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26 Nov 2023 22:05:47
When there's a better atmosphere OUTSIDE the ground than inside the ground,
We have a massive problem.

The old dinosaur supporters need to forget the "Old Jungle" because that held 9,000 strong hold crazy Celtic fans but that's sadly long gone ( Timalloy )

United Ireland I'm sorry comrade but I agree with Weejoe.

Celtic Park has changed since pre 2006 and these Ultras are the modern supporters.

The Green Brigade and The Bhoys,
Are not your usual Celtic Supporters because these guys I believe ARE Celtic.

We always say that the Celtic fans are the club because I've heard that all my Celtic life.

These Ultras have Green in their blood and live every day for the club they love.

There's thousands and millions of ordinary Celtic fans

These Ultra fans are Special Celtic fans and it's absolutely shocking that these amazing Celtic Supporters are being deprived from entertaining 60,000 other Celtic fans and most importantly the current Celtic players.

God Bless The Green Brigade and well done The Bhoys for backing your fellow Celtic Ultras. ?.

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26 Nov 2023 23:00:18
Na they are not special. They are great at creating atmosphere and getting the club fines. Great at embarrassing the majority of fans. 'Modern fans' as you call them need to realise there is a line. Leave being an embarrassment to the Sevco fans.

26 Nov 2023 23:22:57
I'm proud to stand with them.

Feck the torries.

Feck the poppy.

Free Palestine.

Feck UEFA.

Feck the SFA.

Feck the board.

Feck fascism.

26 Nov 2023 23:44:19
I love your passion for Celtic, like myself.

The Celtic Ultras went to Bilbao representing our club in 2011 to help open their Stadium.
Since then,
Both clubs have shown great respect since, especially concerning Billy McNeill being a one man club.

I’ve heard it all my life that it doesn’t matter where you go because Celtic fans will be there.

Currently those Celtic Fans are your Green Brigade and The Bhoys.

27 Nov 2023 07:46:23
Buzz, I agree with a lot of what you post and most is great but to suggest the older support who remember the jungle and supporting the team abroad are wrong because we don't agree with what the ultras do is distespectful to 90% of our supporters who are not ultras.

They may not create the atmosphere and they don't use piros, they don't use tifos which at times are offensive to other people.

When they do this, they completely remove what this club stands for, a club for all, only as long as they support their politics.

We can all hate the tories and many other things but we don't need to publicise it during a sporting event which results in fines for the club, they claim to love.

Sorry mate, on this I cannot agree. No celtic supporter is better, or has the right to believe they are better, have more rights, than any other.

27 Nov 2023 09:17:10
With our inconsistent performances injury problems, form lapses and outside influences, we really don't need tension and disruption within our own club and grown-ups need to act grown up to resolve this as the only benefactors are everyone opposed to Celtic FC.

27 Nov 2023 09:25:20
I can remember well going to the "old" Parkhead and also remember going to my first game at the "new" Parkhead. The atmosphere in the old stadium outdid that of the new. I used to sit in the old main stand and could hear and feel the electricity that the fans generated. In the new main stand stadium all I could feel was the electricity and atmosphere from the few seats and rows around me. It may have been the same with "the old dinosaur supporters" in here.

27 Nov 2023 10:04:57
Mentioned before, GB aren’t getting back in on their own terms, so if they love Celtic so much, the choice is theirs to make. There’s not a second option.

27 Nov 2023 15:28:09
The board will be gone before the green brigade.

27 Nov 2023 15:29:35
What about just supporting the team and leave everything else outside. we're better together and this nonsense is hurting the club. we are all entitled to opinions. but when I go to a game iam not there to shout about politics iam there to see my team.

27 Nov 2023 16:22:48
Weejoe we get it, you are a GB fanboy but do you have to mention them in every post, it's alittle tiring. If they let them back in, how long do you think it will be before they do something stupid and get thrown our permanently. The board should just give them a set of rules and let them back in. What's the old saying give them enough rope and they will hang themselves.

27 Nov 2023 17:32:05
I don't have strong feelings for them. I just don't like how the board have attacked them and made up lies to try and turn people against them.

When it comes to taking sides, I will always back fans before the board.

27 Nov 2023 19:14:49
Weejoe, honesty, the Board are not going anywhere. We have to get GB back doing what they do well, singing and creating an atmosphere within the stadium. There is a reason why the Board said they were banned.

This reason didn’t come from the Board. Board are only implementing the rules of UEFA and probably Glasgow City Council. We can tell these bodies to F off for as long and as often as we like, but there is a better chance of VAR and ref not giving Sevco a pen to win a point (points) than UEFA and Council giving way to Celtic.

We have to get Board and GB talking and hope they have enough sense between them. We can’t be handing any advantage to our rivals, who already have more than they should.

27 Nov 2023 20:00:40
So what are the “lies” the board have made up and what exactly have the board got to gain from having a section of the ground empty? Like it or not, the people in charge of Celtic will have this forced upon them by external bodies if they don’t control the crowd! Personally I’m more concerned with the board doing something about VAR, corrupt officials and a governing body who’s only reason for being is to assist the orcs.

27 Nov 2023 21:50:15
Right after the board banned the green brigade they put a story in the paper that our stadium was at risk of closure because of the actions of the green brigade.

However, Glasgow council admitted that this was not true. The board also hinted that UEFA were planning on closing the stadium, which again is untrue.

The purpose of both stories, is to get other fans to turn against them.

That being said, anyone with half a brain knows the boards agenda on this matter.

27 Nov 2023 22:15:51
Well we know the use of pyro is an against the law and is a safety concern for footballing authorities. But again, what has Celtic to gain from excluding fans and having part of stadium empty on match days?

28 Nov 2023 06:31:33
Chas you are right, Celtic have nothing to gain.

However, you are asking the wrong question. You should have asked, what do the board and Lawwell have to gain. The answer is revenge. Remember the green brigade campaign to get the board removed and how they managed to get Lawwell removed during C.V.? Do you think that someone with lawwells ego has forgotten that?

What we are witnessing is pay back.



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