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30 Oct 2023 16:37:43

I appreciate it's still October but if BR could get the required quality (first team ready) players to sign in January.

Which 2 or 3 positions would you prioritise?

I'm thinking LB, back up striker and possibly one other, GK?

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30 Oct 2023 17:29:22
100% a new midfielder. Out of our entire squad we have 3 midfielders we can trust. That is SHOCKING. As soon as one is injured we are weaker. Do any of us really like the thought of Turnbul in starting line up on Wed. That's what's going to happen.

30 Oct 2023 18:36:41
The transfer window was a disgrace as I’ve said for which the board should be held to account. Brendan Rodgers doesn’t even have the resources available to him that the Spurs manager did having lost Abada, Jota and Giakomakis. Brendan Rodgers is an elite coach and has worked wonders but shame on the board for asking him to retain the tithe and compete in Champions League without buying another striker which was criminal as I’ve saiid. We’re one shoulder injury to Kyogo away from not having a proven striker at the club which is disgraceful given what’s at stake with automatic qualification for champions league next year. I’d bet Maeda is nearer being the backup striker for Rodgers before Oh who I know hasn’t had a run but hasn’t cut the mustard when given the opportunity. I’d take Shankland in a swap for him and he can bring his big drum.

There is no chance this is what Brendan Rodgers signed up for and I’m not a betting man but if if I was I’d wager the manager has communicated that to the board. A striker before a goalkeeper or left back or midfielder is a must and needs to be addressed in January transfer window.

30 Oct 2023 19:18:21
I have no idea what was agreed with BR when he accepted the job to return as manager, but I'm sure he has been short changed and possibly even misled as to our transfer business, as it is abundantly clear that he has little or no faith in least seven players currently available. Why we started the season so unprepared in relation to positions that have been neglected is a big worry for all concerned. The priority for me has to be the positions where if the current player is missing, we are in trouble ie: Hart, Kyogo, Hatate, Abada and I would also like to see a quality LB and CDM.
Unfortunately, we will have to ensure we offload some players that quite frankly other teams will not be queuing up to sign.

30 Oct 2023 20:48:48
Someone says he doesn’t really like the thought of Turnbull starting on Wed, and that’s going to happen .
I don’t know who will start on Wednesday, but based on what has happened recently, I think it is unlikely as BR has opted for Bernardo twice and before that Tomori and neither are nearly as good as Hatata but both are good in their own way and I don’t think will let Celtic down.

30 Oct 2023 21:37:14
Me personally a think turnbull is good enough to start against any team in Scotland, he done well enough 1st few games of the season and a thot he was excellent in Anges 1st 6 months of the season. Europe is a different matter he def doesn’t play as well but a don’t think Calmac does either in Europe. Scales and Taylor is enough cover for Lb in my opinion but def more central midfield gk and top priority Striker.

30 Oct 2023 22:35:13
I agree Troy, it depends on the opposition.

Turnbull can be effective against mediocre opponents but he struggles to move up a level.

31 Oct 2023 07:49:09
DT struggles when teams get at him and put pressure on him. Hatate has skill to beat opponents or make space for himself, whereas Turnball hasn't. It's his ball retention that worries me, Iwata is better at that and also winning rhe ball back.

Our midfield at weekend was poor at moving ball forward quick enough. Numerous times Kyogo made runs and a pass was on, but the ball went backwards.

I have heard numerous comments about Oh compared to GG. Realistically GG would not have got a goal at weekend as we never got the ball forward into the box or up to the striker to create a chance for him.

If Ih us not rusted them we end another striker in January and definitely a LB ro provide a challenge to Taylor and nothing midfielder in the mould of Mooy, who pushed us forward and could play a pass.

31 Oct 2023 08:17:28
To be fair, so does most of the others.

31 Oct 2023 02:57:59
I think McGregor needs benched for a couple of games, he's looking a bit jaded, which is understandable with all the games he's played in recent seasons.

31 Oct 2023 10:28:25
The issue for DT is he is a number 10 and not a number 8. Our midfield is relies on 2 box to box midfielders. DT doesn’t have the defensive ability or work rate to fit into the CM position regularly. I have always liked him as a player but he doesn’t fit the system we play. I hope he goes on to have a great career as he is a talented player.

31 Oct 2023 10:31:54
although i would like a better than taylor lb i think their are more important needs for the team, scales is shown that he is a very good defender who also likes to venture bye the halfway line so he can cover at lb, we have a glut of ch's surely one of these can partner ccv, the striker is the worry as jjfp say's a sore shoulder away from using a second rate striker, midfield again we have plenty but not many standing out as real quality although i would like to see holm getting a run of games, is this injury to hatate's hamstring something he's had before or not.



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