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17 Jan 2024 16:46:37
C'Mon Celtic, we are still waiting for a left back, GK and striker.

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17 Jan 2024 17:27:27
If only 1 more coming in mate wer is your priority and who, mine is CF and a think it b Big Pierre bhoy.

17 Jan 2024 18:09:52
I would like a striker the most but would pick a left back as I think we will struggle if Taylor gets injured.

17 Jan 2024 18:38:05
Agreed Troy, if only one other incoming I'd opt for a powerful CF who can score with head and feet. If we can keep sticking it in the net we will win nearly all our remaining games.
No goals means no wins, I always feel that we can score more than we concede.

17 Jan 2024 19:15:16
A striker a target man that can hold the ball up is an absolute must for me I’m feckn fed up listening to myself I genuinely can’t believe since last summer with Asian cup and Kyogo’s shoulder injury longer foretold than the nativity we’re still waiting with two weeks of the January transfer window remaining.

Joe Hart and Greg Taylor aren’t going to cost us the league.

Rocco Vata to Bologna plus cash for big Sydney son of Pierre sounds a plan to me that would appeal to our board.

17 Jan 2024 20:30:50
Just reading that we might not be making anymore signings and are looking at loans.

If this is true it has the stench of Peter Lawwell all over it. While he may not be making the decision, it looks like he has the boards ear.

17 Jan 2024 20:46:16
100% agree. Striker is a priority.

17 Jan 2024 20:53:04
Little Joseph

Have you ever thought of motivational speaking?

17 Jan 2024 21:03:04
I read that we were looking to buy but we might have to take a loan .
Obviously buying would be preferable but as the aim is to make sure we win league and we must strengthen even if is a loan.

17 Jan 2024 21:08:58
January is and always was a difficult time to sign anyone. Teams are reluctant to sell their players halfway through their season and why should they when a lot of them have something to play for.

17 Jan 2024 21:35:03
Celtic Calling

We don’t agree on very much and in fact usually little or maybes nearer nothing but you’re 100% bang on the immediate objective is to win the league to ensure qualification for expanded champions league and associated £60M prize.

If that’s a loan signing it’s a loan signing though not my preference and if it’s a signing with no future sell on then fair doos we just need to do what we need to do to win the next 16 games and the league if need be abandon our long term planning strategy.

17 Jan 2024 21:38:54
100% agree JFP ?

☘️ ? ☘️.

17 Jan 2024 21:42:25
If the players BR wants are not available this window then i'd be delighted with a couple of loans for the first team.

17 Jan 2024 22:25:13
Pal just txt saying he seen on X (ano ano) that BR thinking of Jamie Vardy for 6 months?‍♂️.

17 Jan 2024 22:37:14
If we only sign Kuhn, and start looking at loans it’s trrrible planning. We had a poor summer window, the manager was obviously underwhelmed by it . When questioned, he explained he wanted 3/ 4 quality players in, and loads of work had been done prior to the window.

We have heard this story so many times before, poor summer window, we just missed out and we will look to the winter window, when that comes around, oh the winter transfer window is really hard to get clubs to sell. It’s like Groundhog Day sometimes .

We should be buying now and bedding them in for the upcoming season so players can hit the ground running. It wouldn’t surprise me if we sold ccv with a day or two to go and then scramble around and say it was too late to replace him. More money in the bank. We shouldn’t be gambling this leagues outcome whilst there is cash riches in the bank.

17 Jan 2024 23:40:22
That bank money will get taxed if we don't spend it.

@jfp - I hadn't considered it, do you think I have the credentials for it? ?.

18 Jan 2024 00:23:14
Fair play to you JFP . We are both Celtic supporters and both human which means neither are always wrong or always right.

18 Jan 2024 14:59:32
No one has said we are after loans, what has been said is that IF we cannot get the players we want signed in this window, and that can happen for many reasons, then we will loan and try and buy in the summer.

This is the same as every other team on the planet in this window. Our board are not being cloak and dagger or keeping the money in the bank but being realistic.



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