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08 Feb 2024 16:45:35
I've been critical of Brendan recently but he has the experience to turn this around because he's done it before.

It the start of Brendan's 3rd season at Celtic, we were really struggling to create chances because teams knew how we would be setting up.

Celtic went through a period of 6 league games and we only scored 4 goals and that was unexpected from the Double Treble winners.

Then I can remember Broony was out suspended or injured and Brendan tweaked his formation slightly and we were a different team altogether.

Brendan started playing a 4-1-4-1 with Calmac in the holding role himself.
He had Rogic and Christie in front of Calmac with Sinclair and Forrest on each side.

It helped kick start our season and we continued to create chances when Broony came back in.
After that slight change,
Celtic scored 20 league goals in our next 4 league games.

I think Brendan needs a similar bit of inspiration, to get our form of Christmas and New Year back because that form is good enough to win us the league.

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08 Feb 2024 17:11:16
I hope you're right Buzz; but I think we had a better man for man squad back then.

08 Feb 2024 17:36:21
Didn't want him back for the obvious reason but like all players and managers they have a sell by date and I think he went into his last season its showing now.

08 Feb 2024 19:25:56
Managers should last well into their middle 50’s at least . Isn’t BR only 50 . Ange is 59 and Aberdeen is taking a chance on a complete novice 75 yr old

I think BR has plenty of success left in him yet .
Yes Buzz bomb says our December form will certainly win the SPL .
My biggest worry is our current form could easily see us falling points behind Rangers2012, their supporting cast referees and VAR operators would make it very hard to pull back these points.

08 Feb 2024 20:00:53
Sorry buzz. The mans a fraud. He either has spat the dummy over transfers or can't man manage the players. Iv seen more passion in a day time tv sex scene. He looks like he can't be arsed and only either throws the team under the bus or makes clever snarky remarks. The team look completely lost.

08 Feb 2024 20:58:09
Not an age thing cc its an ability to do the job as he/ they once could.

09 Feb 2024 00:29:40
Deep river bhoy, I can’t believe he has lost his ability so early in life.
People are expressing their view about him with hindsight . When Celtic were negotiating him to rejoin us, it was almost universally agreed that he was a top manager for us . To give some fans their dues they didn’t want. him back because of the way he left us .
I am certain he will have the team on a successful run of form and results, but whether he can get that run started quick enough is another matter .
We can’t expect youngsters like Kelly or even Vata to come into a team that is out of form, all over pitch and these inexperienced youngsters to turn team round.

09 Feb 2024 09:12:16
Warnock is a complete novice?

09 Feb 2024 09:23:40
It's not an age thing physically, it's a mental thing, people get set in their ways, they can't accept new ideas, new ways of doing things, football is simple game, the point of the game is to score more goals than your opponents, Brendan's is like the greatest manager we ever had, he follows the coaching manual, our greatest manager could recite 'Football for dummies' off by heart, and Brendan our greatest manager, forgot that the point of the game is to get up the field and score goals, it is not about keeping possession, Brendan is now fast becoming the second greatest manager we ever had.

09 Feb 2024 14:04:01
Dc7591 . Did u ever hear of cynicism?

Aindoh, Always a good judge of anyone involved in football
I was delighted to read that you consider BR to be the 2nd greatest manager we ever had . That leave quite a few well thought of managers trailing in his wake .
Let us back Brendan so that maybe we can push him up to top position in Aindoh ‘s list.

09 Feb 2024 16:45:46
Yes cc, have you?



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