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25 Oct 2023 20:29:40
I know there's still a long way to go in this game but Ed I've moaned many a times and you and majority defend Greg Taylor hopefully now you'll all see he is not celtic class and not just on tonight's game the game for Scotland aswell.

{Ed007's Note - I have no idea and no interest in how anyone plays for Scotland. That pass in the build up to Palma's goal was delicious right enough so I can forgive him for giving away what was a very soft penalty.
Bit sad that you're first thought when Celtic lose a penalty is to come on and dig me up but hey-ho, each to their own.}

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25 Oct 2023 21:23:25
No Ed this is just about a penalty this is about majority of the games this boy plays I'm not just saying u many a people on here slayed me for stating the obvious. I totally agree with u that was a very soft penalty and I feel he was hard done by, I was talking about the early part of this game. I pray the club get a gk and lb in as soon as.

{Ed007's Note - Taylor is more than capable domestically but I agree he sometimes struggles at European level.}

25 Oct 2023 21:26:20
Ed sorry to bother u again but quick question do u think Taylor would be better a bit more forward?

{Ed007's Note - I do in European games but as we're seeing that's means us going 3 at the back.}

25 Oct 2023 22:05:30
I just think he let's us down so often. Tonight's game was good we. need to mind what these players are worth, I think we can get a result out of feyenoord and hopefully 1 victory in Rome or Madrid but we need to take the positives out of this campaign more than others I know the results have been good but surely now the board will give BR the backing to kick us on we are playing some of the best football in a long time in my opinion, we just need to kick out the silly mistakes.

{Ed007's Note - The way we are approaching games and playing shows signs of a big improvement at this level, is it bad luck? Is it the difference between splashing money on at least 1 or 2 "next level" players?
I think Rodgers has grown as a manager at this level since his previous spell and will know exactly what he needs to move us forward, let's hope the board back him.
Once again for me, Kyogo really struggles at his level. I know he's scored a couple of goals in this campaign but he doesn't really cause the opposition the same problems he does in Scotland. I don't know how to explain it and it sounds silly but apart from his goal what did he do?
Guys like Henrik, JVoH, Hooper, LG, Sutton, Hartson etc etc all got into positions for any ball coming into the box, Kyogo just doesn't do that often enough, we're crossing the ball into areas and our striker is nowhere near them. MOR broke through tonight and laid it back - a LG or Hooper would have been right in there - and you could see his frustration.
I honestly think that Kyogo's game & goals would go to another level if we played 2 up front but I can't see that happening.}

25 Oct 2023 22:30:52
Ed007 could it be that Kyogo isn't actually a striker as such? From memory I'm quite sure he didn't play as a centre forward before he came to Scotland.

{Ed007's Note - I think he was more a LW.....

25 Oct 2023 22:50:18
Ed u hit the nail on the head I think he just lacks it at this level maybe a big target man up beside him would help but no matter who is in charge now will never really go 2 men up top, I personally don't understand this as it makes teams leave more defenders stay back, but honestly I do think we are improving with every game and hope we can kick on and turn some of these unluck stories into points, Ed don't think I was just having a go tonight mate was just frusted at GT for me the boy just isn't good enough mate but I honestly think u do u a great job on here and appreciate all u do. Hail hail.

{Ed007's Note - No worries mate and thanks ?

25 Oct 2023 22:59:12
Taylor is getting better this season and he’s finding his form we seen under Ange.
Taylor is a solid defender.

26 Oct 2023 07:47:06
He us a good player at SPL level but he leaves a lot of room behind him when he comes inside and at CL level he has and is going to get caught out and that costs us.

At SPL level we won't always get punished by against CL level opponents we will get severely punished.

26 Oct 2023 07:58:32
Yea I'm sure he was and that maybe explains why he doesn't make more of an impact at the higher level although I do agree with you when you say about 2 up top, I think he would be far better at the higher level playing off a striker that is more physical and can play with his back to the goal.

26 Oct 2023 08:07:16
I think overall we have played well in this group stages, possibly as good as we could hope for. with this group of players
Which means for me we do need to improve the first 11 with 2-3 players as that could make the difference for us, also just an odd flukey goal would be nice to maybe break our record, that the press love to wheel out.
Also griezeman was class tonight, watching him live, getting space laying passes off , changing tempo of the games was brilliant.

26 Oct 2023 06:10:19
Ed you mentioned Kyogo, I really agree, great finisher but and at times he also starts a move well but too often the move breaks down when he need to hold it or lay it out wide, i think across our front line we sometimes tried the one touch pass that wasn’t actually needed, I have no doubt that’s how there coached and what been asked to do, what a performance last night on and off the pitch, envy of Scottish football and signs of cepetency at this level, people talk about strength on bench but there plenty of strength on a brags bench, or psv, lazio, and plenty other teams in ucl, so it can be done and at our current squad costs, on last night I think if we went 3 back sooner and replaced daizen with oh regardless of his quality we would have stretched them and been more compact defensively, there defending and there managers contestant instructions last 10 mins was a lesson in managing the game,



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