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22 Feb 2024 10:59:04
Hypothetical but is it just me or does anyone else think someone is playing games at Celtic AND I am not talking about football. The more I think about it to me it looks like someone is trying to make some other person out to be foolish and no good whether its someone on the board trying to make Rodgers to look bad or Rodgers trying to make someone or some people on the board to look bad but the football side is suffering badly from it. The recruitment from when BR has came in is baffling to say the least why? BR said at a press conference that sometimes the club have to be brave when it comes to recruitment why did he say that? To me it sounded like we could have got X, Y, Z players in by spending a little more I could be wrong But that was my take on it. So if that is the case who is blocking the moves?

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22 Feb 2024 12:16:49
Not saying BR is blameless in all this, but there's only one name that always crops up whenever low-balling or penny-pinching has been involved at Celtic in proposed transfer business. No matter his role.

22 Feb 2024 13:00:26
I don't really see it Tony. The reason being, our club love nothing more than raking in money. Next season's CL is the most lucrative ever so would they deliberately put that in jeopardy to spite a manager they don't like? Alternatively, we all know BR has an ego. Is he going to risk looking incompetent (which he will if we don't win this league) ? I don't think the lack of bravery/ spending is specific to BR, it's been par for the course for many years.

22 Feb 2024 13:21:49
Love to be a fly on the wall at these board meetings, just to hear how they are planning to scam us out of more money.
M Nicholson £711.000 a year and goes into hiding when the club and supporters are looking for some leadership.
Probably ask the lawells to hide fir a season or two then come back when things quieting down.

22 Feb 2024 13:41:48
Its been said to death but PL in his role should be nowhere near transfers. on the other hand if he's advising his boy to make low ball offers for players and we're missing out he should be out the door immediately.

22 Feb 2024 13:45:13
I don’t think WE’RE ALL IN,
Will work again for next season.

Celtic had WE NEVER STOP,
For 2 seasons with Ange and our club sold thousands of T-shirts with that slogan.

Maybe “Conned By The Celtic Board” would sell more T-shirts.
Add to the £100 Million already in the Bank.

22 Feb 2024 14:32:56
He’s still the chairman of the board. He could have a hand in potential options and have influence over the other board members. They will listen to him.

22 Feb 2024 16:50:19
Who ever it is or what ever it There does seem to be something rotten going on behind the scenes and if DD doesn't do anything about it he should walk away from the club himself because it does seem to be clear that something is going on and it's nothing good.

22 Feb 2024 18:30:42
Think the ones conned the most were the Board, when they thought they were getting a good manager in Brendan, I wrote a post back in August after the Kilmarnock game, on the discussion pages, it's still there, Brendan has to prove now that he is a good manager, the players are good enough, I believe that, but they have to be managed, and up to now Brendan hasn't been doing that.



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