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31 Oct 2023 21:54:11
The board have came out with a 6 point examples of why the GB are banned. if true it doesn't look good.

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31 Oct 2023 22:16:16
I would be amazed if taking weapons into the Stadium, in preparation to attack only 700 rival away fans was included in their 6 point examples.

The last time the Celtic Board and in particular Peter Lawwell banned the Green Brigade, we had a 0-0 draw at home to Rosenborg in a massive CL Qualifier in 2017.

Rosenborg were the better team and Celtic were fortunate to eventually Qualify with a James Forrest winner in Norway.
Celtic then beat Astana to reach the CL Group Stages but it could’ve ended differently if we lost to Rosenborg at Celtic Park.

{Ed007's Note - It started out with accusations of the Green Brigade breaking into the stadium during the Lazio game but when they realised how ridiculous that actually was they've changed it to before the match.
One good thing will come out of this, Buzz, a lot of the panty-wetters will finally realise that the standing section isn't all the Green Brigade. It's only GB members who have had their tickets suspended, the rest of the section is open as usual.}

31 Oct 2023 22:35:06
Celtic have not lost a league match at Celtic Park with the Green Brigade in Attendance since 2019.

Celtic lost a couple of league games behind closed doors to Sevco and St. Mirren.
The last being against our opponents tomorrow St. Mirren in January 2021.

I was reading reports the Glasgow Council are putting pressure on the club but I can’t help feel that Peter Lawwell is carrying out his threat, when he told the GB they were finished but then I think maybe lockdown happened.

31 Oct 2023 23:09:29
Matthew Lindsay wrote a story for The Herald about the club being put under pressure by Glasgow City Council.

Tonight a Glasgow City Councillor has branded the article rubbish.
Glasgow City Council had nothing to do with the decision by The Celtic Board to suspend the Green Brigade.

{Ed007's Note - GCC knew any FOI request would have shown the Celtic board to be liars.}

01 Nov 2023 08:12:36
When Celtic enter any competition then they agree to abide by the rules. (which includes control of attendees)
The rules might not be what we want but they are the rules.
There are punishments for breaking those rules.
(are they applied fairly and equally? another debate)

So, what did this latest action by supporters achieve?
Celtic reputation tainted (again)
Celtic financially punished.
Celtic supporters prevented from following their team.

You can argue 'till the cows come home and use other examples where many feel other clubs don't get punished etc. etc. etc.
However, we are minnows compared to other leagues and that is just fact.
So, making an example of smaller leagues teams is easy for the authorities.

(I am not a zionist etc. but I see innocents being murdered on both sides of this and I feel for them all. )

And the mess in Gaza still continues.

01 Nov 2023 08:14:08
Celtic are accusing the Green Brigade members, that they were being aggressive at Easter Road on Saturday.
I thought the GB were already banned for away games Or was their Hibs tickets already issued before their ban?

01 Nov 2023 08:18:12
Looks like the Tory dictators on the board have banned free speech? It's down to the rest of the stadium to show their continued support for the Palestinian and Irish causes.

01 Nov 2023 07:26:12
It is worrying that the board are trying to marginalise the green brigade by putting lies in the press.

I think the board are under estimating how much support they have from other fans and how much animosity we already have towards the board.

I know that none of my group of friends like the board and they are all backing the green brigade.

01 Nov 2023 11:52:32
I’ve just seen a picture taken at Celtic Park in March of this year at our midweek clash,
It shows Celtic and St. Mirren players joined around a banner for Ukraine,

Only 7 months later and our club is banning supporters from flying a National Flag. Shocking.

01 Nov 2023 14:56:16
Buzz - bomb, I don’t think it’s beyond your thinking process to think that’s it’s highly likely our Board has been put under a lot more pressure to not allow Pallistinian flag than they were, if any, the Ukrainian flag . Wasn’t the Government of Scotland and Westminster supporting Ukraine.

01 Nov 2023 17:26:04
At Celtic calling, I highly doubt Hamza Yusuf would tell Celtic not to let their fans wave Palestinian flags. If Westminster have, they can gtf as they have no jurisdiction.



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