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29 Nov 2023 16:59:52
Celtic need to get rid of half the players on their books this window. And bring in atleast 3 first team ready players minimum a new GK A left back and a striker no more projects until we have the first team sorted out. In Europe it's clear the ( business model) does not work. Clearing out 50% of the squad would cover the first team ready players I am not bothered if the first team player is free or £10 million as long as they are ready and improvements on the players in the positions. Loads of money isn't going to improve the team only players do that. Sorry for the rant.

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29 Nov 2023 17:35:14
The Boards (aka Pedro) business model is buy projects cheaply in the hope one or two turn into £20m players to sell on
Would it surprise you all to learn that Lawwell gets an annual "loyalty"bonus of £2m plus as long as club make a profit.
Him and Board are content just to finish above Sevco thus qualifying each year for CL thus boosting their coffers, they have no ambitions to do anything in europe.

29 Nov 2023 17:35:25
Who would you get rid off . people are on long contacts just half a season in Look at mcarthy . that isn't going to happen . Hart will leave in summer and possibly turnbull . m johnstone and forrest may be let go. kyogo hatate johnstone maeda might be bought . but getting rid of 50% isn't a possibility. anyways if we got rid odf 10 players the board would bring in 20 projects.

29 Nov 2023 18:32:32
Someone said we have as much as 42 players on our books that is far to much even 32 is to much more so if they aren't contributing to the first team So yeah if need bbelt them go on a free save money in the long term.

29 Nov 2023 19:00:04
We desperately need quality but I wouldn’t trust Mark Lawwell with any more cash.

29 Nov 2023 19:17:24
Tony, the problem facing every club every window is keeping the players they want, but far harder is getting rid of the players club doesn’t want . If Celtic don’t want a player, no other club will want to pay the wages Celtic pay if he isn’t good enough.
Celtic definitely have too many first team players, meaning they have too many players for certain positions and often Board will insist players for a particular position must be moved on before new player is allowed in.

29 Nov 2023 19:51:54
100% Buzz.

Everybody rolls out Mark Lawell’s city group connections he wasn’t head of recruitment.

If it was my £30 million he wouldn’t be getting it in January given his track record in the last two or three windows.

The Spurs manager didn’t recruit everybody as Ed said but he’d a black book of affordable talent and an insight into an affordable market Brendan Rodgers doesn’t have.

We’re not in a great place for me and before anybody asks ma pants aren’t wet I can just see the limitations of bang average accountants and lawyers who aren’t football men or entrepreneurs but are making a tidy living thanks to me and thousands like me. We have £72 million in the coffers thanks to us not them or anything they’ve done. I genuinely think we’re at a pinch crunch moment as a club stick or twist.

I wouldn’t be hoping for miracles in the January transfer window Peter and the board think we’re doing just dandy thank you very much despite being the whipping bhoys of Europe.

They’re content we’re ahead of the Ragers at the top of the table.

At the moment for now anyway.

29 Nov 2023 22:05:03
I think the main problem is the manager, when Brendan was here before, he left at the first opportunity, because his whatchacall was on the wand, we might have a team of invincibles, but we were the usual in Europe, the only place yo test ourselves is in Europe, and in Europe, time and time again, Brendan has shown he is not up to the job, he is beginning to found like previous Scotland managers, rattling out excuses, like WGS find when he said Scottish players just weren't tall enough or Graig brown saying he didn't have good enough players go choose from, this is more or less the same team as Ange's, the only difference is Brendan doesn't know how to manage like Ange did.

30 Nov 2023 07:34:57
Aindoh, how many points did Ange win us in Europe again, you obviously don’t like Roger’s, and while the football is a slower build up under Roger’s I can’t blame this one on him. We can’t say we are the same team as last year as we lost jota, mooy starfelt so 3 first team players and if you include jovanavic into that as well that’s four players whom weren’t replaced with as much quality, let alone an improvement of quality. There was heightened excitement at the start of the season that we were going to go to the next tier of spending, pretty much what most fans on here wanted, like 3 players for 8 million not 8 players for 3 million.
We are overloaded with average players including ones like ralston forrest McCarthy who have all been given contracts they would not get anywhere else, so why would they leave. Our hit rate on transfers is still really poor, whilst the board exclaim we do well on our model, in reality we waste loads and tend to have an odd hit. To be fair I put this blame squarely at the board and mark lawell. But in fairness we don’t know what remit mark lawell has regarding transfers, is he told by the board to bring in projects and 3-4 million pound players. I wouldn’t say Ange or Roger’s would want that to be the transfer model if they completely had their way.

30 Nov 2023 17:26:55
The biggest problem Celtic had in the summer transfer window was the change of manager . No matter how Celtic tried to cover up, nothing can cause as much problem as change of manager . I am convinced that the Celtic recruitment team was allowed to buy what is now termed “ project players “ as they are not really bought with a particular manager in mind .
Manager specific player, for example in Celtic’s case, one manager specific position could be goalkeeper. Recruitment team couldn’t start process until BR clarified he wanted keeper and then described type of keeper, good going for crosses, or good staying on line. Many other features new manager may require and recruitment team, may not get goalie specific within Celtic ‘s price range and rather than add to over crowded first team squad, didn’t buy any .
Of course it’s soft and stupid to not blame PL, DD and everyone else on the Board and maybe often it is Board’s fault but not always. Blaming the Board for all wrongs in Nov ‘23 won’t change the fact that they will still be there, probably every single one of them in Nov’24.



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