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02 Feb 2024 11:00:44
Aberdeen have confirmed a new manager won't be in place for the visit of Celtic.
A couple of their coaches will take their team tomorrow.

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02 Feb 2024 11:08:35

Letting Turnbull go for £2m with Motherwell due a cut with Hatata injured was another act of insanity by the club.

As was pulling the plug on Lagerbielke move to Lecce.

Thats before we discuss Idah brought in on a loan with no option to buy?

It was notable Brendan Rodgers made no comment on his signing as he did with Khun.

As I said yesterday I’d rather have let Turnbull go for nothing in the summer with £40 million prize Turnbull was at least a known quantity and the midfielder for all his failings able to grab a goal against the two banks of 5 we play against every week. Does he not have 7 goals? We could be looking for them in the second half of the season.

You couldn’t write this we have managed to plumb new depths.

Yet the board apologists continue to defend the unacceptable and promulgate the difficult to get quality January window narrative.

Whose fault is it we got to the January window needing a left back with one striker with our options in Oh and Maeda through the middle at Asian Cup?

Whose fault is it we bought nine players in the summer most of whom are either on loan or heading out the door? If it’s not Mark Lawell’s fault whose is it?

Two years and four failed windows sack him and get his da to run him and go with him.

Whether Peter Lawell has authority or not the CEO was his number two and his laddie is head of recruitment. The negativity the man’s return has generated is reason enough for him to be hunted he brings nothing positive to the party.

We’ve given the Ragers a lift when we’d a chance to stand on their neck in the last two windows. I don’t know how many contacts I’ve got that are Celtic season ticket holders and I’ve not received one text surprised at the boards lack of signing activity this morning. I’ve been saying for weeks I was expecting nothing based of the board’s previous performance and wasn’t dissapointed.

I saw a few posts late last night hoping the club would pull a couple of Rabbits out the hat. There were no rabbits and there is no hat and even if there were both Mark Lawell couldn’t pull one out the other.

If nothing changes nothing changes.

On another note Buzz.

That was a lovely story about you and your better half having been baptised on the same day in the same parish and written in the same book of life together and mentioned in the parish bulletin.

02 Feb 2024 11:27:31
And do we honestly feel sevco have improved during this transfer window? Long term injuries for them aswell as players reaching the end of their contracts and not being offered new ones… the players just weren’t available for whatever reason in this window … im quite relaxed we will still win the league.

02 Feb 2024 11:35:42
Big P

Even if we win the league the structural problems remain and shouldn’t be forgotten.

02 Feb 2024 11:46:26
Mark Lawell, couldn't find his arse with both hands.

02 Feb 2024 12:16:45
Thanks JFP,
And I agree with everything you wrote. ?.

02 Feb 2024 12:34:30
If Celtic still win the league.

I know this site is all about opinions but surely the majority of our fans can’t be criticised now, for having a moan about our Board.

I reckon the complacency of our Board this season is Unforgivable with the prize that is still on offer.

Win or Lose
We want answers and hopefully changes but I don’t think now is the right time to express our disgust.
The players we have available must come first and hopefully we can cheer them, on to more success.
I’m sure the Celtic Board will at some stage, see the anger of our supporters.

02 Feb 2024 14:39:01
I don’t like disagreeing with any fellow Celt, unless there is good reason .
JFP1888 makes many good points in his lengthly dispatch, Thank God u refrained from Poetry . Most Celtic fans who post on here have repeated almost daily that DT should never play for Celtic again. I use to doubt that but from what I have seen recently, I have to agree . Low and behold u are now saying selling Turnbull for £2, was an example of insanity . You state his 7 goals, but to my mind they were ages ago early in season and he was becoming more and more peripheral every time he appeared .
Pardon me for suggesting, but I am pretty certain M L has not and never had the final say in who is signed by club . He is responsible for supervising recruitment team in selecting a list of players who have ability and skill to play at standard required to satisfy our manager . BR said he was taking responsibility this and subsequent windows by indicating he would have final say . We haven’t been told to the best of my knowledge who had it before, but it would be daft to give that responsibility to an ex tea- boy . Giving that to ML would have been an unprecedented move which I think be beyond what many think is a very Conservative Board
The rest of your post is very plausible and I see no reason to disagree, the best thing I think for those who are vehemently opposed to Board, is to take steps to let Board know how disgruntled you really are with them . I would ask to do so not before or during match time, not that I think our team deserve to be wrapped in cotton wool but because, we still have league to win. Anyone with any personal links to Board should let them know their inability to do job in eyes of many supporters.

02 Feb 2024 14:39:49
Buzz bomb, I agree with everything you say.

02 Feb 2024 15:25:09
Celtic Calling

I’d high hopes for David Turbull but unfortunately it’s never quite happened for him at Celtic he’s an enigma.

I would normally agree and happily sold him but with another disastrous transfer window and taking account of injuries notably Hatata who looks like l he’s finished for the season I’d have retained his services to the summer and absorbed the loss.

I think the goals in him particularly against packed defences when we just about couldn’t buy a goal in the last game and on other occasions this season just having him available would have been more beneficial than another £2m in the coffers to which Motherwell are entitled to a share.

It was a minor point given orhers had suggested like your good self CC that it was good business I just happen to respectfully disagree.

The main thrust of my post was the shambles that is our recruitment - the failure that is our board - and the unforgivable disgrace that transfer window was on so many levels none more so than Lagerbielke who’s been shamefully treated and bringing in a striker without an option to buy before we even discuss his quality and no left back.



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