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26 Nov 2023 02:36:28
I think talk of us losing the league based on certain results are very premature although crazier things have happened. We have no Devine right to win every game or every competition but when we spend x amount more than the competition we are rightly expected to do better than we have been domesticly.
A shocking bad summer transfer window and in fighting between fan groups and the Tories running our club, I'm just wondering what will become of Desmond family and his cronies if another poor transfer window and throwing the title away to them happens. Will fans take to protests for major changes at the top? Hit them where it hurts and not renew ST. Short term pain for long term gain. I know his son says they will never sell in their lifetime, I can't say I'm overly chuffed tbh. Their lack of ambition and principles is sickening. Only for oldco dying and their reincarnation being so shi*e I think fans may have turned on them long ago.

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26 Nov 2023 07:36:36
It wasn't a bad transfer window just tbe wrong one . we needed quality and experience first then this window backfill with prospects.

26 Nov 2023 09:47:32
Derrytim, in my opinion we will lose the league this season if we don't get the green brigade back in the stadium.

Games like yesterday needed the fans to lift the team and drive them on and there will be more days like that.

By not having them in the stadium is hurting our team. I'm sure if you asked the players they would tell you the same thing.

You can bet the Sevco fans are rubbing their hands with glee as this trundles on.

26 Nov 2023 11:22:25
joe what about all the other season we were winning before the green brigade was formed. celtic park was a fortress and rocking long before the green brigade.

26 Nov 2023 12:25:45
Being of an older vintage, I am well aware of that.

However, there are many factors that have changed football since then.

1. Football has always been the working man's sport. However, with the ever increasing cost of football, the sport is becoming sanitised. The old breed of fan is being replaced with over sensitive middle class fans and wealthy day trippers, who don't contribute to the atmosphere as they are too busy filming and taking selfies.

2. As the years go on people who were once beside their friends and family, find themselves scattered around the stadium. This makes it much harder to start songs, as the people around you don't join in like they used to.

3. With the gap between rich and poor widening, we can no longer shop for expensive players, which has reduced the product on the park.

26 Nov 2023 14:26:22
Also forgot that alcohol consumption before match has reduced. ?.

26 Nov 2023 15:08:12
Maybe the GB should have cut out the rubbish when they were told. This hasn’t happened over a couple of flags ( that can be seen all over the stadium) . They ain’t getting back on their own terms, so, they can either support the team or head off and start up a new political party.

26 Nov 2023 17:23:38
The board are a disgrace for causing this situation and spreading lies in the media.

Most fans I know are with the green brigade and against the board.

26 Nov 2023 17:34:05
I don’t buy the atmosphere thing. If we play like that the GB just sing the Rebs themselves. Inspiring no one. If they sang Celtic songs then fine, but they don’t do it’s just them singing about the fecundity level of sons born on the Emerald Isle. For me it’s times and games like yesterday that the team needs the support to sing, but again not Rebs as they inspire no one. I know a lot of you will support the singing of the Rebs, but to me it’s not what the team needs to get them going. Just my opinion. I do accept that playing the Rogrrs way can and dies bore the erse off everybody and the blood isn’t pumping as much as under Ange. Most of our games now are boring to watch, interspersed with good football. This passing as slow as a week in the jail plays directly into the hands of teams getting everybody behind the ball. They could crawl back and be there to stop us. It doesn’t work in this league and we have ten players to get by. Who was surprised we didn’t win the game after watching all of it? Not many. Therein lies the issue. We can see it. Rogers can’t. 90% possession isn’t enough if you do F all with the ball 85% of the time.

Let’s talk about corners and shy’s. Is there a team in world football worse at corners than us? We are utterly pathetic and it shows up two issues

1. We can’t beat the first man with a cross leading to corners.
2. Every single one we do nothing with.
3. Why can’t we take a shy within two minutes? It’s primary school level . Every single shy no one shows, the opposition get back and like corners are embarressing to watch.

Both of these issues aren’t down to Rogers. It is more we never sign players who can put pressure on at them. Even when we do get a head to it it’s always mikes over or wide. I think a bit of work on the recruitment side needs doing to sort it. Nobody in the building right now can do an effibg thing. I think we had about 14 yesterday and all they did was run down the clock. We would be better just giving them the ball for a bye kick and getting on with it.



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