maybe it was going out of Europe, maybe it's because of lack of transfers, maybe it's because the players struggle with BRs style so many maybe and plenty more. I hope we regain form and win the league however recent history would dictate this current team won't on historical form. This is before we find out about the split and home and away ties etc. I'm expecting a tough run in and hope we are in contention but feel the team seem to lack fight at the moment and are not ruthless enough. Time will tell and today needs to be the start of we could be on the end of a reverse treble.

25 Feb 2024 11:29:17
i understand what you saying mate. but the negativity some fans cause is unreal mate.

its like cause there's a title challenge its time for a meltdown they don't want a challenge they just want to cruise it every year and laugh at rangers. the way the go on its actual giving that mob a laugh. for me its embrace the challenge its still in our hands and do the protesting to the board at the end of the season.

25 Feb 2024 11:57:41
I agree with much of what you say but sadly neither you or me can control fans reactions.

I am just a grown up ned from springburn and I could see the writing on the wall when we banned the fans and then failed miserably in January transfer window. You didn't have to be an oracle to predict what would happen or how fans would react.

Therefore, if I could see what would happen, you can bet the board knew as well. Which raises the question why did they do what they done, knowing what would happen?

25 Feb 2024 12:27:28
I agree UI. Some Celtic supporters are spoilt. Clear and simple.



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