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19 Feb 2024 07:38:31
I feel like I'm one of the few thinking this way. But with 12 games to go two derbys and only 2 points in it the league is far from over. The players and fans need a reaction but no one more so that Brendan, who's job and reputation will be on the line.

I think we have the players, but we need the attitude, determination and performance to deliver those results. I think we'll have enough in it to get back on top. We've won 13/15 of the last games, beating the likes of Feyenoord and rangers on that time. We've had 2 draws. The performance hasn't been great, but sometimes it's about getting over the finish line.

Rangers have won 14/15 with a loss to US. The gap wasn't including their games in hand. The league is closer, but it's not like we've dropped 20 points behind.

The criticism to us is media driven and we need to get behind the team.

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19 Feb 2024 08:46:27
The problem is we can't win 2-3 games in a row and are not scoring enough goals; so it's hard to believe everything will just sort itself out immediately. I believe they will drop points, but we can't afford to drop many more and every team (bar Alloa) have been very hard to beat since the winter break.
I'm also concerned that since the manager's 'Angriest he's ever been' reaction some weeks ago, it hasn't seemed to have any effect or impact on the team's performances and football played.

19 Feb 2024 09:09:20
I don't think we do have the players personally. there's not one of they wingers you can hang your hat on the midfield has struggled all season. maybe if hatate and ccv came back and played every game until the end of the season we might have a chance. but it's a maybe.

19 Feb 2024 09:13:12
Our concerns aren’t about a couple of dropped points, they are about a systematic failure to address problems in any sort of timely manner when they are glaringly obvious. Something is seriously amiss with the people running this club. On the playing side, someone mentioned playing without wingers, that’s becoming a more appealing idea. Flood the midfield and allow the fullbacks to bomb forward because Taylor and Ralston offer more than any of the so called wingers that we keep trying and failing with.

19 Feb 2024 10:10:43
In the season Rangers won 9 in a row, they did the whitewash over Celtic by winning all 4 league games, for the only time ever.
They took 12 points off Celtic but only won the league by 5 points.

Celtic took 7 points more off the other 10 clubs in the league but still finished 2nd.

Currently Sevco have taken 8 points more off the other 10 clubs in the league this season.
But Celtic can still continue to win the Derby matches.

19 Feb 2024 10:19:05
5leafclover my friend Enrico agrees with you.

Too many of our guys have or giving up. This is not so good you know.

The media are getting into some peoples heads. Enrico sure we will beat sevco again.

Some results have been poor guys but this can be turned around we have a lot of time and games to play.

19 Feb 2024 10:27:26
5leafclover, to suggest the criticism on us is media driven for me is absolute nonsense. Of course the media ramp these scenarios up, but give the fans some credit, we can see what's happening in front of us, I for one certainly don't need the media to tell me the results are poor, performances worse and that we've a board IMO this season have let the fans and manager down massively. of course when things aren't going great at any club the manager is the first to have his head on the chopping block, but for me our board are getting away with absolute murder.

19 Feb 2024 13:16:34
The way our club is run the board will always get away with it.

But the comment is that the results are actually not in general poor. A win 1-0 or 5-0 is a win. It's the performance that has been the let down. Its a combination of the personal on the pitch some of those players are p*sh. I think scales can defend but he can't pass, or run with the ball. In fact had we had a better centre back he'd of been gone. Welsh lacks game time and at the moment we don't have the benefit of time. Ralston isn't genuinely good enough for our first team. Taylor and CCV are only one capable and at that Taylor would be the standard for the bench or rotational games. Midfield other than calmac and O'Reilly and hatate. The rest haven't proved to be of the standard. We don't have players to fit in there if ones injured. Upfront wingers have lost the ability to go past a man. Kyogo has been killed with BR approach play. Either tactics change to benefit the players or he replaces the players with the quality for his system. Something needs to change BR needs to take that responsibility.

19 Feb 2024 13:49:30
5 leaf clover . Thank God at least you and Enrico have a football brain . The negatives on after Saturday’s disappointment are well over the top . Some seem to use extracts they picked from a on - line Management Course . In any event they are gullible enough to swallow the SMSM pro -Sevco propaganda. For only 2 nd year in 13 yrs the Sports journalists are in a position to help Sevco to tittle and they will do their very best .
With the absolute full backing of Ibrox support, when they smell victory, the SMSM and refs and VAR, they are not lacking in support . Compare the Sevco backers to Celtic support some who are unhappy because we have only been top of table for 2 SPL seasons and winning 11/ 12 SPL titles and they are grumbling and moaning and thinking Celtic should be ashamed to charge for season books. If we all want to win SPL, we all need to do our bit to create a positive attitude around club, that players love to play for us and fans are excited to watch them play.

21 Feb 2024 17:23:56
We are not playing well just now . That isn’t surprising we have played 24 matches and are just 2 points off the lead . This isn’t unsurmountable and if we play as well as we know Celtic can, even with ref’s and VAR affecting the way we tackle and play, there is no reason why we can’t return to top place and win SPL .
Of course it will help if supporters encourage our players to play with as much confidence as possible.



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