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09 Oct 2023 21:25:11
Hi all hope you are well.
The statement from the club's shockingly hypocritical. Club open to all except Palestinians.
If we aren't political, then playing any Irish songs, even half way connected to any era of the Irish struggle, should be stopped. That includes wheeling people out to sing Grace before games.
The club at it's very inception struck against the political climate of the time, where it wasn't acceptable in many UK cities to be an Irish Catholic immigrant.
Even then at the birth of the club, a massive political figure in Michael Davitt was sought to legitimise the club's claim of Irish heritage.
If the club don't like support for Palestine, so be it, we can talk with our feet and our wallets.

{Ed007's Note - The UK and US said Nelson Mandela was terrorist......


As I said on another thread, Phil, the board are nothing but two-faced, hypocritical bags and their statement will upset a lot of supporters who are the polar opposite of the GB.
The Celtic fans support of the Palestinian cause isn't some new hip thing that the GB invented, it goes back years, long before most of the GB were even born so for the board to come out with that drivel will not sit well with a lot of people in the support.}

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09 Oct 2023 22:00:19
The US didn't remove Mandelas name from their terrorist watch list until 2013, on his 90th birthday. They have never explained why he was on their list.

{Ed007's Note - ??

09 Oct 2023 22:15:38
Could add plenty more to that list Doc. Tickets for Ukrainian refugees, taking the knee before games, annual donations to the Poppy Appeal. If some people find the timing of it in poor taste then so be it but to claim that political messages aren't welcome at Celtic Park is laughable. Couldn't mark their necks with a blowtorch.

10 Oct 2023 10:22:41
Sport and Politics have always been a toxic mix as there will always be people offended and outraged when one side crosses the line. Celtic have had their own battles against extreme political and religious attacks and stood firm with their philosophy of a club that welcomed ALL - even when other clubs were more selective and bigoted. I appreciate we have had Israeli players past and present and the club may be jumping on the media-driven bandwagon with self righteous politicians calling the tune. These are the very sources of hypocrisy and double-talk and Celtic should know better. Keep well alone and do not try to speak for those who have a mind of their own and views that differ from the 'popular' consensus. BR has just began to get some momentum going on the pitch and we do not need Dictatorial disruption from our board. Incidentally, why do the club never speak out like this on any controversial footballing matters that effect us but feel they have to be seen to pay lip service on matters outwith our remit.

10 Oct 2023 10:41:00
Board need to read the room. Their statement is as tone deaf as Biden’s. And, of course, is itself an example of expressly political speech, since it ignores the state terrorism that led ineluctably to recent events. Shame on the board. The best not double down when now Gaza stands to be erased from existence and the West Bank is also under total blockade.

10 Oct 2023 13:22:17
We need to be careful when mixing Sport and Politics . I don’t think a small group of fans who through no fault of their own have got club fined numerous times in Europe should go solo on message on banner. Instead we need discussion and have pre agreement with Board over banner wordings . The atrocities Israel commit on Palestinians and the rare Hamas attacks on the Jews shouldn’t necessarily mean a dispute between fans and board in Scotland. I support Palestinians 100% but I don’t want Abada to feel threatened or at risk or else we are not a club for all.

10 Oct 2023 15:44:53
The board got the response they deserved from GB today imo.

Fortunately the world we are in, does not allow you to sit on the fence or pick and choose the battles you want involvement in and hide from the ones you don't want involvement in.

As their message stated, the club is run by them on behalf of the spporters and some discussion should have been had by the club with us, before any message went out. Even if there was disagreement, at least a discussion would have taken place.

In fairness the general lack of communication between the club and groups like GB is the issue, as it shows the club do not know the feelings of the support in this and other subjects and on the flipside the GB don't speak for all supporters either, so there needs to be better communication.

As said on here by others, we all supported Ukraine in their fight, so is there any difference here, if the club thinks there is, maybe they need to explain what that is, so a bugger discussion can be held. We have supported Paelstine in the past, so what has changed.

There appears to be a huge separation between what our board appears to represent and what some supporters want and believe.

How do we fix this before we get more and mre banners demonstrating against the club and board.

Our supporters don't try to run the club and bully the board, unlike sevco, and I am glad about that, however supporters voices should be heard and represented in the messages the board put out.

10 Oct 2023 18:18:28
Fk the Tory rubbishbags. To condemn our support for backing an oppressed people is a slap in the face to what the club was built upon. The board don’t speak for the supporters the speak to appease the narrative the plc require. Fortunately we will not be undermined by them. Bring the Palestine flags to athletico and let’s show those persons we have our own voice.

10 Oct 2023 18:38:17
Rubbish bags and persons ???.

10 Oct 2023 18:35:43
I don't think the state of Israel should exist but at the same time I can't condone recent attacks from hamas. I support glasgow celtic we come in many shapes, forms and religions but ultimately we want good in the world.

{Ed007's Note - Supporting Palestine doesn't mean you support Hamas, it's unbelievable the amount of idiots out there that think a Palestine flag is a Hamas flag. There is no excuses for the ongoing war crimes against innocent Palestinian people by the State of Israel.
So it's wrong for Russia to invade and bomb the Ukraine, killing innocent men, women & kids but it's OK for Israel to stop innocent men, women and kids from having water, electricity, food and medicine etc according to the western world?}

10 Oct 2023 20:50:47
I personally couldn’t give a toss about Palestine or Israel but I do give a toss about my Football Club. Everyone must support the football side of our club as we are starting to get it together on the park. This world is in some state at the moment and us as football fans have very little say on how it is run. God Bless.

{Ed007's Note - So we can sack off all the support Ukraine stuff, the annual Poppy vomit fest, even show racism the red card - we wouldn't want to upset the racists would we and really what can we as football fans do?
Thank God the pol tax isn't happening now, miners and steel workers strikes, maybe get the Tory PM to present the cup in the may as these days most Scots would just accept it.}

10 Oct 2023 21:05:49
Hammas have long held aim that the state of Israel should not exist, whereas the Palestinians want their own land separate from Israel, they don't want the Usraelis to fall from the face of the earth, so the Palestinians are in Hammas firing line along with Israels.

Hammas are prepared to sacrifice Palestinian blood to rid the lands of the Israelis.

No matter your beliefs, the Palstinians are the victims here, brought into a fight by Hammas.

{Ed007's Note - Hamas were formed in 1987, the State of Israel was invented in 1948 and the Palestinian people have been oppressed, dehumanised and slaughtered ever since with the backing of the West, US and UK.}



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